WWE Facing Criminal Investigation! Who Is Alexa Bliss Dating! NXT Star WALKS OUT of WWE! WWE NEWS!

WWE Facing Criminal Investigation! Who Is Alexa Bliss Dating! NXT Star WALKS OUT of WWE! WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
February 8, 2020.
We’re kicking off today with some
huge news from SmackDown, as
Goldberg returned
to the blue brand this week,
albeit via satellite.
Claiming to be inspired by the
Royal Rumble Pay Per View,
the Hall of Famer laid out
the challenge to Universal
Champion Bray Wyatt, which
the Firefly Funhouse host
accepted, and the pair will battle
on February 27th at Super
It’s been nearly three years
since Goldberg last held the
Universal title, though
hopefully this match will go
better than his last encounter
in Saudi Arabia, when he
knocked himself out against the
Undertaker in June last year.
More Super Showdown news
now, as this week’s SmackDown
saw King Corbin
challenge Roman Reigns to one
more match in Riyadh, but this
time in a Steel Cage.
It’s a bit strange that the pair’s
feud is continuing, especially
after their Falls Count
Anywhere encounter at the
Rumble, but the Big Dog was
more than happy to accept,
in what may be the last
encounter between the two,
before both move on to
WrestleMania feuds.
The last time Reigns competed
in a cage in Saudi Arabia, was
all the way back at 2018’s
Greatest Royal Rumble, where
he accidentally gave Brock
Lesnar the win by spearing
the Beast through the cage wall,
a mistake Reigns will be hoping
to avoid this time.
More news from the Big Dog
now, as the Grand Slam
Champion and former Royal
Rumble winner already has a
lot of accolades to his name
and can now add voice-over
artist to his resume.
This week, Reigns revealed that
he will be doing voice-over work
for Disney’s Elena of
Avalor, where he will be
playing Kizin.
As one of the most popular WWE
Superstars around, especially for
younger fans,
having Roman in the Disney hit
show is a winning combination,
and following on from
his appearance in last year’s
Hobbs and Shaw film, who knows
how far Roman’s career
will go in entertainment, out
of the ring.
Back to SmackDown now, and
this week’s show saw a fatal-
four-way main event, as
Carmella, Naomi, Alexa Bliss and
Dana Brooke all competed to
become the number
one contender for the Smack
Down Women’s Championship.
After a hard-fought match, it
was Carmella who got the win,
hoping to reclaim the title
she last held at Summerslam
2018, but it didn’t take long for
the Staten Island Princess
to be attacked by her former
best friend Bayley.
There’s no date on when Bayley
and Carmella will have their
Women’s Title match but
expect the match to be coming
up in the next few weeks, as
both women forge their
own path on the road to
One person who knows all about
championship gold at the
moment is Buddy Murphy,
but the RAW Tag Team Champion
has become the latest victim of a
company name change
On WWE.com’s Roster page,
Murphy is known by just his
last name, and Post
Wrestling is reporting that this
will be how he’s addressed
moving forward.
Murphy now joins the ranks of
Superstars who have had
their names shortened
including Alexander Rusev, Elias
Samson and Big E Langston,
and whilst there’s a
chance he could ger his first
name back, like Mustafa Ali,
only time will tell.
From one Australian star to two
more now as it’s been quite a
while since fans have

seen the IIconics on WWE TV.
Given their absence, some fans
have speculated that either
Billie Kay or Peyton Royce
may be injured, but that
apparently isn’t the case
according to Dave Meltzer.
On Twitter, Meltzer said that a
decision was made to take
them off TV, and that when
they come back, it may be
under a repackaged gimmick.
Though the Australian duo
captured the Women’s Tag
Team Titles last year, their reign
was often treated as an
afterthought, due to the
planned Bella Twins feud never
happening, and hopefully, 2020
will be a better year for the
IIconic pair.
