X-Pac vs. Billy Gunn — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 1999

>>Neck breaker there.>>[LAUGH]
>>Boy, that was a huge move, a move that Billy Gunn had
to have at that moment. And he did it, he hit that move. The neck breaker, there’s the cover.>>Two, no.
>>And X-Pac got a shoulder up.>>Come on ground him down, Mr Ass. He’s a little bit shaky there.>>[NOISE]
>>No, no.>>X-Pac drop-kicking Billy Gunn
right down on that turnbuckle.>>Who are you [BLEEP]?>>Uh-oh.>>X-Pac trying to get all
he can as fast as he can. But Billy Gunn too big and too strong
at this point in time in this matchup.>>No!>>The Famouser,
the Famouser right off the second rope.>>That did it!>>It’s gotta be all.>>Two, three.>>Yeah!
>>And it is. We’ve got a new King of the Ring and
it’s Billy Gunn.>>The winner of this match and the 1999 King of the Ring, Mr. Ass. [MUSIC]>>Mr Ass showed the mean streak. He showed he didn’t care about X-Pac. He didn’t care about anything but himself. [MUSIC] The 1999 King of the Ring
is Bad Ass Billy Gunn.

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