WWE Superstars Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning

– I don’t know what’s gonna happen,
but I feel like it’s gonna be funny.
– This game is punishing me
for smiling and laughing.
No! We should embrace it!
– (FBE) So today, we’ve got
a challenge that we’ve done
in the past with WWE Superstars.
We’re gonna show you
a series of videos,
and the challenge is you have to
make it through without smiling
or laughing.
– Okay. I feel like I’ve got
a pretty good shot at it.
– I’m really good at that,
’cause I hate laughing
and I hate smiling.
– This is a moment where I should’ve
realized to bring a closed mask,
so you don’t see my mouth.
– I don’t wanna talk a big game.
You know, I’m a very
serious individual.
This is a competition to me,
and I’m in it to win it.
– (man) This is what I think.
(bottle clatters)
Ah, [bleep].
One more time.
– I’ve seen this video before.
He’s an idiot.
– I think I know what’s gonna happen.
– (man) One more time.
– Trying to crack a bottle?
(glass shatters)
– Bust through the frickin’ oven.
Did I just smile?
I think I may have.
Daggone it.
– (laughs) I just know
the wife’s gonna be pissed.
(glass shatters)
– Good effort.
– I’m just concerned
for his safety from his wife.
– (cameraman) You are so [bleep].
– (laughs) How does that happen?
– I’ve seen that before,
and I didn’t even think
it was funny then, so…
Just an idiot
throwing a bottle on the ground.
– Oh, I’m done.
I’m al– I’m done!
I’m done! (laughs)
– Aww, man.
(dog growl distorted)
Aw, man! (chuckles)
I love dogs too much.
(dog growl distorted)
– God! (chuckles)
Dogs, man! Dogs!
– (dog growling)
(dog growl distorted)
– (chuckles) I can’t.
(dog growl distorted)
– (laughs)
– (both laugh)
– (dog growling)
(dog growl distorted)
– (laughs) It’s joy, ’cause I want
a dog really, really bad.
– Is that the dog making that noise
or is that the person?
– Yeah, it’s not that funny.
– I’m a sucker for animals, anything.
You give me a cat knocking
something off of a shelf
or a dog making crazy noises,
I can’t stop that.
– (announcer) Positioning
Justice Pain for something here.
– I know what’s gonna happen already.
– (announcer) Justice Pain up top.
– (giggle)
– (announcer) And he over…
– Ah, man. That sucks.
– (announcer) …he’s going for.
– Hey, that’s Lince Dorado.
He’s wearing my tights.
There’s me. That’s me!
– (announcer) Here we GOOO!
– Oh. Well, that one
brings back memories.
This is great.
– I think that’s
saving me right now. Okay.
Yeah, I had seen
most of them before,
so I think that kind of…
– Yeah. It’s still good.
– If you would’ve kept on going
with just mishaps,
I would’ve lost it.
– When I first won the Raw title
against Charlotte, I went up
for the elbow and I was like, “Yeah!”
And I’m like literally
falling back like, “Oh, no.
This is bad.”
And then I caught my balance.
I was like, “Gotcha.”
– (man) So, this is
a one-of-a-kind piece.
There’s no other one like it.
– Oh, I’ve seen this.
– I don’t know what’s gonna happen,
but I feel like it’s gonna be funny.
– I bet he breaks it.
– (man) …this way.
And it’s really…
– Dang it. I feel like
I’m gonna laugh already.
– (man) It records
much more accurately tha–
(object snaps)
– (laughs)
– (man) Oh, [bleep].
Oh my god.
– Do you think he was meaning
to cuss like that?
– (man) …more
accurately tha–
(object snaps)
Oh. [Bleep].
– (laughs)
– (man) Oh, [bleep].
– (snickers)
– (man) Oh, [bleep].
– (laughs)
– (man) Oh my god.
– (man 2) Well, that does happen
every once in a while.
– Oh, that was good.
– (man 2) Well, that does happen
every once in a while.
– No, it doesn’t!
– (man 2) Well, that does happen
every once in a while.
– (groans)
(laughs) Dammit!
– (man) Yeah, I’m done with that.
– Ah, he’s done. (chuckles)
How embarrassing.
– I don’t think that was real.
I think that was set up and staged.
– It’s funny when you see–
in the nicest way–
older people cuss.
– He breaks the only one in the world
and cusses up a storm
on probably a television show
that he isn’t supposed
to talk like that,
’cause it looked like
some PBS channel.
– Oh, no.
– (girls screaming)
– I love the contrast in expression.
– Which one’s you and me? (chuckles)
That one’s definitely me.
– That’s you. That’s you.
And that’s me. I’m living–
– She’s passed out!
– Oh, did she pass out?
– (girl resumes screaming)
– Oh, she woke up.
She went back–
– (girl on left screams)
Oh my god!
– (chuckles)
– She’s like coming in
and out of consciousness.