We’ve got some troubling news
to report now, as former WWF
Superstar Adam Bomb
has been arrested on narcotics
Clark, aged 55, alongside 73-
year-old Dennis Miccolis have
pleaded not guilty to
“conspiracy, illegal control of
enterprise, transporting or
selling narcotics, drug
possession and possessing a
weapon during a drug offense,”
with Clark’s attorney
describing the charges as
unreliable and false information.
Wrestling fans may remember
Clark’s Adam Bomb character
as part of the New
Generation Era, though he also
wrestled in the AWA as the
Nightstalker, and as one-
half of Kronik in WCW,
alongside Brian Adams.
With the case ongoing, there’s
little we can actually report,
but hopefully the right
verdict will be reached,
whatever it may be.
Onto some lighter news now, as
Alexa Bliss and singer Ryan
Cabrera are reportedly
saying, according to TMZ.
Threat report states that the
pair met during SmackDown’s
debut on FOX back in
October, and it was the Miz
who played matchmaker.
Weeks later, the pair were
spotted together at concerts in
Chicago and St. Louis, and
TMZ also noted that the pair
were spotted together on
New Years Eve.
Fans will recall that Bliss
previously dated RAW Superstar
Buddy Murphy, and though
neither the Goddess nor the
singer have commented
publicly on their alleged
relationship, there certainly
seems to be a lot of evidence
of their romance, and we
wish the best of luck to both
of them.
Speaking of Alexa Bliss the pop
punk band for soup has a new
music video out today starring
the goddess titled Alexa Bliss
We’re heading to NXT now, and
though Matt Riddle has made
plenty of fans over his
WWE tenure, one person who
isn’t a fan is Vince McMahon.
According to Dave Meltzer in the
latest Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, McMahon is
annoyed at the King of Bros
over some of his social media
posts, especially those
where he challenges main
roster stars.
It’s well-known that Riddle has
threatened to retire WWE
Champion Brock Lesnar,
who reportedly confronted the
NXT Superstar backstage at
the Rumble, and Riddle
has been highly critical of WWE
Hall of Famer Goldberg,
especially after the much-
maligned Undertaker match at
2019’s Super Showdown.
Meltzer said:
“McMahon sees Riddle as an
outside guy and feels Riddle
has no respect for the
hierarchy of the business by
challenging Goldberg and
Time will tell just how far the
Original Bro goes in his WWE
career, but if he wants to
make it, he may have to dial back
on some of his comments, for
his owns sake.
We’ve got some serious news
now, as the law-firm Levi and
Korsinsky has issued a
press release stating they will be
investigating whether the WWE
has violated any
federal security laws.
In the statement, the law firm said
it will specifically be looking into
whether any fraud
violations have taken place by
members of the company, and
cited the WWE’s 2019
third-quarter financial report,
which saw a large decline in
money as potential
evidence of wrongdoing.
At the time, WWE compared the
2019 Q3 report to their 2018
report, citing
“unfavorable timing of working
capital and lower operating
performance” as the case
of the decline.
More bad news for WWE now,
as Brazilian star Taynara Conti
has reportedly walked
out of the company.
In a report by Fightful Select,
it’s implied that a disagreement
over money may be the
reason why the former Mae
Young Classic star left. The
report reads:
“We’re told in the middle of
January, Conti had a
disagreement with WWE, and
“walked out.” Most at the WWE
Performance Center we’ve
spoken to believe it’s
financially motivated, but we’ve
not confirmed that.
It was noted that her locker
was cleared out.”
It’s unclear whether Conti will
return to the company, but her
husband Matheus Costa
has kept coy, saying “All we
can say is that Taynara is still
under contract with WWE.”
Speaking of Superstars not
being around, one person
fans may have to wait a bit
longer to see is El Hijo del
The former Lucha Underground
star signed with WWE a few
months ago, though
according to the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, Fantasma
is currently out of action
after he blew out his knee.
With the WWE signing a ton of
talent over the past year, the
Performance Center is
getting pretty full, though the
Observer also noted that
he’s expected to be back
Now, this week, the WWE gave
it’s 2019 fourth-quarter report,
and one thing that
made everyone’s ears perk up,
is when Vince McMahon said
he was considering
selling the rights to some of
his events.
