You Laugh You Lose – Funny WWE Edition 💯 FAIL RATE!!!🤣

came with the potty training like a
hockey ice with the hockey tanning the
magic welcome back to the origin one
nation guys I am your host Otto Sam one
right alongside our trusty co-host re1
it’s good people glad to be here on the
show what is that what’s what that do
you mean me
dad dad on your head dad what is that oh
that’s my supreme headband remember you
gave it to me last Christmas
yeah I don’t remember giving you that
for Christmas what you mean hey just I’m
just saying you just look stupid without
the hair with the headband man it don’t
work it’s not a good look if this videos
gonna be watching you laughs you lose
WWE edition if you don’t know what WWE
is you probably live on the rock is the
World Wrestling Entertainment I’ve been
watching wrestling since I was like I
think like 5 years old and I have seen
the retro era I mean like Bret Hart
Shawn Michaels I haven’t seen under the
giant cuz I wasn’t born yet but I saw a
lot of residents doing my day and this
video today we’re gonna be watching
mistakes funny mistakes I don’t know I
just found this video I just started
watching it and I found it really
interesting I’m saying I’m gonna make a
video out of it if you return subscrible
welcome back to the channel if you’re a
new subscriber don’t forget to hit that
subscribe button
I like this video if you can and wear
that being said it without further ado
let’s jump straight into this video man
let’s get it
oh it’s a terminator oh my god
tonight came to see Randy Orton’s
nipples Oh hold up it’s a family show
relax the immortal
what if with them you
John you gotta you gotta feel just just
awful about this
we should do this
whoa relax man Oh of the best of the
best of the best of the best that this
world has to offer
he forgot you don’t sound like a beast
Oh sound like a
hold it you like like getting a bang I’m
probably gonna hear from this what you
gonna do brother oh my god
here we go
but these this down but this is down but
please do is put these days

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