Why Kane’s WWE debut made him nervous: WWE Untold sneak peek

I was really nervous. Because, I mean, this was my big break. And also this is
the Undertaker Shawn Michaels, and I just didn’t want to mess it up.>>Look at the size of this human being or
is that a human being?>>That was the first time when
I walked through the curtain, it was the first time I’d
ever heard Kane’s music. Of course I didn’t get to hear
Vince yelling that’s gotta be Kane.>>That’s gotta be Kane.>>But it was, I mean the crowd went nuts.>>Taker was big then. Taker was, I don’t know, six ten,
probably 305 at that time. Glen was gigantic.>>And then Kane comes out with
his huge self and his black and his red and he’s just so ominous looking. After this battle that had gone on and
on and on Kane just comes out and rips the door off the cell.

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