What this means is that fans
may have to go to other
services to watch shows like
WrestleMania, and the Chairman
also noted that if they are close
enough to make a
decision about this that it will be
announced during this quarter
if a deal is made.
Finding a home for WWE content
may be easier said than done,
as the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter looked at
several top candidates, such
as Peacock, the new
upstart streaming service that
won’t be rolled out until April
15th, over a week after
WrestleMania 36.
DAZN could be a contender,
though the Observer noted
that their situation has
changed due to losing a lot of
money with deals, especially
when they’ve hosted
boxing content.
For many, ESPN+ is the most
likely home for WWE programming
if they start selling off
rights, but even this could have
its problems, as Disney recently
announced losses of
nearly $700 million due to ESPN+,
Hulu, and the start-up costs to
launch Disney+.
Even if Vince McMahon is in the
market to sell, finding a buyer
may be difficult, but
fans should never count out the
ruthless business tactics of the
Chairman of the Board.
More news from the WWE
Network now, as this week,
Canadian fans saw a quiet
increase in their subscription
fee, from $11.99 to $12.99,
and in some areas, the price
is now $13.99.
This price increase brings the
Canadian cost much closer to
the price in the UK, which
like the U.S. is 9.99 a month,
though the British Pound to
U.S. Dollar conversion means
that fans across the pound
are paying nearly $13 a month.
We’ll have to see if this hike in
monthly price will change their
Canadian subscriber
count, as between this, and the
reports of selling off content,
the WWE Network could
be a very different service
very soon.
We’re heading back in the ring
now, as, on this week’s RAW,
Bobby Lashley competed
for a WWE Championship shot
at Brock Lesnar, but without his
bride by his side.
In the Wrestling Observer News
letter, Meltzer explained Lana’s
absence, saying it
made little sense for her to be
out there, given what happened
to the destroyer. He said:
“While the AOP took out Lashley
and led to him losing in the Raw
main event, the idea
was not for him to turn face and
face the AOP. He was supposed
to stay heel with
Lana. Lana was not in his corner
in the three-way main event on
Raw this week. […]
since AOP was going to attack
him, it really made no sense
for her to be there.”
Lana had previously had a
match against Liv Morgan earlier
in the night that saw the
return of Ruby Riott, and the
physicality of the Morgan match
may have encouraged
WWE to leave her backstage
for the main event.
One thing for sure is that this
week’s RAW wasn’t a face
turn for Lashley, despite the
attack he suffered at the
hands of the AOP.
Whilst Lana didn’t appear
during RAW’s main event, spare
a thought for Rusev, who
hasn’t been seen on WWE
TV in quite some time.
In the Observer, Meltzer claimed
that the former US Champion
has been taken off
television due to a contract
dispute, as the Bulgarian,
unlike his wife Lana, is yet to
sign a new deal with the WWE.
Although some have speculated
that Rusev has been suspended
for making a joke, is
injured, or deliberately got
himself suspended under the
company’s Wellness Policy,
all of these rumours have been
refuted by the man himself,
leaving fans, and us, to
wonder just how much time he
has left on his WWE contract.
And finally today we’re ending
with the results from Smack
Down, as the show started
with the Miz and Morrison
running down the entire tag
This eventually led to a match
that saw the Usos defeat
Dolph Ziggler and Robert
Roode, whilst Elias defeated
Cesaro in the next match.
Fans next saw another brawl
between the Roman Reigns
and King Corbin after the
Lone Wolf embarrassed a fan,
before the Goldberg-Wyatt
match was set for Super
In a bizarre pairing, Daniel Bryan
made quick work over Heath
Slater, whilst Shinsuke
Nakamura, alongside Sami Zayn
and the Revival, sent a painful
message to new
Intercontinental Champion
Braun Strowman.
After Sheamus defeated Apollo
Crews, fans saw the main
event where Carmella
became the number one
contender for the SmackDown
Women’s Championship, and
though Bayley may have gotten
the upper hand after the match,
expect the Staten
Island Princess to be in the
mood for revenge next week.

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