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Wrestlemania weekend wasn’t just noteworthy
for huge WWE returns and heartbreaking retirements,
it also contained an excellent amount of Triple
H photoshopping.
Following Triple H posing with his own cardboard
cutout, the Internet quickly collaged Triple
Triple H, Quattro Triple H, and now, in the
most recent multiple, Decahedron Triple H.
That’s 30 Hs, maths fans.
@KayinNasaki on Twitter has taken The Game
one step further, horrifically recreating
Randy Orton’s Wrestlemania 25 feud with
the Cerebral Assassin, superimposing eight
Triple Hs on the ring mat from his match against
Bray Wyatt at the weekend.
If Wrestlemania was measured by the amount
of Triple Hs, this year’s would be an outstanding
Instead, as pay-per-view buy rates are no
longer really a thing for WWE, the company
goes by the Network subscriber count.
In their quarterly conference call, Chief
Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios
revealed the amount had increased from 1.5
million on January 31st to 1.95.
While that’s an impressive figure, with
the rate of growth increasing from last year,
only 1.66 million of those are paid, as WWE
offered month free subscriptions to boost
the number.
Near the end of the call, investors asked
about the recent reports that WWE were in
talks to buy Ring of Honor.
WWE replied they’re always looking to “super
serve” content to the fans and all possibilities
are being explored.
‘Super serve’ – that’s great.
I like the sound of that.
Finally WWE might start putting on longer
Among the many highlights on last night’s
fantastic post-Mania episode of Raw – watch
my review of the show right here on WrestleTalk’s
YouTube channel – was Vince McMahon revealing
there would be a “superstar shake up”
next week.
WWE.com expanded on this, writing: “The
WWE Chairman will be granting both sides an
opportunity to make trades, deals and other
moves that they feel fit.”
This appears to be a few trades between brands
rather than a full WWE Draft.
AJ Styles to Raw and Roman Reigns and New
Day to Smackdown have been rumoured in recent
months, and you’d expect those who lost
on Monday night for no reason – like Charlotte,
Enzo and Big Cass – to also be switching brands.
Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan will
appear on next week’s Raw to conduct the
trades with Monday Night’s new man in charge,
Kurt Angle.
One wrestler who most likely won’t be available
for drafting, however, is Bill Goldberg.
On the episode’s post-show Raw Talk, Goldberg
came down to the ring and cut an unscripted
promo thanking his wife and son at ringside.
Bill then invited his son into the ring, who
proceeded to fall over the barricade, prompting
Goldberg to joke:
“Look, he even takes bumps already.
Hell, that’s one more than I’ve taken in my
entire career until last night.”.
Bill continued, trying to defeat Titus O’Neil
for his Celebrity Dad of the Year 2015 award:
“I was able to take that Universal championship
title to my son’s school.
The pride that I felt standing in front of
those kids and his teacher and my son was
immeasurable…Now this could possibly be
the last time you ever see me in a ring…since
I still believe that I am one of the biggest,
baddest sum bitches on this planet, you never
know what or who’s next.
One more thing…never say never.”
Dave Meltzer has explained on Wrestling Observer
Radio that Goldberg’s WWE contract is indeed
now up, but many in the company deem his run
a success.
The door is probably open for Goldberg to
do more matches, but, as he told Edge and
Christian on their podcast, the amount of
training to stay in superhero shape at 50
years old made him “miserable”, and he
may not want to undergo that again.
Kurt Angle’s the new GM, The Revival have
been called up and Finn Balor returned to
WWE TV – watch my review of the excellent
post-Mania Raw, and find out what I thought
of this year’s very good, but also very
long, WRestlemania 33 by clicking the videos
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I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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