WWE Wrestlers in Upcoming Superhero Movies

– [Zach] We’ve seen wrestlers appear
in superhero movies and shows,
and what’s great is that
more are on the way.
There’s a handful of WWE stars
that you can expect to see
on the big screen in the future.
Let’s see who they are.
It’s been a long time coming
but it looks like The Rock
will finally become Black Adam.
If you don’t know, Black
Adam is a character from DC
and is one of Shazam’s
most iconic villains.
The People’s Champ confirmed to be playing
the supervillain way back in 2007
but the film got put on hold.
Over a decade later,
Shazam finally made his way
to the big screen in 2019.
Unfortunately, The Rock’s
character was nowhere to be found,
besides an indirect mention.
While nothing seems to
be set in stone yet,
it looks like Black Adam will star
in his own spin-off movie first
before appearing in a Shazam film.
The plan right now is to start filming
before the end of 2020,
which would set the movie up for
a release in 2021 or even 2022.
Either way, it’s going to be a while,
but considering this
will be The Rock’s debut
as a supervillain, I think
it’ll be worth the wait.
This one isn’t a huge surprise
so I’ll keep it brief.
Batista will be reprising his role
as Drax in Guardians
of the Galaxy Volume 3.
For a little while, however,
there was some uncertainty
if The Animal was going
to do Guardians 3.
In 2018, director James
Gunn was let go by Disney
and while there was an outcry from many,
Batista’s was one of the loudest.
In fact, he threatened to quit the film
if Gunn’s original script wasn’t used.
Things got cleared up in
2019 when Disney rehired Gunn
to direct the third Guardians movie.
Like with Black Adam,
filming is set for 2020.
Since they haven’t started
yet, I do have one request:
please let Drax hit the
Batista Bomb during the film!
James Gunn must really
like putting wrestlers
in his movies as he’s also directing
the sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad,
and he’s revealed that John
Cena will be joining the cast.
Cena’s role is yet to be confirmed
but it’s rumored that he’ll be
playing the character Peacemaker.
Peacemaker is an extremist
who loves peace so much
that he’d be willing to kill for it.
Sounds like Cena’s character will fit well
in the world of Suicide Squad.
Filming has reportedly just begun
with the movie expected to be
released in August of 2021,
so like with the other two films,
it’s going to be a bit of a wait.
As a little bonus,
I thought I would throw
this one in here too.
Since leaving WWE, Eva Marie
has been giving acting a go
and is staring in the film Action #1.
The movie, while not
exactly a superhero film,
involves a comic book store owner
and a group of five
associates trying to steal
the most valuable comic book
in the world, Action Comics #1.
Eva Marie plays a bounty hunter,
and that’s really that’s out there.
The movie actually started
filming back in November of 2016
and it still hasn’t been released.
On the other hand, the film was
originally announced in 2012
so it seems like they’re going slow
and steady with this one.
At the very least,
Eva Marie is putting her
WWE background to good use.
I’m most excited to see
The Rock as Black Adam,
but what about you?
Leave your answer in the comments.
And to keep the fun going,
check out the times superhero
actors invaded the WWE
and fought wrestlers.
I’m Zach from Tap Out Corner,
and take it easy!

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