WWE 2K20 News: 45+ NEW CONFIRMATIONS! Official Roster Reveal Part 1, OVERALL RATING, Clips & More!

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and it is about that time where
we get the WWE 2K20 official roster
reveal WWE games just gave us part
number one and what seems to be a reveal
that’s gonna be happening throughout
this whole week so of course I’m gonna
keep you guys up today and on this video
we’re gonna go ahead and discuss all of
the superstars in this part 1 officially
confirm but that is not the only thing
that started today because we’re also
gonna be discussing rating over oats
some of the most recent reveals that you
guys might have missed and that we
haven’t covered just yet and a bit of
recent gameplay clips shown to us before
we get into it though do you guys
already know my show – elbow drop it and
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the week hit those notifications
nonetheless let’s get into it
and starting off with part 1 of the
roster of course that there’s going to
be some expected names and obvious ones
that we cover before but there’s a lot
of good new addition in this part one of
the official reveal starting off from
NXT we got a flea reah Ripley from NXT /
NXT UK Eric Young
Eric of the Viking raiders Fandango
Gentleman Jack Gallagher grandma the
leek Harper Heath Slater Ivar of the
Viking raiders Jake the snake Roberts
Jeff Hardy Jey USO Jim Neidhart Jimmy
USO Jinder Mahal Cao Anderson of The OC
cashes oh no Kyle O’Reilly Kevin Nash
lacy events Lana
Laurie Sullivan Lindsey Dorado live
Morgan Luke Gallows of The OC Maria
Mark Andrews NXT UK and the returning
Mark Henry who was removed from last
year’s game continuing with new edition
we got an ex e UK Trent 7 Sami Zayn
kalisto Tucker of heavy machinery Billy
Kay of the iconic rusev Johnny gorgiano
and O days of heavy machinery
Peyton Royce from the iconic Oscar Shin
scanner Kimura and then put the lag
slash collector’s edition we got the
following superstars which we cover
multiple times before the rock of $500
t-shirt version
kind China and Hulk Hogan and then we
got the feeling the Bray Wyatt as part
of the first originals DLC pack which of
course if you pre-ordered the game you
get it for free so that is the first 45
officially confirmed for this year’s WWE
2k 20 roster and as I mentioned the
roster review is gonna continue
throughout the week
I guess that every day we’re gonna be
getting a different part and I’ll be
covering everything so stay tuned moving
into some other reviews today we
officially got the first superstar
rating overall and that is for Johnny
Gargano with an 84 let me know your
thoughts down in the comments below on
his overall rating it’s worth mentioning
that he did went up from previous game
in WWE 2k 18 he was an 81 in WWE 2k 19
he was an 80 so he went down there so
now this year he did a bit of a jump I’m
honestly surprised but when it comes to
annex II Superstars WWE games usually
keep them somewhere lower than 87 it’s
hard to see anyone above that in the NXT
roster but maybe now that the yellow
brand is considered to be one of the top
brands in WWE and not a developmental
brand these overalls are gonna have to
start going higher onto some other quick
reveals this past week was a big one
with Smackdown live being on its 20-year
anniversary and there was a lot of
promotions ultimately tying in in to 2k
20 so during one of her Hogan’s media
appearances we got to see a clip of his
entrance which when compared to 2k15 it
has of course brand new animations it
wasn’t much but it was something new
shown to us and before you guys even ask
we don’t necessarily know what song he’s
gonna be using just yet since there was
no audio related to the game but he will
more than likely stay with the real
American one which WWE of course has
held the licensing for moving into
another clip we also got to see the
deluxe edition of The Rock the $500
shirt it wasn’t much of a reveal but we
got to see it don’t we Hell in a Cell as
WWE Games was hyping it up so much like
Hulk Hogan we just got a clip of his
anyways guy said that is the coverage
that I got for you in this video if you
enjoy or found this and
formative don’t forget to elbow drop and
turn on those notifications to be fully
up-to-date on all the latest more
reviews coming throughout the week so
stay tuned a window to 200,000
subscribers I’m entity ow
dig it

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