William and Bentley about to have a fight [The Return of Superman/2019.10.06]

William and Bentley about to have a fight [The Return of Superman/2019.10.06]

(Autumn is ripe in Yesan, South Chungcheong Province.)
It’s autumn in Yesan, South Chungcheong Province.
William and Bentley’s trip begins in earnest.
Dad, what is this place?
This place is “The Loving Brothers” Village.
(What brothers?)
– Dad. / – Yes?
What does that mean?
My goodness.
(Give me a second.)
– Is he resting? / – Why is he lying down?
If you help your brother up in this situation,
you will be a good brother.
You will help your younger brother. There you go.
(I will raise you up.)
There you go.
– Bentley is heavy. / – He can’t do it.
Bentley is too heavy for William to be a good brother.
(Baby, you are heavy.)
(As you know,)
(I eat a lot.)
(There is a solution.)
All right.
(He does what his brother does.)
– They’re good brothers. / – Ben, look at your brother.
(They unite by lying down.)
– Good brothers! That’s it! / – They are good brothers.
Shall we go?
(They start the tour around the village.)
Let’s go.
(They manage to reach the entrance.)
– Let’s take a look at them. / – Dad, who are they?
They are the good brothers.
This place has the exact houses
from “A Tale of Two Brothers”.
It’s the perfect place to visit with children.
– It’s educational. / – That’s right.
There are the brothers’ houses.
(Uncles, aren’t you going to say hello?)
This is the younger brother
and this is the older brother.
– What? / – Sir.
(I like this rubber shoe!)
– My goodness. / – Hello.
Are you making a phone call?
– “Hello.” / – Let’s go.
Let’s go.
(What is this situation?)
There is another one. Look.
When did this statue get here?
(Did his hands freeze?)
It’s nice to meet you.
It’s nice to meet you.
Hello. Who are you?
I live in this village.
Is he imitating Maenggu?
Please tell me about this village.
– He definitely inherited the comedic genes. / – Yes.
Will you stay here?
– Yes. / – Okay.
I will come back after I look around the place.
I need to stay still even after you get in the car.
Okay. In that case, let’s meet at the hotel.
– He doesn’t want that. / – No.
– Pick me up before you go back to the car. / – Okay.
Let’s go.
He doesn’t want to be left behind.
– William will stay here. / – How cute!
– No. / – No?
(I won’t go.)
What are you doing?
(A good brother wouldn’t do that!)
(I won’t leave my brother who’d turned into a statue.)
Give your brother a kiss.
(I will break the curse with a kiss.)
He is waking William up with a kiss.
The sleeping William of Yesan.
(Come back.)
He is so cute.
Thank you.
See? The two of you are good brothers.
– Dad, let’s go inside. / – Let’s do that.
– We spent 30 minutes at the entrance. / – 30 minutes?
The weather is nice. Let’s go.
Dad, let’s go.
Let’s go.
This is the house the younger brother lived in.
(The younger brother?)
– House. / – Bentley’s house.
– That’s right. / – Is this Bentley’s house?
No, no. The younger brother…
(What do you mean no?)
– Is this your house? / – Yes.
– Is this your house? / – Yes.
Okay. Try living here.
Go ahead.
(I will live alone for the first time!)
(Bentley’s independent life)
Bentley’s independent life starts now.
(I live alone now.)
It’s where he lives by himself.
(I forgot.)
He remembered something.
– That’s right. / – I guess he wants to clean up.
“I will sweep my yard.”
(Where will he clean today?)
Will he clean up there?
(Hold on.)
(I can’t reach!)
“I can’t reach.”
– He is too short. / – He can’t reach it.
(This won’t do!)
(All right.)
He needs to go up.
(I will sweep the ground.)
That’s it. Sweep the ground.
He is excited.
(I can’t miss the yard.)
(I am happy at my house.)
Of course, he’d feel lonely by himself.
Empty. Scary.
– He is scared. / – He is scared.
(I remembered something!)
(I am not alone!)
(A bit later…)
(He goes out in search of a friend.)
He is carrying something on his back.
Isn’t that a string bag?
(Hello, it has been a while.)
There is a cow.
(I am not lonely now.)
I guess it belongs to the younger brother.
