Welcome once again to my channel welcome
to Kalifax WWE and this time we have
WWE WrestleMania 36 My confirmed match card predictions, once again
but updated, and if you support this
video like the first one maybe we can
make another one a last one, a third
one we’ll see but for those who doesn’t
know what is this I will give you a
short explain basically here we have a
confirmed and match card predictions.
We’re gonna have matches that are ready
confirmed, that are a lot, and the rest
will be filled up with my predictions
like the Intercontinental title the SmackDown Women’s title, and much more
things that maybe this next Friday we’re
gonna have more clues about it but until
today we don’t so as usual we’re gonna
start faster than ever like always with
the kickoff show and we have the Andre
The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, to start.
and my winner pick, it would be, Sheamus.
Next match here we have the Women’s
battle royal match.
And my pick to win here, it would be the ‘Lady’ Lacey Evans.
and the third, and last match here, it is for the WWE
Women’s Tag Team Championship and here we
have The Kabuki Warriors defending the
titles against Alexa Bliss and Nikki
Now we’re gonna have the Main Show, the
real show, but before to go right into it
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is that time when we start with the
main show, and here in our opener match
we’re gonna have the Intercontinental
Championship and here it is my idea at
7-Man Ladder match.
would you like to see this match tell me
on the comments.
Next match it is for the SmackDown
Women’s Championship and since Paige is
confirmed to be at this next Friday
Night Smackdown I personally think this
will happen
we have Bayley defending the title
against Nia Jax with Paige as manager
on ringside.
Next match is another title contest but
now for the United States Championship
and also we’re gonna have a fatal 4-way
match between mexicanos CARNAL! we have
Andrade defending his title against Angel Garza, Humberto Carrillo
and Rey Mysterio.
Now it’s time to see one-on-one action and
we have The Monday Night Messiah
Seth Rollins with Buddy Murphy on ringside
against Kevin Owens, with Samoa Joe.
Next, it is for the Smackdown Tag Team
Championships, and we have
Miz and Morrison against Heavy Machinery.
Next match it is also a title contest
but now it is for the NXT Women’s
Championship and we have Rhea Ripley
facing the Royal Rumble winner ‘The Queen’
Charlotte Flair.
Next match, we have The Fiend against John Cena.
don’t forget to comment all your thoughts and to put all
your results prediction and more
on comment section below.
More personal ideas here because we have
the RAW Tag Titles on the line when
The Street Profits defends it against
the Viking Raiders, against AOP
and against the team of Aleister Black and Ricochet in a fatal 4-way match.
Ricochet it seems very lost after Lesnar beats him and I don’t really see
any plan around Aleister Black either so
what do you think about this?
The road to the final five matches that
also are epic and we’re gonna start this
last five much a zone with the best
rivalry of the whole WWE
Wrestlemania event, we have the
Rated-R Superstar Edge, facing
The Legend Killer, Randy Orton
in a No Holds Barred Match.
the story needs this stipulation, it will happen? We’ll see.
Now it’s time to see the RAW Women’s
Championship on the line when ‘The Man’
defends it against the Elimination
Chamber winner ‘The Queen of Spades’
The Cage Fighter, Shayna Baszler.
now final three matches here and what a
match we have here is time to see the
Phenom to face the Phenomenal the
Undertaker against Aj Styles.
and also, this match it would be…a casket match? Maybe, we’ll see.
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I will be waiting for you there, see you soon.
and now our Co-Main Event Match
it is for the Universal Championship and
we have Spear against Spear, when Goldberg, put the title on the line, against
The Big Dog, Roman Reigns.
and finally here we have our Main Event
of WWE WrestleMania 36 we have, The Beast
Brock Lesnar defending the WWE World
Championship against the Royal Rumble
‘The Scottish Psychopath’ Drew McIntyre.
So that was it, my confirmed match card predictions
for WWE Wrestlemania 36, my second part
so I hope you all had enjoyed it
The first part I know you did, because it
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will see you very soon bye champs.


  1. Welcome once again to my channel! Kalifax WWE here! And today we have another Confirmed Match Card Predictions for WWE Wrestlemania 36! You loved so much the first one, that I had to do another one…do you want…a third one? We'll see if this video it's supported a lot, I will.

