WWE BOTCH The Fiend After Raw Went Off-Air! AEW Debuting SECOND SHOW! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2019

The Fiend fingers Braun Strowman’s mouth!
Rey Mysterio will fight for the Universal
Championship next week! And there’s not
just one… not just two… not just three…
but almost three and a half different women’s
storylines happening on Raw right now! Equality.
And how did WWE botch The Fiend after Raw
went off-air?!
Click the timestamps in the video description
below to go straight to any of those stories
and learn more!
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But for now, here’s my review of the 23rd
September episode of Monday Night Raw!
This week opened with The Fiend infecting
WWE’s opening sting, which was distorted
just like the end of last Monday’s show,
implying those upside down match graphics
were intentional and not a production mistake.
Because the Fiend is so scary, he can even
take over the broadcast controls from Kevin
Dunn. Not even Triple H can do that.
The actual show opened with, what else, a
lame in-ring babyface recap promo from Seth
Rollins, who monologued about all the stuff
that’s happened recently, how he’ll prevail
at Hell in a Cell, something about his bank
account, etc
Then out came Braun Strowman to set up a main
event non-title match between the two. They
tried to make it about them losing the Raw
tag team championships, but neither man, nor
WWE, seem to care about that storyline which
hasn’t really amounted to anything apart
from ruining the tag division.
Raiders got an actual win that meant something
next, taking on The O.C.’s Luke Gallows
and Karl Anderson after months of squash matches
that didn’t connect with the crowd.
AJ Styles was quickly ejected from ringside
for interfering, for Cedric Alexander to suddenly
jump him that was never followed up on #threeweekpush.
In a very Paul Heyman move, Michael Cole then
had a pretaped sit down interview with Becky
Lynch about her upcoming Hell in a Cell match
against Sasha Banks. Becky was an excellent
promo as always, saying it’s not about keeping
Bayley out, because she doesn’t care about
fighting everyone, it’s about keeping Sasha
Rusev came out with zero mention of Maria
Kanellis, who claimed he was the father of
her child in his return last week – implying
they’ve totally dropped that storyline – and
then squashed EC3. Sorry EC3. This didn’t
really get over, but still… what a moustache!
Sasha Banks then took on Nikki Cross, with
Bayley and Alexa Bliss in their respective
corners. Wait a second, I just need to check
something… Alexa, are you a babyface or
a heel this week? ALEXA: I’m a babyface.
This got a decent amount of time, but never
fully got hot with the crowd. Bliss and Bayley
brawled on the outside, letting Sasha tap
Cross out in the Banks Statement.
The Street Profits then ran down the show’s
card, when The Miz jumped in to announce the
birth of his baby daughter over the weekend,
and, far more importantly, next Friday’s
SmackDown season premiere on Fox will see
Miz TV host Ric Flair (wooo!) and Hulk Hogan
(booo), who actually got a smattering of boos
from the crowd.
Next up we got our second women’s singles
match in a row, where Ember Moon looked great
against Lacey Evans – starting with a stiff
drop kick, and hitting an innovative stunner
later on off the ring apron. But because Lacey
is the more blonde of the two, she tapped
out Ember to the Sharpshooter, further building
her match against Natalya.
In this week’s typically brilliant Firefly
Fun House, Wyatt conducted his own version
of the Judgement of Solomon, where two women
claimed to be the mother of a baby, so he
decreed they cut in two so they both get a
half. One woman then gave up the baby, because
they didn’t want any harm to come to it,
proving she was the real mother.
Bray missed the point of that moral message
completely though, and snapped a Seth Rollins
action figure in two so both Huskus the Pig
Boy and Rambling Rabbit could play with him.
WWE still doesn’t care about NXT, just having
screenshots of online articles talking about
last Wednesday’s USA Network debut rather
than an actual promo package with video clips.
Carmella finally turned on R-Truth to become
the new 24/7 champion, which Truth was actually
totally fine about, and the two escaped through
the crowd while being chased by Dana Brooke,
Billie Kay, and a returning Sarah Logan! Looks
like that whole Carmella storyline with Charlotte
is also being dropped.
You might think the Baron Corbin vs Chad Gable
feud, where Chad is even made to look short
in the match graphic, wouldn’t have as much
heat when fighting again just a week after
their King of the Ring final. Well you’d
be wrong, because these two work incredibly
well together.
From Corbin’s black Game of Thrones redesign
of the King of the Ring crown and cape, the
two had a very well-paced TV match that slowly
sucked the crowd into Gable’s comeback.
And in the perfect finish, after Chad seemingly
had Baron beat in the ankle lock, Corbin took
the DQ loss by hitting him with the scepter
to stand tall. This is excellent booking of
a bully heel storyline, and both men are getting
more over every week because of it.
AOP then backed up their claim from last week
that nobody is tough enough to fight them,
by walking out of their interview and beating
up the first two wrestlers they saw. This
was awesome.
Then we got five guys having a really fun
No. 1 contender’s match. The Five Guys here
being Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, AJ Styles, Robert
Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura, not the popular
burger restaurant chain.
