WWE 2K20: MATCH WE WON’T BE ABLE TO PLAY IN THIS YEAR GAME!😢 (Ft. Removed Arena & Roster From 2K19)

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and we’re getting to that point
of the year where the next WWE games is
about to come out so unfortunately we
gotta say goodbye to the previous one
and I figured what better way to do it
than to do any match in 2K19 that we’re
not gonna be able to recreate in 2k twin
this idea came from one of the recent
streams that we did and you guys helped
me set it out so what is this match well
it is an eight-man battle royal with a
superstar that unfortunately will not be
part of this year’s roster and this a
superstar fighting it out and none other
than the arena velocity which like many
of the other arena that we got to unlock
on the Daniel Bryan showcase we are not
gonna be getting them this year since
WWE games usually remove it the good
thing is that it is a Smackdown fist
arena so the chances of someone
recreating it are high but nonetheless
let’s get into this match and if you
guys enjoy make sure to elbow drop it
and stick around for more monkey in the
production rollin and here we go we’re
already back into the action got Goldust
with a DDT a savage one that is – Chris
you’re recording Jon Moxley has been
eliminated whoa whoa what is happening
right now who eliminated John marks new
wisdom watches it was that Rhino oh my
god no way Jon Moxley guys I mean he is
injured at the moment so I guess it it’s
fair game over here him getting
eliminated kind of makes sense we don’t
want him to get it any other type of
infections in his elbow
okay don’t leaky this do that John
Massey was kind of my pick you know he
was kind of like the MVP of this thing
not no more okay I’m still going for
Ryan him for some reason I don’t know
why but rhinos my pet guys he is my pick
because he got the crackers and I might
be able to share it with him well he
might be able to share it with me like
it is he’s just showing off in the
corner right now meanwhile everybody’s
just fighting on top of him and Chris
Jericho focusing on Kenta right now with
this could be and you
Pro Wrestling nights that we could get
in the net how come a year who knows it
can happen like a Nick Miller trying to
pick up TJ people that doesn’t happen
can’t eyes not looking too good right
now with the reversal to Chris Jericho
look at this back into the ring and we
got another elimination Lake Miller has
been eliminated inside Dillinger is gone
by Rhino dude it’s Rhino on fire tonight
or not it’s he not like what is
happening right now
we got tjp trying to eliminate Chris
Jericho right now Prince Derek of course
I knew contrib with aew the biggest
acquisition we got to thank Chris
Jericho every single day that we wake up
for aew and that is a fact
so if you wake up but you don’t thank
Chris Jericho I don’t know what you’re
doing like you really have to thank for
Jericho because he has been making some
moves like okay and he always does but
look at Kent I’m focusing on the back
right now Brian Oh see JP once again
trying to go for those suplex but it
doesn’t work out Goldust here we go he’s
getting it set up look at that right to
the face of T JP is knocked out on the
corner meanwhile Chris Jericho with the
neckbreaker three eliminations we got in
so far these guys are going at it see JP
is still in the corner taste out and
Chris Jericho focusing on the leg of
Goldust right now I’m going for riding
on this so Chris Jericho is charging up
right now guys this might be it
code breaker to Goldust but Rhino
focusing on Chris Jericho he’s like you
got too much momentum right now let me
go ahead let me go ahead and stop down
momentum going at it back and forth look
at Golders right now making t JP up t JP
with a reversal
nice reverse is nice back and forth here
Oh kick to the face can touch getting
back up now focusing on Goldust rhino
still bagged it has rhino
I feel like rhino is not taking any
bumps this man oh my god okay yo Wow CJ
Pete I know you returned to Impact
Wrestling to calm down what a cotter
right there Randy is not gonna be happy
about that
do you ask permission once again Chris
Jericho and Goldust the veteran in this
match focusing on each other they got
the most experience next two rhinos of
course it’s not a brain buster bike can
tell right there that was nasty Chris
Jericho picking up go to scrotums with
the reversal a savage DDT to Chris
Jericho it’s Jericho’s not playing any
another cold breaker this time to Kenta
