WWE 2K20 Showcase spotlights the Women’s Evolution

[SOUND] NXT was a fantastic experience. I mean, it’s where we all got our start.>>Those four women have
completely changed the game.>>This was before you saw a lot of
the women’s matches on the main roster. So NXT was a place where people like us
could get a chance to find our style.>>I’m the boss around here.>>To really show what we can do.>>What a match. What competition in this women’s division.>>We were all excited to join the ranks
of WWE and to do it on our terms.>>NXT wasn’t just a chance
to improve ourselves, but to improve the women’s division as
a whole, to put our stamp on it. So I was psyched to be in the Fatal 4-Way
match against Bayley, Becky and Charlotte.>>For the first time in NXT history,
a Fatal 4-Way match for the women’s title.>>But I was facing some of the strongest
competitors in NXT in that match, women I liked. I mean, Becky and
I are practically partners. But at the end of the day,
there could only be one boss. [SOUND]

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