This was a fast-paced match that protected
each eliminated wrestler through various blindsided
finishers. The final two came down to Roode
– who’s really been built up in the last
two weeks, but we all know what will make
him a true main eventer – and Rey Mysterio,
who had a dramatic last sequence to get a
win dedicated to his son Dominic.
Hopefully he doesn’t dedicate next week’s
Universal title match to him. Because he’s
totally getting fingered by the Fiend.
And the main event saw Braun Strowman vs Seth
Rollins in a grudge match, that was really
a three-way with the threat of the Fiend looming
in the background throughout.
And that’s exactly what happened, where
just as Braun seemingly had Seth beat, the
lights cut out and Wyatt attacked Strowman
with the Mandible Claw.
This was an excellent angle, made really impactful
by how Braun rarely sells moves, who needed
two Claws to put him down, and also by how
Wyatt almost protected Seth, like the Fiend
wants Rollins all to himself – just like the
Firefly Fun House had explained previously.
The show then cut to black with Wyatt laughing
on a loop and, the best part, Michael Cole
shutting the hell up and not ruining the horror.
This was a solid show, with some very good
in-ring wrestling, but it was mostly a set-up
episode for next Monday’s Season Premiere/Hell
in a Cell go-home double header. So this week’s
Raw is AvRAWge.
But the Fiend angle didn’t stop there when
Raw went off-air – as Luke’s got what happened
in the botch between Wyatt and Rollins now…
Great review Oli, that Fiend character sure
is neat. But what happened after the show
wasn’t quite so neat.
After Raw went off the air, rather than do
the regular dark match, WWE did another angle
with Seth Rollins and The Fiend, where Seth
laid Bray Wyatt out to send the crowd home
happy. Several videos of the angle have been
shared on line, which sees Seth give The Fiend
the Curb Stomp only for him to no-sell it.
Seth then gives him several superkicks and
three more stomps, which kept The Fiend down
– only for the lights to go out and The Fiend
However, not all of that went to plan. Dave
Meltzer expanded upon this on Wrestling Observer
Radio, noting that he’d heard from people
there live that the angle came across as “comical”.
He said, “I heard from many people in the
building, the way the finish went down in
the building was absolutely comical… the
problem is there was enough lights that everyone
saw Bray run away. So everyone sees Bray run
down the aisle as fast as he can… it’s
just one of those things that didn’t work.
The crowd wasn’t supposed to see it, and
everyone saw it.”
And could this be an insight into what will
happen come Hell in a Cell – where The Fiend
challenges Seth Rollins for the Universal
Championship inside the Cell itself. The pair
actually had their first match over the weekend
at a house show in Calgary – where The Fiend
lost via DQ when he pushed Seth into the ropes
with the Mandible Claw and wouldn’t let
go. They repeated the same finish the following
night at a house show in Edmonton. Of course
this was done to keep the title on Seth, but
is it a sign of things to come?
Now that is a finish that normally would be
impossible to do inside of Hell in a Cell,
but last year’s match ended in a no contest
when Brock Lesnar interfered – so who knows
at this point?
Either way, the finishes of house shows are
often indications of WWE testing things out
before putting them live on TV – so could
we see Seth Rollins retain the Universal Championship
at Hell in a Cell?
And if you tune into Main Event this week
– otherwise how else will you get to see Mojo
Rawley wrestle – then you’ll get to see
WWE’s next commentator – as Mickie James
took her new role in WWE behind the commentary
desk for the show. HARDCORE COMMENTARY. PWInsider
are also reporting that there has been talk
of James moving from an active wrestler position
to a backstage role as a producer, though
according to Fightful that is currently unconfirmed.
James has been on the injured list since June
1st, when she tore her ACL at a house show
against Carmella, and an-ring return is also
currently unknown at this point.
But according to WrestleVotes, we can expect
a big return next week on Monday Night Raw,
with the Twitter feed reporting that pyro
is set to make its triumphant return to television!
This report is coupled with their previous
report that we’re getting a new set for
the “season premiere” of Raw next week,
with last night’s show also debuting the
red brand’s new logo for a packed show which
will see Brock Lesnar appear, and a MizTV
segment with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.
And they might not be the only former WCW
or Universal Champions on the show, as PWInsider
are reporting that Bill Goldberg is set to
make his return to Raw next week. Goldberg
had an altercation with Dolph Ziggler over
the weekend, so there is always a chance that
will play into an angle on Raw.
This also ties into Dave Meltzer’s previous
report that Paul Heyman sees Goldberg as an
old sheriff type character that he can bring
back once or twice a year – similar to how
Bruno Sammartino was booked in the later years
of his career in the New York territory.
Disney have admitted mistakes in Star Wars?
Oli and I discuss all of that and more on
ScreenStalker which you can watch by clicking
the video on screen right now. And find out
more about that Goldberg/Dolph Ziggler fight
by watching the WrestleTalk News. I’ve been
Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

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