– I’ve actually been on one of these.
They’re super fun.
– (girl on left) Oh my god.
He didn’t even give us
a [bleep] countdown!!
Oh my!
– I feel like I’ve seen
so many of those videos.
Why go on a roller coaster
or a slingshot or something like that
if you don’t like rides?
– That was definitely me,
the one passing out.
– I’ve never seen that happen before.
Multiple times too.
I feel like that’s not healthy.
– You may catch me up late
watching those videos
of people passing out
on that ride.
It makes me wanna ride that
to see if I pass out.
– Imagine if I was ta–
and then I just woke up.
(chuckles) Ahhh.
Like, you feel for these people,
but then you also laugh at ’em.
– (stuck girl) No!
– (woman) …with me.
– (stuck girl) No! Leah!
– Oh, man.
– (stuck girl) I’m stuck!
– What did she do?
– What?
– How did you get in there?
– No, you know what?
You deserve that.
She did that to herself.
– How did she get in that position?
– (man) You’ve got
better flexibility–
– (stuck girl) What do you– WHERE?!
– They’re gonna have to cut
that off on her.
– I smile at everything.
And I have no sympathy
for you, young lady.
– (stuck girl) Ugh.
– Oh, man. (chuckles)
Aww, jeez.
– Oh my god. They had to cut her out.
– Very poor decision-making,
and you know, she broke a toy
for a young child who probably
would’ve loved it.
– Bless your heart.
Bless your cotton socks.
But you’re trying to get
into a children’s car.
What’d you think was gonna happen?
You really gonna go
for a ride in the car?
– The premise was hilarious, right?
She’s stuck in little child’s toy car.
But there’s no moment
of extreme comedy.
– Aww, a little baby.
– (baby laughing)
– (snickers)
This game is punishing me
for smiling and laughing.
No! We should embrace it!
– (baby laughing)
– (snickers)
Dang it. It’s so simple.
His little laugh is so cute.
– Awww! I’m done.
– What is so funny
to this baby, though?
– (chuckles)
I couldn’t help it.
The baby’s so cute.
– (baby laughing)
(baby laughing)
– (chuckles) That’s so funny.
If you got kids, man,
you gotta laugh at that.
They just crack up
over the simplest things.
– (chuckles)
He’s just too cute.
– Aww, he’s [inaudible].
– So cute!
– Really cute kid, but he’s
not as cute as my daughter,
and she’s put me through
a lot worse try not to laugh.
– (FBE) That was the last video.
You didn’t laugh,
which means you won.
– All right.
– (FBE) The only winner.
The only winner.
– What?!
Pfft. Come on.
I will give credit to my kids.
They have tried to make me laugh
in situations where I really
didn’t wanna laugh,
and it was a lot harder
to not laugh at them
in those situations
than any of these videos.
– I started off weak,
and then I kind of
maintained strong,
and then I ended up
being weak again.
– It was all downhill
after the dog.
Once the dog came in,
that really was a dealbreaker.
– (FBE) So finally, is there a moment
throughout your wrestling career
that whenever you look back on it,
you kind of can’t help
but smile or laugh?
– Most definitely.
There was a pretape that we were
doing in the backstage locker room.
It was Cena, Edge,
and they were talking,
and I was in the background.
I was hanging onto the stall
where you hang your coats and stuff,
and I was doing pull-ups.
Then all of a sudden,
the whole thing came down
and you can just hear me fall.
They just looked back.
They were trying to hold it,
but it was too late.
You know, so we all
just busted out laughing.
– Brooklyn TakeOver against Sasha
when I won the NXT title.
That will forever make me smile.
– I beat Charlotte twice.
I beat Asuka twice.
Whenever I get to have
these big Mellabrations,
that, to me, makes me smile
and makes me laugh,
’cause it is just so over the top
and ridiculous.
– The one time Ambrose rigged
my briefcase with green goop,
sprayed all over my face
and my suit and my hair.
That one was pretty good.
– We were at a live event,
and it was a six-man tag.
And my tag team partners
for the evening were The Miz
and Jeff Hardy.
And for those of you
who know Jeff Hardy,
he wears face paint
and he wears really long
arm stockings, and they’re all cut up,
and he’s got, like,
blue and green, purple.
He’s a very intricate individual.
So, Jeff Hardy’s in the corner
with me, and we see The Miz
do this comedy Karate Kid spot.
And I remember looking over
to Jeff Hardy,
and Jeff Hardy’s laughing.
He goes, “Man, wrestling sure
is weird sometimes, huh?”
And I remember just looking
at this full-grown man
in body paint who like–
and I go, “Yeah, man.
Really weird sometimes.”
– Thanks FBE for having me.
Make sure you guys subscribe
for more WWE.
– Tune in to the full premiere
of SmackDown live
on Fox October 4th.
– Booyaka!

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