Why Rusev RETURNED To WWE! Vince McMahon BURIES WWE Star Backstage! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2019

Rusev returns to WWE! Kane returns to WWE!
And the King of the Ring 2019 has been crowned
– wait, have the graphics been upside down
this entire time?!
And which WWE star has Vince McMahon reportedly
buried backstage?!
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– as I review the 16th September episode of
Monday Night Raw!
‘The Beast/Monster/Bank Account Slayer’
Seth Rollins opened the show with your standard
cringey babyface stuff, which would’ve been
far more effective if he stormed out understandably
annoyed that The Fiend attacked him in CoC’s
epic climax. CoC, of course being, the acronym
for Clash of Champions.
Thankfully Bray Wyatt appeared onscreen in
the Firefly Fun House, where Seth accused
Bray of being a sick man, and Rambling Rabbit
begged Rollins to run away. This is a very
significant development in the Fiend’s character,
as this marks the first time ever that someone
outside the Fun House has interacted directly
with it, with Finn Balor just previously staring
gormlessly at the TitanTron.
Bray then teased The Fiend might be seeing
Seth again tonight, which was followed up
with mini-skits throughout the episode of
Wyatt hanging up pictures of his friend/victims
with their eyes crossed out. SERIOUSLY STOP
Not content with undermining the tag division
for the last four weeks, Braun Strowman continued
to both figuratively and literally run it
over here, interrupting a tag team championship
summit where he laid out both the Raw and
SmackDown tag team champions..
And also not content with AJ Styles all-but-burying
Cedric Alexander at CoC, he teamed with the
Raiders here in a six-man tag, where AJ pinned
him with a Phenomenal Forearm. And then hit
an Avalanche Styles Clash afterwards. Because
the way to get babyfaces super over is to
keep beating them again and again and again
until nobody cares about them anymore. Daniel
Bryan got over in spite of this booking, not
because of it.
The Raw and SmackDown tag divisions, Cedric
Alexander – what else have WWE lost interest
Oh yeah, the King of the Ring tournament which
was bumped from CoC on Sunday night, to the
end of the first hour of Monday Night Raw.
It wasn’t even the second hour main event.
Hashtag three week push.
In spite of the lacklustre match placement,
this was the best in-ring match of the show,
partly because of Chad Gable having a natural
empathetic connection with the crowd, but
more because of what a terrific midcard heel
Baron Corbin has settled into.
The match structure was so effective, I was
literally yelling at Corbin to tap when Chad
had the grapevine ankle lock, a move with
so much context considering Baron retired
Kurt Angle earlier this year.
But, really, Corbin getting the crown is much
more fitting of his character, and he hit
the End of Days for the win. He’ll have
a coronation segment on SmackDown tonight,
where the Shane McMahon and Corbin vortexes
could potentially merge. A clataclimsic event
on par with the Thanos Snap… where half
of viewers turn off like that.
Maria Kanellis’ baby gender reveal party
got more build than NXT launching on the USA
Network next, with the Street Profits picking
up that whole Kanellis storyline that’s
been ignored for the last month. Maria not
only revealed that they were having a baby
boy, but also that Ricochet is the father
– which led to a reluctant Ricochet beating
Mike in a minute. I hope that new contract
was worth, Mike, definitely made the right
decision by re-signing!
Then as if that, and Corey calling Mike a
“beta cuck” wasn’t enough soap opera
nonsense, Maria revealed that the actual real
father… was Rusev, marking the Bulgarian
Brute’s first appearance since April to
no reaction because the crowd were confused
about why he was with Maria, whether he was
really the father, and what’s going on with
While I’m happy to see Rusev back, especially
with the moustache!, this was significantly
damaging – instantly slotting him in as a
lower midcarder. No, not even a moustache
break will cheer me up.
Continuing Rey Mysterio’s redemption arc,
he won a very solid TV match with Cesaro next.
Then AOP also made their WWE return, kind
of. Ahead of October’s Draft, they got a
video package where they wore suits and spoke
in their native languages with subtitles.
Bayley got to progress her heel character
even further next, where she smashed Alexa
Bliss’ leg against the steel steps, making
hers and Sasha Banks’ tag match a 2-on-1
handicap against Nikki Cross. Nikki had a
rousing comeback, but the numbers game won
out in the end.
And then, in the most WWE women’s division
piece of booking possible, it was Charlotte
who ended up standing tall. And when I say
‘tall’, I mean ‘very tall’, where
she towered over everyone else by wearing
walking stilts masquerading as high heels.
This worked well to build Sasha vs Becky Lynch’s
rematch, where The Man saved Nikki from a
chair beatdown, but I’m worried about how
weakly they’re booking Bayley. She was the
weak leak against Cross. And then Charlotte
easily wiped her out despite Bayley having
a steel chair.