It’s a pet cow. A pet cow.
He wants food.
– Food. / – Baby, what are you doing?
– They suddenly appeared. / – Were they there?
Ben, are you filming a period drama?
– What? / – No?
(Bentley’s independent life ends here.)
Let’s go.
– Bye. / – Bye.
I am jealous that Bentley has a house.
There is the older brother’s house too.
We will go and see it. Let’s see your house, William.
Let’s go.
William’s house.
(What is this?)
Do you want to wear the hair clip?
(A surprising transformation)
Ben, your hair grew so much.
That’s right. He has a head full of hair now.
– His hair grew a lot. / – I want my hair like his.
Do you want to wear the hair clip? Give it to me.
(Are you copying me?)
Bentley and I have matching looks.
– Goodness. / – He is so cute.
They look so cute in that style.
Dad, there is a house.
This is the older brother’s house.
Let’s go. Bentley.
– That isn’t it. / – Bye-bye.
Bentley isn’t interested in someone else’s house.
(Is this the older brother’s house?)
(He tries to communicate again.)
(The statue doesn’t answer.)
He wants permission.
(I will enter the house.)
Is anyone here?
Is anyone here?
This is the older brother’s house.
– It’s your house, William. / – Then it’s my house.
I will come inside.
– What’s wrong? / – What is it?
(What is this?)
He is scared.
There are middle-aged men.
Are there people in the house?
(What did William see?)
Middle-aged men?
(Who are they?)
– That startled me. / – That startled me.
(It’s a photo spot inside the house.)
(Take a photo.)
There are middle-aged men.
– What’s wrong? / – He must be startled.
– We were startled too. / – What is it?
– What is it? Let’s see. / – Is there something?
– Dad, this place is scary. / – Is it scary?
Bentley is startled too.
– He is running away. / – What?
(What is that?)
(Sam is confused.)
– What is it? / – Scary.
Are you scared too?
(It’s no wonder we are brothers.)
(He keeps his distance.)
What’s scary?
What’s inside the house? Gosh, are you kidding me?
I will enter the house. Hello, sir.
It’s good to see you.
(Should I follow Dad inside?)
I am inside the…
(I am inside the…)
– Finish your sentence. / – He’s cute when scared.
I will go to you quickly.
(It feels fine now that I am here.)
Ben, come here.
Eat with these middle-aged men.
Middle-aged men.
(That’s right.)
(Those middle-aged men are only eating food.)
– That one is scary. / – That one is scary.
(I am scared.)
(William pretends to eat.)
William will eat everything!
(Is there tasty food?)
I think Bentley will enter because of the dinner table.
He wants to enter, but he is scared.
(There is jelly!)
He enters the house for food.
Food comes before fear.
(He goes to Sam in the speed of light.)
Scary. Scary.
– Dad. / – It’s okay.
(There is jelly!)
– Look over here. / – He sees jelly.
– Scary. Scary. / – He is too scared.
(It seems Bentley is scared.)
(He imitates Maenggu again.)
I am sorry about earlier.
I was a bit startled.
I was a bit scared earlier.
– That’s right. / – I am not scared anymore.
Please eat up.
Let’s go.
Enjoy your food.
Bye. Goodbye.
Please excuse me.
(It’s hard to be the older brother.)
(Hold on!)
What is it? There is nothing.
– No, it’s a model. / – What are you looking for?
– He touched it for a taste. / – He had to check.
(It doesn’t taste like anything.)
After a tour of the good brothers’ houses,
– they check out the area. / – Dad, what are these?
Those are straw shoes people wore in the past.
Straw shoes.
– Hold on. / – Try holding it.
This is our first time to see them in real life.
Try them on.
– They are like boots. / – Do your feet hurt?
They went in.
– Wow, Ben! / – How cute!
(He likes them.)
(Thank you for the recommendation.)
(They are too big.)
Smaller shoes.
(These aren’t my size.)
Try these. They should fit.
(These will fit, right?)
Try them on.
They fit. These are just right. Let’s buy these.
Dad, we need to buy these.
– Really? Let me see. / – They should buy them.
(They fit perfectly.)
(He shows off his new shoes.)
(I was playing around.)
Here you go. Thank you.
– Shoes. / – Poop.
