WWE Survivor Series 2020 | Dream Match Card | Custom Story #3

WWE Survivor Series 2020 | Dream Match Card | Custom Story #3

Welcome once again to my channel welcome
to Kalifax WWE, and welcome to my
custom story once again road to
Wrestlemania 37 today we have our third
episode, we have WWE Survivor Series
2020 dream match card, before to watch this
video don’t forget to take a look on the
first and second episode WWE
money in the bank and WWE
SummerSlam 2020 you can find it on the
right up corner her recommendation note
to watch it before this one so before to
start as usual I have to tell you don’t
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because there are just two clicks that
makes my work, worth and now it’s time to
start this video when we have our
kick-off show the first one it’s a
championship contest we have for the
WWE women’s Tag Team
championships we have our champs The IIconcis defending their titles in a
triple threat match against Fire and
Desire and against Deonna Purrazzo
teaming up with Chelsea Green.
Next match it’s
our second and last match of this kick
off show, this time we have a special one
a little warm for Survivor Series
because it’s a triple threat match a
special elimination match
RAW against SmackDown, against NXT of Course.
so now faster than ever like always
we’re gonna start with the Main Show
and our first match here its champion versus
champion versus champion match we have
the Intercontinental Champion
facing the
United States Champion
and against The NXT North American
now our second match here it’s a 15 battle royal match, five-teams for each brand.
RAW against SmackDown against NXT.
next match it’s a champions versus
champions versus champions contest because
it’s time to see our tag division we have the RAW tag team champions
facing the SmackDown Tag Team Champions
and of course, facing the NXT Tag Team
Next, it’s time to see our first five one
five one five traditional Survivor
Series match for the Women’s.
And Almost to the end, we have a special one because
I think it will be just brutal, we have
champion versus champion versus champion
contest and it’s time to see the
WWE World Champion The Scottish Psycopath, Drew McIntyre.
facing the WWE Universal
Champion the beast Brock Lesnar.
and to face as well the NXT champion
Keith Lee
what do you think about this match level
of brutality between 1 and 10? I think it
will be 11 probably also, Adam Cole
was* saying as you know that he
will cashes in, here his Money in the
Bank contract but at least, untill now he was
playing around because he doesn’t*.
Now i’ts time to see our Co-Main Event match and the last champion versus champion versus champion match
here we have the RAW Women’s Champion
Shayna Baszler.
The SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey.
And against the NXT Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch.
As you know, Becky Lynch was the MITB Contract winner
well she cashed his Money in the Bank
contract the night before at War Games
against Rhea Ripley to become the new
NXT Women’s Champion and to have the
opportunity to face and defeat Shayna
and Ronda at the same time, two potential
enemies for The Man that was*
and now, it’s time to see our Main Event Match, and we have 5on5on5 Traditional Survivor Series Match
but now, for the Men’s.
and what a brutal and amazing team blue, but what would be your winner pick? what would be your results
prediction of this card and what would be
your dream card? all those questions
and more you can answer it on the
comment section below because this video
is over thanks for watching along with
me this is the third episode so the
chapter number four it will be available
soon next time it will be WWE
Royal Rumble 2021 so I hope you see you
don’t forget to subscribe because it is
free and I will see you the next time
Bye Champs!

56 thoughts on “WWE Survivor Series 2020 | Dream Match Card | Custom Story #3”

  1. Welcome everybody to my channel, Kalifax WWE here! Today it's time to see our THIRD Episode of My Custom Story, WWE Survivor Series 2020!!! Don't forget to watch the FIRST and SECOND Episode first, the Dream Road To WWE Wrestlemania 37 it's in the middle of the Road, next chapter and almost to the end, it will be…WWE Royal Rumble 2021!

    Sorry for some errors that I've on this video, I check it later, my English it's still growing so…it's still a process. Thanks for watching, I hope y'all enjoyed it, and don't forget to HIT The like button and SMASH the Sub button, have a nice day week and month. Love you all.

  2. my winners are
    1. Fire ,n desire (Smack Down)
    2. Ricochet (Smack Down)
    3. Randy Orton (Raw)
    4. Usos (Raw)
    5. The Revival (NXT)
    6. Team Raw (Bayley)
    7. Drew Mcintyre (Raw)
    8. Ronda Rousey (Smack Down)
    9. Team Smackdown (Roman Reigns)

    Raw: 4 Smack Down: 4 NXT: 1

  3. Winners
    Fire n Desire (Smack Down)
    Andrade (Raw)
    Main Show
    Randy Morton((Raw)) or Tomasso Ciampa((The NXT))
    Team NXT
    Cain & Rey ((Smack Down))
    Team Raw
    Keith Lee((The NXT))
    Ronda Rousy((Smack Down))
    Team Raw ((Sole Surviver Messiah Seth 😍 & Dutch Destroyer Black 😎.))

