WWE Ultimate Edition Ronda Rousey Mattel Action Figure Unboxing Review

hey guys mio supers our language journey
look like a it’s WWE Ultimate Edition
Ronda Rousey and I believe this was
based on WrestleMania xxx force costume
and this is rowdy Ronda Rousey now the
Ultimate editions are awesome they are a
little bit more expensive this was 30
pounds to buy go but they are very cool
figures because they come with multiple
outfits head sculpt it’s a little bit
more of a collector friendly version of
the figures really the are still made by
Mattel yeah but they just look so much
nicer the face Gold’s are so much better
and the coolness of awesome costume
pieces I really hope we get undertake it
Hulk Hogan and some really cool
characters out of this line we’ve
already had Ronda Rousey and we’ve also
had an Ultimate Warrior schinsky
Nakamura is the recent one along with
Bret the Hitman Hart um there’s been
another wave as well isn’t that number
they were the two as well I remember but
I’ve like seen Undertaker in line like I
said I’d like to see a Hulk Hogan Stone
Cold Steve Austin’s a rock we could get
some great characters out of this lion
it seems to me that they’re doing like
one current star r1 like modern star and
like a legend so like this one came well
she came with ultimate warrior like
Shinsegae he’s relatively new and he
came with Bret the Hitman Hart as his
although this is like version release so
the coin set a little pat-pat less set
sets of to almost and now the other
really cool I like the way the shape of
the box as well so what I’m going to do
before I go ahead and rip this open guys
there’s some awesome artwork on this box
I want to take you guys the desk album
so you can get a closer look at this
Ronda Rousey box we fought we tear it
open all right guys Ronda Rousey so I
really like how they do like the name of
the P light not style
it matches the Ultimate Edition logo
which is really nice ultimate it makes
them seem like I’m a collector friendly
version as well and I love these boxes
we get two additional head sculpts one
with the hair switched to the side and
one I think is pretty ponytail and then
we get the series expression on her face
then we get her ass on entrance attire
as well with the leather jacket and the
the kilt which is Rhonda reaches like
Rowdy Roddy Piper’s sort of style of
costume and obviously she has the rowdy
logo as well on her top so that’s really
cool if we taste inside you got a nice
pork chop Ronda Rousey here and if we
turn to the back we have a nice Artie’s
Rendell sorry they’re digital photo here
and the art is rendering at the top of
the actual action figure so that is
really cool official to be logos appear
doesn’t say Mattel on this side of the
box break those on the bottom as the
Mattel logo so yeah these are really
nice collector friendly figures and this
is the first one I’ve bought em I
haven’t bothered me to hit with him with
hitman Hart but I might get him and I
haven’t bothered with ultimate warrior
yet all I might get here as well if they
do release a whole Cogan I think it
would be called a whole can ultimate
warrior together so hmm we’ll see you
guys these are expensive the are 30
pounds in the UK and you can get them
from your local Smith store so please do
check out your local space if you’re
interested in picking these up let’s go
guys the main come and open there’s a
packaging all right guys let’s bring her
out of the box so I have pre snip there
is a bun you can actually open these and
put them back which is nice I missed one
yes you can actually if you do all the
snips there’s this little one okay
yes if you want you can actually open
them at the front of the box here I’ve
actually ripped my environment because I
didn’t have all them things and snips
make sure you have make sure you have
all the actual sellotape snip and make
it open and close this box quite easily
I’m just little bit stupid okay so let’s
get our bugs
I think we’ve held in from the back oh
my don’t need an abundance of ropes and
ties and careful with the ponytail we
don’t want to pull out a break on day
one I imagine some people have done that
so here is rowdy Ronda Rousey so these
things do have lots of articulation as
well which is nice so it does feel a bit
more like a bit like a figure out figure
rather regular action figure cuz she’s
got lots of detailing look at that face
girl first of all that is awesome the
mean face and of course this is like
almost UFC style as well so she would
fit in with it if you’ve got any the old
UFC figures that came out yeah this is
nice I really like the way she looks so
articulation wise guys the head is on a
ball-joint so you can make a look down
as well as up and left and right
ponytail at the back though which can be
moved is a soft vinyl abs do lift up the
top hinge the new rotate as well as that
the for the parameter there’s a double
hinge elbow and the hands are on ball
joints there is a crunch there you can
crunch her around at the abdomen which
is nice
there’s also way swivel that legs do
lift out all the way as well as forwards
with a top five cup double hinge knee
boot cut
and rocker pivot and even tell
articulation so lots and lots of
articulated points on Ronda Rousey as I
say it doesn’t mean you can’t get in
some really cool UFC style punch up
poses then again I say UFC style that’s
the kind of style she’s using W be
anyway yeah she stands up really nice as
well okay so this is her basic attire we
do also have two additional head sculpt
so let’s just the airway so the head
pops off just like on the tell figure
sorry like it has bro figure and we can
pop on two additional head sculpts
