William and Bentley fight over toys “It’s mine!!” [The Return of Superman/2019.02.24]

– What’s going on? / – Help!
– What’s going on early in the morning? / – Bentley?
(Bentley is dressed up like Steve Jobs.)
What is it?
– What’s that? Where is he? / – What happened?
Is that a blanket?
(It’s William.)
Is that a sleeping bag?
Bentley’s surprised.
– This is how you do it. / – Do you know what this is?
– Yes. / – It’s a sleeping bag.
– Sleeping bag. / – You sleep in it. Look.
(Bentley joins.)
Me, too.
– Can they all fit? / – My goodness.
Dad, help!
Hey, you went inside.
(It’s another peaceful morning.)
It’s a mess.
Let’s eat after cleaning up.
Let’s go.
(He’s off to take care of urgent business.)
William is going to poop.
Both of them at the same time?
Your brother is pooping in the master bathroom,
and you’re pooping here.
(He’s communicating with his face.)
Is it not coming out? Push hard.
(He’s trying.)
Push harder.
He’s dressed up like Steve Jobs.
(It’s heavy.)
Gosh, it sure smells great.
Let’s start with the vacuum.
You kids keep pooping.
(It’s already messy in the early morning.)
As kids spend most of the time on the floor,
it’s good to mop the floor often.
Tidy up your toys.
I did.
Even if you clean up,
– it gets messy instantly. / – Right.
Daddy will make you something delicious.
It’s better than hot dogs.
You’ll love it, William.
We don’t eat hot dogs these days.
It’s rice dogs.
– What’s that? / – We should eat this for our health.
It’s sausage covered with rice.
(Ketchup completes the hot dog.)
Wow, it’s tasty.
It’s tasty? You haven’t had it yet.
You should say, “It looks tasty.”
– Okay. For you, Bentley. / – Give it to him too.
– Thank you, Daddy. / – Enjoy.
He eats well.
(This is so new.)
Dad, this is so tasty.
It’s your first time. Finish all of it.
(How do you eat this?)
Hold it with your hand.
It’s bigger than your face.
(When Minguk saw a hot dog for the first time…)
– It’s Minguk. / – This is a hot dog.
What is this?
It’s a hot dog.
– He didn’t know how to eat it. / – It was new to him.
“Wait a minute.”
Maybe he will naturally…
It’s a rice dog.
(His hands don’t know what to do.)
He doesn’t know how to hold it.
Don’t you know how to hold it?
Take a bite.
(He only makes the sound.)
– He’s so cute. / – Take a bite.
(His lips touch the ketchup.)
He tasted it.
(It opens his eyes.)
Hold it.
Baby, look at me.
Hold it like this.
(Like this?)
(Did he hold it properly?)
– Is he licking it? / – Is he playing the harmonica?
(He’s playing the harmonica.)
It’s not a harmonica.
You eat it yourself.
(Where should I start?)
Dad, look.
You eat well.
It tastes like scorched rice.
Scorched rice?
Whose scorched rice tastes better?
Grandma’s or mine?
Your scorched rice is tasty also.
Grandma’s scorched rice is tasty too.
Mom’s scorched rice…
It is tasty too. Everything’s tasty.
– Everything’s tasty. / – Yes, it is.
I’ll eat the rice first.
I need to savor the sausage.
He’ll eat the rice first then the sausage.
– I used to eat like that too. / – Did you?
(I want to eat what’s inside.)
Look at how Ben eats it.
– He did it in one go. / – Was that skill
or a coincidence?
That was great even if it was a coincidence.
He separated the rice and sausage.
He skipped the rice.
He loves it.
(It tastes good.)
While William is savoring it,
Bentley goes straight to eating the sausage.
(You should do what I did.)
(Savor what’s good.)
He sticks to eating the rice first.
I guess it all depends on their personalities.
I’m thirsty.
– You’re thirsty? / – Yes.
Come here and have water.
I’ll give you water.
(Is there any more sausage?)
No way.
(He looks around first.)
(Then takes the sausage.)
– Oh, my gosh. / – Oh, my goodness.
– Oh, no. / – No.
How can he…
(It’s safe here.)
Oh, my gosh. William.
If William finds out, he’ll be so upset.
– I can’t watch this. / – Are you finished?
– Where is my sausage? / – He found out.
I don’t know.
– Where is it? / – Where did you put it?
Where did you put it?
(William has noticed.)
– Where did you put it? / – Bentley seems uneasy.
He must know he did something bad.
He’s nervous.
(Where are you, sausage?)
He found the culprit.
(He’s caught red-handed.)
Baby, isn’t this my sausage?
It’s mine.
It’s mine.
– He took it. / – Oh, no.
(I had it in my other hand too.)
He ate mine.
You’re so bad.
You’re bad. Will you keep behaving like this?
You need to be scolded by your brother.
(He approaches his brother.)
Put it back.
Put it back here.
I saved it for later.
(I won’t give it to you.)
What do we do?
Bentley keeps…
He took my sausage.
– Did he take your sausage? / – Yes.
I’m upset.
Of course you are.
Bentley wins.
(William tries to feel better by playing.)
I’m flying.
Wait, he’s found something.
(He dashes towards the target.)
(But he falls.)
(They are at it again.)
Bentley wants to ride it too.
He wants to try too.
No. It’s mine.
It’s mine!
(It’s William’s.)
(He’s so upset.)
Look, the baby wants to try too.
William wins the second round.
(I’m upset.)
(I’ll play with something else!)
Are they going to fight again?
Strangely, when your brother is playing with something,
you want to interrupt and take it away.
(Will you continue to be like this?)
I think it’s about to start.
(Why are you playing with mine?)
When the age gap is small,
the toys they play with are similar.
It’s a war all day long.
(It’s mine!)
Let go.
(I won’t take it anymore!)
(I’ll pull your hair!)
(He won’t give it to me.)
Brothers don’t fight.
I won’t let this be.
Dad needs to step in.
(What’s this sound?)
(Daddy took out scissors.)
What is he doing?
As they are close in age,
it’s only natural that they fight over toys.
I will put an end to this war.
I’ll be fair.
Get your brother here.
– Bentley? / – Bring him here.
(I’ll hide here.)
What are you doing?
Do you want to play with it?
Will he do what I’m thinking?
(The brothers will not give up.)
(I’ll let both of you play with it.)
– You both can have it. / – Is he cutting it?
Oh, no.
(What is going on?)
(This isn’t what I wanted.)
(It’s split into two.)
(I hate you, Dad.)
You’re mean.
I’ll cut this too.
– I’ll cut this too. / – What?
I’ll cut this too.
(I’ll cut Ninja Turtle too.)
No, please don’t.
I beg you.
(I’m sorry.)
Are you sorry?
I’ll give it to him.
Really? Can Bentley play with it?
– Are you sure? / – Yes.
Promise me.
My goodness.
Thanks to the doll that’s split…
– It’s for the kids’ sake. / – I’ll play with Bentley.
I will.
Really? Okay.
This worked.
(For the brothers to learn how to share…)
All right.
– Now he smiles. / – Let’s go play there.

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