WWE 2K20: Roster Revealed & All Arenas Confirmed So Far! (NEW Superstars, ALTs, & Special Arenas)

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel two more WWE 2K20 coverage and
on this video we’re gonna be taking a
look at all of the superstars that has
been confirmed to be part of this year’s
roster so far and yes I know there
hasn’t been a roster reveal just yet at
least us of me recording this but
there’s almost about 100 superstars
already confirmed for the game so it is
a huge list containing Roth Smackdown
live NXT 205 live legends DLC and all of
the new superstars adding into this
year’s game we’re also gonna be taking a
look at the full list of arenas that has
been confirmed but before we get into it
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coverage nonetheless not let’s get into
it first thing I want to point out and
add to the fact that there hasn’t been a
roster review just yet but all of these
confirmations come from the different
trailers that we got for the game the
different promotions screenshots
official reveal entrances
Crowl interview and so on which honestly
speaking has been the most revealing
about the game this year when it comes
to the roster so let’s get it started
and big shout out to the Smackdown hotel
for of course always keeping it clean
and having everything so up-to-date and
organized slick-ass so for the roster so
91 superstars have been confirmed 17 of
which are completely new to this year’s
game as of me recording this at the end
of September starting off right at the
top we got AJ Styles Alistar black
wicked Alex – black which is part of the
first originals pack which you could get
for free of you pre-order of the game
Alexa bliss Ally Alicia Fox and dradis
in alma’s and Reed ajayan
Angelo Dawkins of the three profit
Apollo Cruz
Aska Bailey one half of the cover star
this year Becky Lynch big bossman big
show brush Roman Bray Wyatt the fiend
Bray Wyatt and Bray Wyatt the swan
father both part of the first originals
pack Bret Hart Brie Bella
Brock Lesnar Brutus the barber beefcake
buddy Murphy Carmela
Charlotte Flair Chyna
of the de lexing collector’s edition
Dana Brooke
Daniel Bryan drew McIntyre Dusty Rhodes
Eddie Guerrero edge amber moon finn
finn bálor demon king in Frankish Roman
bull as part of the first originals pan
coke Hogan for the lexan collector’s
edition umberto Carrie Joe John Cena
Johnny gargano Carrie Zayn Kane Kevin
Owens king Booker Kofi Kingston Kurt
Angle Mandy Rose in the survivor Mandy
Rose as part of the first original do
see pac-man keine for the de Lacs and
collector’s edition Mickie James Montes
for of the street for our fit then for
the originals pack we got mystery
character number one and mystery
character number two we don’t know the
specific of it just yet because on the
initial reveal it wasn’t indicating
which superstars are gonna have these
alternatives up next we got Naomi
Natalya Naya Jack’s Nikki Bella Nikki
cross then alternate version of her
twisting ink across as part of the first
originals pack paige papa shango paul
heyman as a manager Randy or in and then
apex predator Randy Orton as part of the
first originals pack Randy Savage
Rey Mysterio Ric Flair ricochet Roman
Ronda Rousey Rowdy Roddy Piper rusev
Samoa Joe Sasha banks EV Rollins Shawn
Michaels Sheamus he got his own first
original spark the OSI labeled that
Sheamus Farah Shelton Benjamin Shunsuke
Nakamura Sonya De Vil Steve Austin sting
the Miss part of the lexan collector’s
edition we got the rock retro Triple H
ultimate warrior The Undertaker
Velveteen Dream and last but not least
Xavier woods so there it is guys
91 superstars already confirmed for this
year’s game which is basically half and
I’m sure we’re gonna learn about the
other half very soon just to put it into
as I mentioned before there are 17
superstars that are new here some of
which comes in the form of the first
originals back to their alternate
versions of certain superstars for from
the DES legs / collector’s edition
including China
then buddy Murphy and Nikki cross
returning to the series with umberto
Callie you’re being completely new as
for the other thing I want to discuss in
this video as I mentioned as the arena
so for the weekly shows the following
has been confirmed so far Monday Night
Raw Smackdown live and exceed main event
into a 5 live all of which are the 2019
version of these arenas so before the
big change in October 4 pay-per-view we
got WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 WWE
evolution from last year WWE
WrestleMania 35 and NXT takeover New
York and then for the classic arena we
got a good chunk of confirmations row
2017 row 2013 – 2014 WCW nitro 98
WrestleMania 30 for Wrestlemania 33 fast
lane 2017 Elimination Chamber 2017 Hell
in a Cell 2016 back last 2016
WrestleMania xxx – Night of Champions
2015 NXT takeover Brooklyn NXT takeover
rival and NXT takeover a lot of these
classic arena we’re gonna be able to
unlock them as we play through the 2k
showcase mode and then for the last two
arena there are actually part of the
first original COC pack and those are
the why is swamp arena and the cemetery
bro arena so there it is guys that is
what I got for you in this video
recapping all of the superstars that has
been confirmed for this year’s game and
also the arenas that has been revealed
if you enjoy don’t forget to output you
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