WWE Wrestlers Who Disguised Themselves as Santa Claus

WWE Wrestlers Who Disguised Themselves as Santa Claus

– [Zach] While you may
think a bright red suit
would make for a terrible disguise
the members of the WWE roster
will probably disagree with you.
History shows that if you want
to get the drop on somebody,
throwing on a Santa suit
is a pretty good idea.
Let’s look at several times WWE wrestlers
disguised themselves as Santa Claus.
During the 2007 Tribute
to the Troops event
Kelly Kelly, Layla,
Maria, and Mickie James
were going head to head
in a tag team match.
The contest came to an abrupt end
when Vince McMahon said the
match had gone on long enough
thankfully he didn’t have
3-Minute Warning come out too.
Shortly after ending the women’s match,
McMahon got a taste of his own medicine
as he was interrupted by
the sound of slay bells
followed by an injured Santa Claus.
Once Jolly Old Saint Nick got in the ring,
he shared a few undesirable
stories from McMahon’s past
and even read out a
letter the WWE Chairmen
had sent to the North Pole.
– There’s only two things I want.
First, I would love a rooster.
(crowd laughs)
– [Zach] Eventually,
Vince McMahon had enough
and ripped off Santa’s beard and hat
revealing him to be John Cena.
The leader of the Cenation
promptly responded
by lifting his boss on to his shoulders
and sent him crashing onto the mat
with an Attitude Adjustment.
After removing the grinch from the ring,
John Cena gave a salute to the soldiers
and handed out gifts with
his fellow wrestlers.
Four years earlier, SmackDown
aired from Baghdad, Iraq
on Christmas day and kicked
off WWE’s yearly tribute
to the Troops show.
Mr. McMahon got the event started
but was interrupted by the
red-coated man himself.
Santa went around the ring
and handed out gifts to the soldiers.
Just as Saint Nick was about to leave,
Vince McMahon spoke up and
asked where his present was.
The Chairman of WWE must
have been on the naughty list
because Santa didn’t have
anything to give to Vince McMahon.
Not happy to hear he
wasn’t getting a gift,
McMahon took a shot at Santa
Claus and knocked him down.
If he had known who was
behind that white bread
I think McMahon would
have held back his fist
as it turned out Stone Cold Steve Austin
was the one inside the Santa suit.
Once the Texas Rattlesnake
was back to his feet
he gave his boss his iconic gesture
and hit him with a stunner.
After the billionaire was out of the ring,
Stone Cold thanked the
troopers for their service
and celebrated in trademark fashion.
In December of 2009,
a number of secret santas
appeared throughout Raw
and were going to grant
one wrestler their wish.
Later in the night, an
upset Big Show came out
and demanded his wish be fulfilled.
Santa Claus quickly showed
up and got in the ring
to ask the giant what
he wanted for Christmas.
The Big Show asked if his
tag partner, Chris Jericho,
could be allowed back on
Raw after the two had lost
the tag team titles which forced Y2J
to stay exclusively on SmackDown.
Santa eventually said yes and that Jericho
would be on Raw next week.
It turned out we wouldn’t
have to wait even a minute
for the Ayatollah of Rock’Rolla to show up
as Hornswoggle’s music hit
and the DX clothed Lepurhacan appeared.
He noticed something wasn’t right
and ripped off Santa’s beard,
discovering it was Chris Jericho himself
underneath the suit.
The little man put up a fight
but was no match for Jeri-Show.
Luckily, DX came out
to give Swoggle a hand.
After a combined 711 pounds
had been removed from the ring,
Triple H and Shawn Michaels
made Hornswoggle the official
Degeneration X mascot and
crotch chopped into the night.
On Christmas Eve in 2018,
Health Slater was going
at it with Jinder Mahal.
It wasn’t going so well
for the One Man Band
as Jinder had secured a
solid headlock on Slater.
Just then, Santa Claus
appeared in the crowd,
handing out some early Christmas gifts.
The distraction gave Health
Slater a chance to get up
and knock down the Modern Day Maharaja.
Before the redhead from West
Virginia could capitalize,
the Singh Brothers decided
to end the match early
by ambushing Slater.
Lucky for Health, Santa wasn’t
just there to give gifts
as he stepped into the
ring to make the save.
After a brief standoff,
Saint Nick and Heath Slater
went on the offensive
and threw the Singh
Brothers out of the ring.
With Jinder Mahal being the only one left,
Santa got to the opposite
end of the squared circle.
When the former WWE
champion was in position,
Kris Kringle charged forward
and took him down with a devastating gore.
The man in the red suit
then took off his hat
and revealed himself to be
Slater’s former tag partner
The two hugged it out in the ring
and celebrated the victory.
Hopefully, Rhyno still had a few gifts
for Heath Slater’s family,
I mean, the guy’s got, kids.
Three days before Christmas in 1997,
Goldust accompanied by Luna came out
in front of the raw audience
dressed as a Christmas tree.
To express himself in poem,
the artist formerly known as Goldust
began reading “A Visit from St. Nicholas”.
Ironically, that’s exactly what happened
as Santa Claus soon appeared
and started giving presents to the fans.
After trying to get Kris Kringle to leave,
the Bizarre One returned
to reading the poem.
You can tell this is the Attitude Era
because this Santa just
straight up assaults Goldust
by whacking him in the back
of the head with his sack.
A quick clothesline after that was enough
to send Goldust and Luna out of the ring.
Once that was done, Santa revealed himself
to be the man from the
rocky mountains; Vader.
The big man celebrated with the audience
as his theme song played him out.
I’m going to pick Stone Cold,
but which moment was your favorite?
Leave a response in the comments.
And after that, check out
the video on the right
for more of our content.
I’m Zach from Tap Out
Corner and take it easy!

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  1. Please do Kelly Kelly bell to bell or Batista bell to bell happy holidays everyone keep up the good work tap out corner and…. A HAPPY NE YEAR!!

  2. Gold Dust with usually go on to try to be Santa I'm one of us funniest trying to be Santa moments is when he gave Christian ass cream

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