WWE 2K20: Online Mode BREAKDOWN! RETURNING FEATURES, Match CHALLENGES, Open Lobbies, & More!

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and two more WWE 2K20 news and
on this video we got a lot to talk about
for the online multiplayer reveal as
we’re getting an overhaul to it this
year with some returning features in
addition that we’ve been asking for
before we get right into it though you
guys already know imma show – elbow drop
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anyways let’s get into it and I want to
start off with what was actually sent
out as a press release the article
giving us the information so the first
thing that ended up being highlighted
it’s the fact that online lobbies
returned in WWE 2k 20 the highly
requested online Lobby system is back in
2k 20 lobbies will streamline the
process of pairing our players and
getting them into a max as quick as
possible we’re also excited to talk
about new developments in my player row
to Glory and my player towers for create
a lobby if you have an exact online
multiplayer match in mind creating a
lobby is the way to go select from a
wide range of mash types and rules with
up to six players choose the arena’s
superstar gender and even toggle the
restriction to only allow default WWE
Superstar aka Fairplay you can start out
and private to end my friends and then
open it up the remaining slots to the
general public if you prefer once in the
lobby together everyone can voice chat
as they select Superstars and the lobby
creator makes decisions on the match
that is about to happen players will not
have full visibility on how the match is
coming together which is a good feature
there’s also the getting quickly where
you can just browse currently available
lobbies that only need one or two more
participants and jump right into it or
use the search feature to filter by
preference there is also still quick
play as well to find matches even
quicker then we move on to the session
that is my player evolution so as we
know for my career this year we’re gonna
be able to play as both male and female
so we’re gonna be able to create both of
those my players this X tends to roll to
glory and my
lair towers just like it did last year
you could create both male and female my
players with different styles one can be
a brawler and the other a high flyer for
example experience pause progression
trees and creation parts on lots this
consistent pair can level up and unlock
items to our all three of these game
modes the big change here is that for
the first time ever any special creation
parts you unlock throughout playing my
career road to glory and my player
towers are also available in general
create a superstar mode which is good
because we’ve been asking for this for
quite a while on top of that you can
export the appearance of your my player
out of the general character creation
and that is a big thank you right there
because we’ve been asking to be able to
import my player I don’t my career and
everything else outside of all of that
so that we don’t have to recreate him or
this year recreate her as well Road to
Glory and my player tower fans will be
familiar with the process of earning
stars to enter special pay-per-view
events these road to glory events now
include a female matches for the first
time in addition to male matches a big
change is coming in the form of daily
refresh match challenges the new to nice
match feature in multiplayer places you
in a new match every day that rotates
through match types rules gender and
arenas to make it simple to constantly
try something new the road to glory
feature match of the day is similar to
tonight’s match but also includes
potential triple threat fatal four-way
and six men or woman matches this will
be switching between being for male and
female so that you could use both of my
players to nice match Road to glory
feature matches and daily my player
tower challenges will also incorporate
elements from the new WWE 2k 22k
originals post-lunch downloadable
content whether you purchase those DLC
or now and then they were not to give us
an example such as once the first
package the WWE 2k twenty originals bump
in the night releases you may see
matches taking place in the Wyatt womp
arena or you might face a Frank
Stroman one day in a my players our
daily challenge you never know what kind
of Tokyo regionals content might show up
any given day for all players with
online multiplayer access to enjoy so
there it is guys that was a lot of
reading so make sure to elbow drop but
if you haven’t just yet the biggest
highlights that I see here is of course
online lobbies actually returning the
daily refresh match challenges that work
in the beginning and the fact that now
my player is gonna be heavily included
into the online game or experience and
yes I just said experience Vince why are
you doing this to me it’s also good to
see that the DLC original content is
gonna be part of all of this because it
is gonna keep the online at more
refreshing the one extra improvement
that I hope they ended up making is to
the actual servers because we have been
needing better online connection as for
the images that you guys ended up seeing
throughout the video we only got those
so far showcasing the lobbies and mash
types that are available for us to just
jump into the my player which looks
familiar like previous year and we can
see that the paybacks and so on are
returning and then what looks to be the
initial screen we get to see two nice
match lobbies
2k originals and then the quake play
anyways guys let me know your thoughts
down in the comments below and if you
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