Y&R Friday Spoilers: Adam takes charge, Nick & Phyllis weather the ice storm

Y&R Friday Spoilers: Adam takes charge, Nick & Phyllis weather the ice storm

In the last episode, we saw Genoa City folks
caught in an ice storm and try to make the
best of a bad situation.
Billy and Amanda got stuck in her hotel room
and their relationship seemed to progress
a little bit with Billy sleeping in Amanda’s
bed after she had a nightmare.
Nate, Elena and Devon helped a young man who
got injured in the storm while Lauren and
Michael had a romantic night together.
Meanwhile, Sharon is not doing so well but
thankfully she has her daughter by her side.
Here are the spoilers for Friday’s episode.
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While the ice storm continues outside, things
start heating up at Nick’s place.
Phyllis claims to be there to see Summer but
there’s no way Nick believes her.
Both of them are single at the moment so Phyllis
is trying to make the most of their situation right now.
Talk turns to the steamy kiss that they shared
at Victor’s disastrous party, with Phyllis
making a confession.
Sure enough, the former couple will find themselves
drawing closer to each other.
Nick tries to keep Phyllis at arm’s length
at first but she will find a way to get with him.
Will Nick and Phyllis stop before it goes
too far?
Elsewhere, Victor and Adam continue chatting
at the ranch.
They have a lot to talk about now that Adam
is taking charge of the family business that
is until Victoria recovers from her stab wound.
Nick thinks appointing Adam the CEO is a bad
idea but Victor does what he likes.
Victor and Adam are basically trapped in the
house together with the storm brewing outside,
so there’s bound to be some interesting
moments including when Victoria finds out
why Adam’s there.
At Society, Lola and Theo are still trapped
with Summer and Kyle.
While the men try to pass the time by arm-wrestling,
Lola and Summer have a little bonding moment.
Lola is trying her best to move on but she
can’t help but look at Summer and Kyle somberly.
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6 thoughts on “Y&R Friday Spoilers: Adam takes charge, Nick & Phyllis weather the ice storm”

  1. Nick grow up keep it in your pant Phyllis is not good for you twice she has messed you up with your true love the mother of your children. Summer should of been Jack's child.

  2. Come on folks. You have to at least the name of the town right. It's pronounced "JEN – o- wah" Not "jen – O – wah".

  3. Nick is totally desperate to have another affair with crazy phyliss..Between Theo,Kyle flirt Lola and Summer..BORING TO THE MAX…

  4. What the Hell😡🙄👎 Not Again Damn It??!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡👎😡👎😡
    Phyllis and Nick is soooo boring and we Have Enough of these two it’s just trashy sex 🙄👎😡 No good romance!!👎👎
    And Victor is the same monster manipulator game player as always!👎👎😡😡👎👎👎😡

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