    Also…What…it's going on with…my intro? The Fiend, what are you doing mate?

  2. Goldberg and brock Lesnar will retain their championships 💪💪💪

    What are you looking for, joke is over😉

  3. its gonna be a six pack challenge match for sd women's title between – bayley vs banks vs lacey vs naomi vs carmella vs nia jax..

  4. Maybe we can see…Otis vs Dolph Ziggler with Mandy Rose as the special guest referee as it's rumored or maybe a Triple Threat for the SmackDown Tag Titles between Miz and Morrison, The New Day and The Usos…what do you think? What are your matches? Tell me on the comments all that and more! WOOOOOOOO!!!

  5. My winners
    Liv Morgan
    Bliss and Cross
    Sami Zayn
    Nia Jax
    Humberto Carrillo
    Kevin Owens
    Heavy Machinery
    Rhea Ripley
    The Fiend
    Edge Orton Rko after match
    Shayna Baszler
    The Undertaker
    Roman Reigns
    Drew Mclntyre Destroys Lesnar

  6. My predictions:
    7 man match:Cesaro vs Strwoman vs Corbin vs Bryan vs Zayn vs Ali vs Nakamura
    WINNER:Sami Zayn
    Bayley vs Nia Jax
    WINNER:Nia Jax
    Angel Garza vs Rey Mysterio vs Humberto Carillo vs Andrade
    WINNER:Humberto Carillo
    Dirt Sheet vs Heavy Machinery
    WINNERS:Dirt Sheet
    Ripley vs Flair
    John Cena vs The Fiend
    WINNER:The Fiend
    Street Profits vs AOP vs Viking Raiders vs Ricochet & Black
    WINNERS:Street Profits
    Edge vs Randy Orton
    AJ Styles vs Undertaker
    Goldberg vs Reigns
    Drew Mcintyre vs Brock Lesnar
    WINNER:Drew Mcintyre
    That's mine predictions.Great match card Kalifax

  7. I want drew mcyntyre to win the wwe championship as he is stronger than Brock Lesnar an he has never won a wwe title and this is the first wwe title match for drew mcyntyre

  8. One more question who is your opinion about the midcards Championship (main roster) us championship ic championship ?

  9. Winners:
    Liv Morgan
    Kabuki Warriors
    Sami Zayn or Daniel Bryan
    Nia Jax
    Kevin Owens
    Miz & Morrison
    Rhea Ripley
    The Fiend
    Aleister & Ricochet
    Shayna Baszler
    AJ Styles
    Drew McIntyre
    Good video 😀 🙂

  10. My winners:
    Liv Morgan
    Alexa and Nikki
    Ali/Daniel Bryan/Braun Strowman
    Nia Jax
    Humberto Carrillo
    Kevin Owens
    Heavy Machinery
    Rhea Ripley
    John Cena
    Street Profits/ Black+Ricochet
    Becky Lynch
    The Undertaker
    Drew McIntyre

  11. 1. Alexa Bliss and Nikki cross will win The WWE women's tag team championships
    2. Charlotte flair will beat Rhea Ripley for the NXT women's championship and then drop the title on Raw to Rhea Ripley again
    3. Becky lynch Will retain the raw women's championship and drop the title at Extreme rules to Alexa Bliss or Dana Brooke
    4. For the WWE Intercontinental championship Will go to Braun Stroman then drop the title at Extreme rules to Cesaro or Buddy Murphy
    5. The fiend Bray Wyatt Will defeat John Cena and John Cena will wrestle for one more wrestlemania to go up against velveteen dream
    6. The street profits Will still retain the WWE raw tagteam championships
    7. Drew McIntyre will finally become WWE champion

  12. My Winners
    Lacey Evans
    Kaburrki Warriors
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Nia Jax
    Seth Rollins
    The Dirt Sheet
    Rea Ripley
    The Fiend
    Aleister Black and Ricochet
    Becky Lynch
    The Undertaker
    Roman Reigns
    Drew McIntyre

  13. My Winners

    Sarah Logan
    Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
    Braun Strowman
    Nia Jax
    Humberto Carrillo
    Kevin Owens
    Heavy Machienery
    Rhea Ripley
    The Fiend
    The Street Profits
    DQ by Ronda Rousey
    Roman Reigns
    Drew McIntyre
    Halfway through R-Truth and Carmella reunite and Carmella wins 24/7 title

  14. Lashley
    Ali(wanna see Hardy)
    Jax(wanna see Paige)
    Heavy Machinery
    Black and Ricochet

  15. im not believing this channel anymore . they change it way too much everytime a new wrestler comes or returns !