Sasha challenged Becky to a rematch at Hell
in a Cell afterwards, which Becky accepted.
Lacey Evans didn’t take on Natalya for a
change, beating Dana Brooke in a short match
with the Sharpshooter – so really she still
is taking on Nattie.
And in a masterful bit of narrative interweaving,
the 24/7 championship segments throughout
the night played into the main event. As Raw
took place in Hard Knoxville, Tennessee, where
Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs is legitimately an
elected politician. Wrrrestling! He had a
fun series of skits with R-Truth, where he
briefly held the 24/7 title. They made up
afterwards, though, and Truth brought him
to Monday Night Raw.
Then the main event saw Seth vs Robert Roode,
which, in another timeline, would have been
a major pay-per-view headlining match. But
Roode has been booked into oblivion since
debuting on the main roster, so the crowd
didn’t really care.
Seth had the match won after a Stomp, but
Roode’s tag team champion partner Dolph
Ziggler – yeah, I keep forgetting they’re
a team too! – caused the DQ, and if there’s
a post-match beatdown, you better believe
The O.C. are getting involved as well!
This gave enough bodies for Jacobs to make
his return as Kane, and clear house, which,
in turn, gave a WWE legend for The Fiend to
attack, to then scarily stare at a terrified
Rollins. The show then went off the air with
the Firefly Fun House credits distorting for
a good minute – hopefully foreshadowing an
entirely Fun House-themed episode soon!
The tag division, Cedric Alexander, Rusev’s
return and King of the Ring placements were
all deeply problematic issues with this show.
But The Fiend’s character is so over, so
exciting right now, that it balances it all
out to make this week’s Raw… AvRAWge.
Now over to Laurie with the news!
Thanks Oli, it’s time for some news.
But first.
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On with the news and Fightful have done some
digging and reportedly got hold of some interesting
injury updates for the WWE roster.
Get ready folks because Tamina has been medically
cleared to return! Whoo nelly can’t wait.
Jinder Mahal was originally thought to be
out through the rest of the year, but has
been given a new date of November 1st. I can
smell a 24/7 title run.
Bobby Lashley has been given a new date of
October 14th after initially being set to
return sometime in November.
According to PWInsider Drew McIntyre recently
had minor surgery and is expected to return
any time from now.
While Tomasso Ciampa was reportedly cleared
from September the 11th.
Which NXT’s Blackheart had something to
say about on Twitter:
I have been told that I am cleared to return
as of September 11th… by the internet.
So, I called and asked my surgeon to confirm.
He laughed at me. And said (kind of in an
Allen Iverson voice) “the internet, we talking
about the internet”.
But that’s exactly what he would say.
Someone is ready to return and in fact did,
with the kind of face fuzz that could getcha
pregnant, was Rusev.
The moustache breaking Bulgarian… porn star?
Came out to take part in the continued cucking
of Mike Kanellis, bending poor Mike’s head
back in an accolade to go look at your wife,
it’s being suggested we shagged.
Now Rusev returning is important because there
were reports back in June that his contract
was expiring soon and as the Rusev Days got
darker and colder it seemed like the Bulgarian
may have been up for leaving.
But this appearance seems to suggest that
he’s sticking around and potentially signed
a new contract – maybe because WWE needs stars
for the draft and for Smackdown’s big move
to Fox.
Rusev’s return and inclusion in the who
diddled Maria Kanellis storyline is a classic
Heyman move.
Which is why it may not surprise you that
Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that Vince
McMahon, Kevin Dunn and Triple H weren’t
Raw this week so Heyman ran the show himself.
I’m gonna cuck the lot of you.
Trips is in Orlando preparing for NXT’s
USA premiere, but there was no word on why
Dunne and McMahon weren’t at Raw. Thought
the whole point of hiring Heyman and Bischoff
was surely so Vince could take a step back.
But not too big a step back because apparently
he’s still having a say in the booking of
one star.
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported
recently that Cedric Alexander was a talent
that Paul Heyman had the producing hots for
so to speak.
And while he wanted to make Cedric a big star
on Raw he was aiming to use a “slow push”
strategy to work him into that position.
Which frankly all seemed to fall apart at
Clash of Champions when the OC made Cedric
look like a complete goof on the pre-show.
Then on the most recent Wrestling Observer
Radio Dave Meltzer said “I was told last night
that Vince McMahon wanted to bury him.”
Which is a theme that seems like it was continued
last night on Raw: pinned clean by AJ in a
six man tag, little bit of a comeback in the
beatdown angle and then a Styles clash off
the second rope.
Surely Heyman can’t be happy about that.
Cuck Mike sure, but leave Cedric alone.
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