including this one that’s a lot nicer
actually I’d probably use that if I was
going to display her just because she’s
a bit more smiley and happy the other
feel was like very dead serious mm going
to murder you face if you don’t want to
hair oh god I hate pulling that I feel
like that’s gonna break the
figure-of-eight well as well see you see
here the joint and the neck does look
very flimsy to me oh my God looks like
cracking already don’t that’s gonna be
very careful because you do also have
the additional smiling face as well in
the ponytail that is gonna break that is
that he’s like pulling apart every time
I put a new head sculpt on which is so
annoying cuz that’s what these fingers
meant before come on make it durable mm
as well we can how easy to the arms pull
out then very easily
around just pop out the hinge is there
so we can play to these ones in open you
can put there put the jockey on first
then the arms
I don’t give a damn about a reputation
so these hands need to go in there as
well oh it takes some pushing but they
do go in oh my god sorry I realize this
is that boring you guys can’t really see
what I’m doing alright
I pushed that with some faster get the
onion yeah and then she does come with
the skirt piece as well just go over the
top yeah okay yeah just slides over I
kind of be undone yeah it can be undone
there we go so much easier
come on
get on
I think I needed to put the agile skirt
on before I put the leather jacket on
setting something a bit of a hard time
yet yeah make sure you put the skirt
piece on underneath the jacket to make
life easier
but you get the idea and we fastened it
at this point but you get the idea there
I never go ahead and put the smiley face
on me so yeah that is a very nice figure
indeed I think I like that the arms feel
a little bit bulky when she’s in the
leather jacket though almost like he’s
triple-a just Jacky arms or something
the arms are massive compared to the
other ones
but yeah the fingers pretty cool I like
the way it looks I’m still talking about
that there we go I’ve run it against
fasten out yeah go on but there she
looks very cool so one we do guys is in
Lewis the desk am well you guys can get
a proper close personal look at Ronda
Rousey so let’s go to the desk am all
right guys here here’s our dove the
Barbra Jean looking pretty cool
loving that face sculpt bodies are
really nice and the other woman like I
say we’ve got this face as well which is
the more serious face and then of course
we’ve got the smiley happy-go-lucky face
with the hair swish to the side this is
Ronda Rousey in her writing has a lot of
entrance attire was there I put the hair
tied back cuz I said that’s how he would
read come to the ring so obviously we
would use this face for the fight pose
so this is kind of a ring and attire and
she comes out and she takes off it’s a
fight I do like the design on the actual
and kill yourself so my little design
works going that I include to include
the little bag and everything my real
actual name of a I’m really sorry
doesn’t have a name the actual bag and
on the pills yeah it looks really nice
I’m guessing that’s the same colour
partners as rowdy roddy piper obviously
she was a big fan of rowdy roddy piper
she uses his kind of gimmick as rat as
rowdy Ronda Rousey we
is really cool and yeah I really like
how that leather jacket looks on the
figure as well it’s very nice
lots of articulated points she doesn’t
look overly bulky as well which is nice
because she is a bit larger than some of
the other women in WV but she does look
awesome but let’s get it back into a
ring attire and here take a look at that
as well so guys is really again with the
jacket off I’ve left the the actuals
there kill him just for now it looks
does look nice I just like that as well
which is pretty cool yeah I really like
this figure is really awesome I think
they’ve done a great job at representing
Ronda Rousey in this form and she looks
really awesome really do mean yeah I’m a
big fan of this figure I love how it
oops and yeah the articulation is just
amazing the detailing on like all the
definition to her muscles and everything
I just perfectly done
very beautiful figure indeed I like what
they’re doing with it what do you guys
think are you a fan of this Ronda Rousey
figure let me know in the comments down
below like said the skirt piece does
just come off very easily there is just
a little clasp at the back so you can
just wink and pull off and she’s ready
for battle plenty of articulation in
this figure to keep her and standing as
well which is pretty cool so I’ve even
got the foot slightly off there and
she’s still stood very firm so a lot of
articulation you can make this bigger
getting some really dynamic posing which
is awesome
it’ll be great for display purposes I
hope we got some more awesome divas in
this line as well I’d love to see and
The Bella Twins Natalia and maybe even
some of the newer girls as well would be
awesome to get you know I’d be such a
Banks and Bailey’s and yeah sees
Charlotte’s lab I’m not a massive fan of
Charlevoix I’m really not loved Ric
Flair but not a fan of Charlotte who
else what I’d see in this light amber
moon would be awesome in this line as
well but guys let me know your thoughts
in the comments and let’s go back to the
main camera finish up today’s video so
guys what are your thoughts on
to Rousey let me know in the comments
down below if you enjoyed today’s video
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watching guys and as always I’m here
supersorrell and I’ll see you in the
next video may the force be with you bye

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