  4. Fire and desire
    King corbin
    Team raw
    Cain and rey
    Team smackdown
    Keith lee
    Ronda rousey
    Team smackdown(its stacked)

  5. Winners:
    Fire N Desire
    Team Smackdown
    Tommaso Ciampa
    Team Raw
    Undisputed Era
    Team Smackdown
    Drew McIntyre
    Ronda Rousey
    Team Smackdown
    Great video 😀

  6. My Winner

    Fire on Desire (SD)
    Ricochet (SD)
    Ciampa (NXT)
    Usos (Raw)
    The Rivavel (NXT)
    Ripley (Raw)
    Drew (Raw)
    Ronda (SD)
    The Fiend (SD)

    SD (4) Raw (3) NXT (2)

  7. My picks are
    Deona parraza and Chelsea Green
    King Corbin (its called cheating)
    Tag team Raw team
    The Revival
    Raw Womans team
    Brock Lesnar
    Becky Lynch
    Smackdown team
    Final score
    Raw 3
    Smackdown 3
    NXT 3
    Its a tie


    CAIN & REY (SD)

  9. My Predictions of Who Would Win Are
    Fire & Desire ( SDL )
    Mustafa Ali ( NXT )
    Tommaso Ciampa ( NXT )
    The Dirt Sheet Duo ( RAW )
    Undisputed Era ( RAW )
    Toni Storm ( SDL )
    Drew McIntyre ( RAW )
    Adam Cole Cash In on Brock Lesnar
    Ronda Rousey ( SDL )
    The Fiend ( SDL )

    RAW = 3
    SDL = 4
    NXT = 2

  10. Hey KALIFAX WWE ! I have another Wrestle Mania 36 Match Card for the Sub-Series 😅. Because of the Super ShowDown Results

    ●Kick Off Show

    -Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    -Womens Wrestle Mania Battle Royal

    -Otis VS Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose as a Special Guest Referee

    ●The Main Show

    -The Miz & Morrison VS The New Day VS The Revival VS King Corbin & Robert Roode for the SD Tag Team Championship

    -Kevin Owens VS Seth Rollins (if this match doesn't happen then this match can happen ⬇)

    Murphy & Rollins VS The Street Profits or The Viking Raiders or Owens & The Big Show for the RAW Tag Team Championship

    -The Kabuki Warriors/? VS Beth Pheonix & Natalya for The WWE Womens Tag Team Championship
    *(if this match doesn't happen then this ⬇)

    -Asuka VS Kairi Sane
    (In any Stipulation like Loser leaves WWE. Because Kairi's WWE Contract is going to expire. The Feud can start in elimination chamber after they lose their titles against any tag team)

    -Rhea Ripley VS Charlotte Flair for the NXT Women's Championship

    -Andrade VS Aleister Black VS Humberto Carrilo VS Angel Garza VS Rey Mysterio (and R-Truth or Erick Rowan can also be insert in this match) for the U.S Championship (any stipulation or normal)

    -Braun Strowman VS Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship

    -Bayley VS Sasha Banks or Naomi or Carmella for the SD Women's Championship

    -Becky Lynch VS Shayna Bazsler for the RAW Women's Champoonship

    -Brock Lesnar VS Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship

    -The UnderTaker VS AJ Styles

    -Edge VS Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred Match

    -GoldBerg VS Roman Reings for the Universal Championship

    -The Fiend VS John Cena

    Thank You for Reading The Whole Match Card (Comment) 😊
    Edit :- This Matches can possible at WM 36 🔥❗

  11. Hi Brother…how are you…i don't know why but i didn't got notification…weird Youtube..anyway..
    Here are my results :
    Fire n Desire wins.
    Ricochet wins by pinning Andrade.
    Tommaso Ciampa wins by pinning Randy Orton.
    Smackdown Wins The Tag Team Battle Royal.
    Cain-Rey wins the Triple Threat match.
    Smackdown team wins the 5-5-5 Womens Match..
    Drew Mcintyre wins the World Champions Match by pinning Brock Lesnar.
    Becky Lynch wins by making Shayna submit.
    Raw Team wins the Men's 5-5-5 Tag Team match.
    Good day to you Brother..

  12. My winners
    Fire and Desire
    Randy Orton
    Team Smackdown
    The Revival
    Team Raw
    Brock Lesnar
    Ronda Rousey
    Team Smackdown

  13. My winers
    Iconics raw
    Ali nxt
    Orton raw
    Team nxt
    Rey and Caín smacdown
    Team smackdown
    Lesnar smackdown
    Shayna raw
    team raw
    Raw 4
    Smackdown 3
    Nxt 2
    Winers raw

  14. My prediction:
    🔴The iconic
    🔶Tommaso ciampa
    🔵 heavy machinery
    🔵Velásquez and Mysterio
    🔶 Nxt womans
    🔴Drew mcintyre
    🔵Ronda rousey
    🔵Smackdown team
    Raw:3 smack:4 nxt:2

  15. The iconics raw
    Andrade raw
    Tommaso ciampa nxt
    Team smackdown
    Team smackdow rey cain
    Team raw women
    Brock lesnar smackdown

  16. MY WINNERS –
    1. FIRE & DESIRE
    4. TEAM RAW
    6. TEAM RAW
    9. TEAM SMACK DOWN ( 100% )

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