butts he actually gonna be able to get
the elimination though look at rhino
trying to pick up another elimination in
this battle royal its it gonna happen
and he’s busted open portals has been
eliminated Chris Jericho is busted open
we got four superstars left in this
match but Kenta what a nice reversal
there poor incoming rhinos getting set
up good TJ beat its sword it’s done
brother no way he knows seldom he don’t
sell the whole thing are you kidding me
Wow who are you Austin Aries Wow can you
at least okay I guess Rhino spear it’s
not that great anymore huh feels bad man
look at that with the dab just show
enough I I don’t know what to say right
now the fact that helium is silk or it’s
it’s unbelievable to me
nasty counter right there by Rhino
putting his need to heat these up Chris
Jericho Irish whip to counter to the
corner now focusing on Rhino so much
action going back and forth for
everywhere nice Rhino is my pig man
rhinos my pig the crackers yo the
crackers got some type of proteins you
know what I mean that have been giving
him the power to do all these reverses
and everything look at that oh no no
he’s showing up
I think rhinos getting a little bit too
cocky right now I know you got the most
elimination in this match but you gotta
be careful right now picking kenta up or
there you go elbow to the face and
Valley the valley meanwhile Chris
Jericho trying to eliminate TJ people
doesn’t happen nice warm to the face
rhino once again this bridle is
unstoppable right now he’s just
countering everything oh this might not
be too good though another counter
back-to-back can’t I still show enough
for Jericho and Rhino just going back
and forth look at that alaria right
there TJ peach is running around the
ring where you going going top rope here
we go
so Chris Jericho what a splash meanwhile
Kenta might eliminate the biggest oh
look at Ryan was still holding on rhinos
still holding on he wants to win this he
wanted when it’s so bad
strikes back and forth between Rhino and
Kenta another reversal look at our
dropkick by Ryan oh he is putting in
every single move that he can to win
this thing look at that reversal
he’s thinking about it what is he gonna
do here is he gonna go him right there
Oh me to the face another reversal back
and forth and another person beat Duke
Kenton has busted open t JP and Chris
Jericho what is happening right now
Kenta it’s on full fire mode and he
eliminates TJ p3 superstar left in this
match Chris Jericho Brian oh and he
dealt with Tommy and Rhino once again
showing up but look at Chris Jericho oh
it cost him right there it definitely
caused him last three superstars in this
match a lot of reversals back and forth
Chris Jericho busted open by Kenton he
also busted open t JP before eliminating
him Chris Jericho showing off right here
look at this increase you can’t do it is
Chris Jericho gonna take over this match
nice dropkick there but he misses it and
back and forth between both of these
guys right now headbutt to Chris Jericho
Rhino is my pick is he’s still gonna win
this look at that suplex right there
I just realized who I have reversal
limit off I think I do I think have
reversal limit off guys it was from when
I was doing the Undertaker challenge Oh
trying to go for a DDT there Rhino still
reverses they’re now gonna counter what
a DDT let’s see what he does
Irish whip to the ropes here we go Oh
mrs. that elbow to the face kicks to the
I’m pretty sure one of these guys got a
finisher anybody gets by the rope is
gonna be over natural area right there
come on Rhino let me see a go real quick
Oh Chris Jericho’s getting ready for it
you guys know it’s coming right now
lucky that Chris Jericho but Ryan wood
another reverse so what is happening
right now everything is getting reverse
got a nasty backbreaker just counters
back in forfeit this match even gonna
end I’m concerned right now I’m a little
bit concerned right now guys remind me
to put it reverse oh oh that’s it it’s
over I was gonna say we want me to pull
reversal limit on what is over there you
go and so the crackers 100% it’s all the
crackers that he ended up eating and
catering while WWE didn’t let him
wrestle rhino picks up the victory in
this WWE 2k 19 match would you say match
it up we’re not gonna be able to play in
2K20 and the velocity arena and we’re
eight Superstars that are not gonna be
in this year’s game
Titus catering world why brother

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