100 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 Originals: Southpaw Regional Wrestling Trailer | PS4”

  1. Ok this is officially a abortion.. uninstalling the game right when I get home.. couldn’t at lest get the actual guys. This is pathetic. Only dlc I was actually looking forward to cause it’s the only creative and funny Thing they put out in years

  2. Les tengo 3 problemas
    1 : si el juego está mal por ende no lo comprara el público
    2 : si no tienen el juego no van a adquirir el DLC
    3 : si no van a adquirir el DLC significa que ustedes no tendrán dinero
    XD me preguntó que hace su equipo de publicidad para no advertirles que están perdiendo dinero desde la salida del juego

  3. These graphics is terrible smh, I still haven't played this game because it looks so bad and seen videos of how bad it is.

  4. Yo, servers were down last I checked.

    Why are they blatantly ignoring the fact that there are no redeemable qualities about this game?

  5. Ok 2K if you do come around of fixing the game then I will play wwe 2k20 because right now is unplayable so no thank you

  6. while I'm hyped for Sea Creature because I got tricked into buying the season pass, can 2K at least fix the feet clipping though the boots on CAW. The game is a janky mess, I can't believe PlayStation, the WWE and 2k have the audacity to promote this game in the sorry state it's still in.

  7. So we just gonna release completely unnecessary dlc and not even attempt to fix this game? Okay just checking. Glad I skipped out on buying this one

  8. Missing superstars from Southpaw Regional wrestling on WWE 2K20

    They Are:
    Lance Catamaran
    Chett Chetterfield
    John Johnson
    Clint Bobski
    Tex Faugerson
    Chad 2 Badd
    La barba Grande
    Ric Flair Paid Impersonator
    Impressive Pelvis Wesley
    Big Bartholemew
    Chip Henderson
    Christian Joy
    Rene Beret
    Dan Bandana
    "Dry Rub" Doug
    Frantic Frank
    'Astonishing' Adam Düng
    Debbie Desperado
    Nicci Lee Styxxx
    Danger Zone
    Surf Dudes with Attitues
    Porkchop Jones


    Dewwy Jackson

  9. As much as this is one of the greatest things they could have added….finishing the game would have been better.

  10. I use to love wrestling games smackdown vs raw, day of wrecking, legends of wrestling… What did they do to the games graphics looks awful and gameplay is terrible

  11. Dear WWE 2K
    Wwe 2k20 is the baddest game ever i played!!!
    I buy, i play, and this every gameplay n create character this game is s*ck, trash, more glitch, bug, not be realistic and everything is very very negative!!!!

  12. OK. I get that what they ACTUALLY want is to do GLOW DLC, but this is an outrage. I want to see the end of the Tex Ferguson/Chad 2 Badd angle.

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