  16. I wouldn’t mind a Ladder Match for the IC Title but with Jeff Hardy returning this Friday I see Hardy vs Zayn for the title.

  17. They should rename Drew's nickname to "Scottish Destroyer". It would be more fitting since he's not a psychopath anymore in the story.

    And since Drew will probably DESTROY Brock Lesnar…

  18. Womens tag titles will be triple treat tag match,wwe completely drops the ball for midcard titles,expected shayna is new champ because is becky is take time off but staying the raw because raw guy seth,I m realy confused nxt womens title match but I see finaly bayley vs sasha at wm or not, they will split up this time after wm36 shake up.But realy interesting and painful situation probably becky,c.flair,bayley at wm main show for the world title matches and sasha is getting a kick off show reportedly.Sasha is continouly straight downfall.And first time ever Becky and Bayley is going same brand,charlotte nxt or not, sasha is stay in the sd and probably getting same midcard treatment.

  19. My picks are
    Apollo Crews
    Ruby Riott
    The Kabuki Warriors
    Sami Zayn (then fueds with Ali)
    Nia Jax
    Angel Garza
    Kevin Owens
    Miz and Morrison (by Interference from Rudolph Ziggler and Roode)
    Rhea Ripley
    The Fiend
    Black and Ricochet (pin aop in shock win
    Shayna Baszler
    The Undertaker
    Roman Reigns
    Drew McIntyre

  20. They are not going to do two Ladder matches in the same night, especially after having one the night before. Furthermore, there will be a match bringing a conclusion to the Dolph- Otis – Fire & Desire storyline. This will leave the Usos and possibly the New Day (if they want to make it a triple threat) to challenge for the SmackDown Tag Titles. Finally, Samoa Joe will not be making an appearance because of his injury and suspension.

  21. My Winners
    Liv Morgan
    Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
    Daniel Bryan or Ali
    Humberto Carrillo or Rey Mysterio
    Seth Rollins with Murphy
    Heavy Machinery
    Rhea Ripley
    “The fiend” Bray Wyatt
    Aleister Black and Ricochet
    Becky Lynch
    The Undertaker
    Roman Reigns
    Drew McIntyre

  22. My Prediction of Who Would Win Are
    Liv Morgan
    Daniel Bryan
    Nia Jax
    Humberto Carrillo
    Seth Rollins
    The Dirt Sheet Duo
    Charlotte Flair
    I know The Fiend will Win but I Will Say John Cena
    Aleister Black & Ricochet
    Christian Help Edge Win
    Ronda Help Shayna Win
    The Undertaker
    Roman Reigns
    Drew McIntyre

  23. MY WINNERS –
    1. SHEAMUS
    5. NIA JAX
    12. EDGE

  24. My winners
    Ruby riot
    Nikki and Alexa
    Mustafa Ali
    Nia jax
    Humberto Carrillo
    Kevin Owens
    Heavy macnery
    Charlotte flair
    John cena
    Aleister and Ricochet
    Becky lynch
    The undertaker
    The big dog
    Drew McIntyre

  25. No esta mal la cartelera bro pero lo cambiara de parejas de raw y de smacdown
    Parejas de raw
    Stret profits vs aop vs vikin riders vs the o.c
    Heavy machinery vs jhon morrison miz vs usos vs the revival vs the new day

  26. My winner's
    Ruby Riot
    Kabuki warriors
    Braun strowman
    Rey mystiro
    Kevin Owens
    Heavy machinery
    Rhea Ripley
    John cena
    Street profects
    Shayna baszler
    Roman reigns
    Drew McIntyre

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