Wwe Raw Aj Styles Turns Heel On Ricochet, The Club Is Officially Back Together

Ricochet defeated AJ Styles to retain the
United States Championship in the main event
of WWE Monday Night Raw.
The big story was what happened after the
Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson brutally
attacked Ricochet to signify that Styles is
now a heel.
Styles hit the Styles Clash off the second
rope on Ricochet and then he and his brothers
celebrated to close out the show.
Styles thought he had the match won earlier
and was briefly crowned the new U.S. Champion
until a second referee pointed out that Ricochet
had his foot under the rope.
The Club reunion is interesting because many
expected Gallows and Anderson to leave the
company in September.
This reunion could mean that they have let
WWE know that they plan on staying.

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