WWE Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins Wrestlemania 32 Full Match Highlights

is bad
so what please and gentlemen introducing
tonight with the universal Championship
up for grabs the universal champion s
couple of years Brock Lesnar has really
had a stranglehold on the Universal
Championship his latest rain began to be
in Seth Rollins edit himself he thinks
that Brock Lesnar’s cast a shadow over
the fence Bishop on the line
he might have time to the stretch he
didn’t time to have time to warm up
this is excuses Brahmas got to be ready
to go there’s no doubt Seth Rollins has
been focused on this matchup
is wanted every WrestleMania that he’s
been a part of or they and become
Universal champion but Lesnar obviously
has no intentions of hurling by the
Beast changes the entire scenario
Kesha’s Seth Rollins off guard by
rescheduling ministry that is up around
the ring here tonight at WrestleMania
whipped it Brock Lesnar though going
right after Seth Rollins leading guys
before the bell now he’s not even gonna
get Rollins in the ring there’s not
gonna be a match while perhaps the
concern of Lesnar the Beast will begin
to stock the man who wants to become the
Beast Slayer
the official was doing his job
she was a gatherer wanted to start the
match but all’s isn’t going to have a
chance right now Haman and brought the
master into a into a children announcers
left here take care of business
take the universal championship back to
the build swelling is starting and Seth
Rollins I’m not sure he’s going to be
able to continue here tonight in bra a
well there is a reason that Brock Lesnar
start the match we take another one that
the brutality suffered by SEC Rhodes
balances the Challenger as Lester looks
to make short work of Rollins here
tonight City let’s not forget Lester
hasn’t forgotten the night four years
ago when Seth Rollins cashed in the
Money in the Bank anticipated a trip to
suplex City he knew tonight would be
painful but I don’t Sterman from the
champion lesnar
of wrestlemania kick to the face of the
base and Rollins has hope
Rollins capitalized and lesbians almost
back up while it’s trying to pull
himself to his feet trying to will set
to put himself in position to cover the
champion stops
Ron can live up to that promise because
in this shadow of New York City sent
disbelief in the eyes of wallets yes
indeed set both volum brought blizzards
field to achieve the universal title
here tonight all right I don’t want to
discount that Renee but let’s suplex
city has business street reduced to ask
you well this is the start of the match
with otherworldly Seth Rollins
unbelievably situation and then he would
Jennifer run stop that lesbian is
continuing a third in the center of the
league given one of the most shocking
starts in WrestleMania history holds the
you know
man I know that tonight meant everything
in the world to Seth Rollins he competes
shit that belongs on Monday night Seth
Lawrence told Brock lesner

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