Do you want to poop? Let’s go.
(Sam and William leave urgently.)
(It’s my world!)
He is enjoying his free time.
(He follows the delicious scent.)
(I love corn.)
– He should pay for it. / – The corn…
Sam isn’t here.
(That’s right!)
(Sir, may I eat this?)
– Eat. / – Sam will pay later.
“My dad will pay later.”
(Uncle, would you like a bite?)
(It must be a tough day for you today.)
(I’ll give it to you specially.)
(Uncle takes a bite.)
(If you’ve had a bite,)
(you should give it back.)
You should give it back after you had a bite.
Why isn’t he giving it back?
“Please give it back.”
“Please give it back now.”
(Please give it back now.)
Give it back.
(One bite is as good as all.)
(Give me another bite.)
(Not a chance.)
He’ll never give it back. He’s almost had it taken.
(I should run away.)
(I shouldn’t give food easily to others.)
(By the way, why aren’t they coming back?)
(Let me chill out and wait.)
– He seems comfortable. / – He’s dressed comfortably.
It makes him comfortable.
What is that? Where did you get it?
What are you eating, baby?
Why are you eating on the ground?
You need to pay for it, Sam.
Did you buy it here?
– You should pay for it, Dad. / – Okay.
(Thanks, Dad.)
(Now that he’s eaten…)
Now that he’s eaten,
– he should play now. / – It’s a swing.
(I’m Master William on a swing.)
(Are you going to ride it alone?)
Bentley wants to ride it too.
– He wants him off. / – He wants William to come off.
(Get off.)
Sam tried to raise them to love each other.
(Is this not enough?)
Are you going to push me?
They should take turns pushing and swinging.
(He won’t budge.)
You punk.
(Bentley will never give up.)
Neither of them will give in.
(William attacks with his legs.)
He wants to ride it too.
– He’s taken it. / – I was on it first.
(You guys…)
Where did I tell you we were?
Don’t fight.
– Come here. / – Sam will not let them be.
Ben, get up.
(Why should I?)
Where are we?
This is “The Loving Brothers” Village.
(But I just got on this.)
You should not fight here. Okay?
(We weren’t fighting. I just got here.)
Come here.
– What do you want? / – Bentley could feel
a little upset about this.
– You don’t want to give this back? / – He could.
He pushed and it’s finally his turn.
Do you want me to push you? More?
(He’s happy now.)
Now you need to
play with your brother.
I’m sorry.
(I’m sorry, William.)
He apologized.
(William is upset.)
– William. / – But he’s upset.
Bentley is calling you.
He’s calling you.
Did he?
Yes, he did.
(So what?)
(This won’t do.)
Ride this.
William, Ben says you can ride it.
You can join him.
(If you insist.)
I’ll let you off this time.
Gosh, they are so lovely.
– They can sit together. / – It’s quite big.
That’s it. They can ride together.
This is it, guys. This is brotherly love.
(He looks so uncomfortable.)
William seems very uncomfortable.
– Dad, I’m uncomfortable. / – What?
Is it uncomfortable?
(I think I am too.)
What should we do?
(I can’t stay here any longer.)
He’s uncomfortable.
What is it?
(One person should ride it at a time.)
Do you want to ride it together?
(I want to ride it alone.)
None of you can ride it.
– Sam’s angry now. / – None of you can ride it.
– Sam’s angry. / – He is.
What do we do?
(Dad, what’s wrong with you?)
Don’t ride this if you’ll be like this.
(I hate you, Dad.)
Don’t ride it if you’ll be like this.
(In that case…)
What will he do?
(Can’t I go on it alone?)
No. You can’t get on it either.
Right, there’s no way he’ll let him ride it.
(This is a war.)
You two…
(What’s going on?)
(Wait, I’m coming.)
They are teaming up.
(Ben is attacking Sam’s crotch.)
That’s it.
Sam can only use one hand right now.
You’ve become one to harass me.
Come with me, Bentley.
Let us two go.
All right. Go.
– Just like that? / – They’re close all of a sudden.
(We are brothers.)
William and Bentley are loving brothers who unite
at times of crises.
Even until later in life, they relied on each other
and lived happily ever after.
(They lived happily ever after.)

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