WWE Star In Body Shaming CONTROVERSY! HUGE WWE RETURN LEAKED?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2018

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On this week’s episode of Raw, WWE made
history by becoming the first wrestling promotion
ever in the history of the Universe to have
a women’s commentator EVER! …apart
from So Cal Val on WOS Wrestling, Lita on
the Mae Young Classic, Beth Phoenix on Mixed
Match Challenge Shimmer, etc.
But even though officials were impressed with
Renee Young’s performance, Pro Wrestling
Sheet are reporting “there are no immediate
plans in place to permanently change her position.”
Meaning Young can go back to what WWE thinks
she does best. Asking a question and then
becoming a microphone stand for the next three
minutes. And, of course, cutting promos on
Dave Meltzer.
On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer
Radio, famed sports journalist Meltzer started
talking to his co-host Bryan Alvarez about
SmackDown star Peyton Royce’s look since
being called up to the main roster.
A fan tweeted a clip of this conversation
calling out Meltzer for saying Royce was “more
attractive in NXT” and that “she was a
lot lighter”, which was then reposted by
Peyton herself:
“So what would you have me do Dave… starve
myself? THREE HEAD BLOWN EMOJIS! This is how
nightmares for young women start. The females
in your life must be proud.”
Which prompted many of her fellow WWE colleagues
to shoot on Meltzer’s comments.
Like Renee Young, Peyton’s tag partner Billie
Kay and even a -6 star rating from Seth Rollins.
Stars for… nobody.
Meltzer’s ‘lighter’ comments about Royce,
however, are most likely his misguided way
of referring to the breast implants she reportedly
had last December – in that he wishes women
in WWE didn’t feel the need to have plastic
Which, ironically, would mean Meltzer is critiquing
the body-image focused wrestling business
that likely pressures so many female wrestlers
to have breast enlargements – a pressure that
he’s now accused of applying himself. If
that was his intention, though, the sentiment
was poorly communicated, so he’s publicly
tweeted Royce:
“I’d like to apologize to you. You are an
exceedingly attractive woman. I do realize
the lengths and pressures on women in the
entertainment world to maintain unnatural
looks at times and am glad you pointed this
Which is… still pretty badly communicated.
‘I’m sorry. But I still find you really
hot.’ His apology on the most recent Wrestling
Observer Radio, however, is far more sensitive.
We’ve had the most definitive sign yet that
Rey Mysterio is indeed on his way back to
WWE, with Northeast Wrestling revealing he’s
been pulled from their show next Friday:
“Unfortunately due to his upcoming contractual
situation with WWE Rey Mysterio is unable
to appear on August 24th.”
Mysterio has been in negotiations to return
to WWE ever since his Royal Rumble cameo became
one of their most watched YouTube clips of
the year in January. The Wrestling Observer
has previously reported WWE tried to get Rey
pulled from All In on September 1st, but Mysterio
wanted to honour his commitment. He’ll likely
sign with WWE sometime next month.
More allegations about Randy Orton have resurfaced,
this time from former WWE wrestler Mr Kennedy!
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