Where Is Killer Kross Now? Roman Reigns Feuding Jeff Hardy? Is Beth Phoenix Okay? WWE NEWS! AEW NEWS

Where Is Killer Kross Now? Roman Reigns Feuding Jeff Hardy? Is Beth Phoenix Okay? WWE NEWS! AEW NEWS

Here is your news for
March 5, 2020
We’re kicking off today with
news about the Coronavirus,
as the WWE has issued
a statement regarding the
All around the world, various
public gatherings are being
cancelled to reduce the
chance of a widespread
infection, and given that a
case of the virus was recently
found in Tampa, this has led many
to question whether WrestleMania
36 will still go ahead.
In a statement acquired by ESPN,
WWE revealed that there are no
plans to
postpone the biggest show of
the year, saying:
“The health and safety of our
fans, performers and
employees are our top
priorities and we are monitoring
the situation closely with our
and government officials in
Tampa Bay.”
“We remain committed to hosting
WrestleMania at Raymond James
Stadium on Sunday, April 5, and
like other entertainment
properties in
the U.S., there are currently no
plans to cancel or postpone
our upcoming events.
Before RAW this week, the
company held a meeting to
the roster where they
highlighted ways to prevent being
infected, though according to
Mike Johnson
who spoke on PW Insider Elite
Audio Superstars didn’t retain
much information,
and that wasn’t the only problem.
He said:
“They had a meeting before
RAW with the talents about it.
It was like ‘here’s
where we stand, we’re still
moving forward with everything,
here’s what you gotta
do to protect yourself on the
road on top of what you
already do. And, you know
we’re gonna work with all the
local governments to see
where we’re going or not.
Things could get impacted, but
right now nothing is. It’s
wait and see.’”
“I spoke to like three people
who were in the meeting and
was like, ‘What did you
get out of that? It was like, ‘We
gotta pray and hope everything’s
gonna be okay.”
With several people around the
world dying from the
coronoavirus, the disease
continues to make headlines,
and whilst nothing is currently
guaranteed to keep
someone 100% safe, the WWE
holding a meeting about it
shows they’re at least
aware of the situation.
One Superstar who fans won’t
see at WrestleMania, or any
other WWE show, is
Matt Hardy, who left the WWE
this past Sunday.
Even before Matt left the
company, there was
speculation that he would be
joining AEW, and now there has
been a big clue that the former
ECW Champion
will be joining fellow former WWE
Superstars like Chris Jericho and
Jon Moxley.
This weekend, Matt was supposed
to attend a convention in New
York called the
Big Event, which will also feature
WWE stars like Bret Hart, The
Undertaker and
Braun Strowman, but most
importantly, the show will not
feature anyone from AEW.
We say that Matt WAS supposed
to attend the con, as he has
been pulled from
the Big Event, which las led
many to speculate that the
Broken One is bound for
All Elite Wrestling.
Though Matt didn’t debut on
this week’s edition of
Dynamite, it may be just a
matter of time before he does,
as the veteran star is still the
odds-on-favourite to
be the leader of the Dark
Order in AEW.
Matt himself hasn’t shied away
from teasing joining the new
promotion, and on
this week’s Free The Delete
YouTube video, the former
WWE Superstar even
appeared alongside the
Young Bucks.
With the Bucks being two of
the founding members of
AEW, this has led to more
speculation that Matt will be
joining the new promotion
very soon, and we’ll
provide more details on Matt
and his rumoured AEW deal
when we can.
From one Hardy to another
now, as Jeff Hardy hasn’t
been seen in WWE for quite
some time, after a leg injury
forced the brothers to vacate
the SmackDown Tag
Titles last April.
In his time away, Jeff has also
been dealing with personal
issues stemming from
his arrests last year, but now it
seems that the Charismatic
Enigma is ready to turn
over a new leaf.
During the latest edition of WWE
Backstage, Jeff was asked
about who he’d want
to face in the future, and it didn’t
take the former World Heavy
weight Champion
long before he picked out
Roman Reigns. He said:
“More than anything I’d have
to say that there’s a huge
moment between
me and Roman Reigns. So,
yeah I can see that
happening and I think
that’s one thing to be involved
in something kinda cool and
important at
WrestleMania for the next two
years if I can kinda fight back
to that zone
I think that’s my biggest goal.”
Despite both men being staples
of WWE, Hardy and the Big
Dog have never faced
off in a one-on-one contest,
though it looks like Jeff plans
on changing that very soon.
Given that Reigns could be the
new WWE Universal Champion
this time next
month, then the Big Dog may
have already found his first
challenger for the gold,
as Jeff will no doubt be hoping
to capture the Blue title, over
a decade after he last
held a WWE World Championship.
Whilst on Backstage, Jeff also
commented on Matt’s departure
from WWE, saying:
I haven’t spoke to him hardly at
all about that so I don’t know
what his
plans are, but you know we’ve
been wrestling for a long time
and even if
we’re in different wrestling
worlds it’s still cool that the
Hardy Boyz can
go their separate ways and
do their own thing.”
Time will tell whether the Hardy’s
will ever reunite in a ring, but for
now, it
certainly doesn’t seem the case,
as Jeff has at least one more
year on his WWE
contract, which was frozen as he
had to deal with his personal
One major issue for Jeff was his
DUI arrest that happened in
October 2019, and
while speaking of Backstage,
the Charismatic Enigma said
he checked himself into
patient rehab for the first time
the very next day. He said:
It was one of the greatest things
I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve done
something every day to better
myself and it’s just gonna be
so good to be
back in front of all those people
in the mindset I’m in right now
and to
feel that energy because there’s
something left for me to do in
Jeff certainly seems in the right
mind-set to return, but this DUI
wasn’t the first
time that Hardy has had trouble
with the law, so time will tell
whether the popular
Superstar will actually be able
to keep clean the next time
he returns to the ring.
Though Jeff was on WWE
Backstage this week, an
appearance by the popular
Superstar didn’t help the
ratings for the Fox show at all.
According to Showbuzz Daily,
this week’s edition of the show
drew just 18,000
people, the lowest that the show
has ever drawn since it’s
inception last year.
This is a huge fall from last
week’s show, which saw
127,000 fans tune in, and this
itself was a fall from the week
prior, which had 169,000 fans
stay up to 11PM to
watch the show.
Prior to this week, the show’s
lowest rating was Backstage’s
regularly scheduled
debut, which brought in 49,000,
and in the coveted 18-49
demographic, this
week’s show drew a .01 rating,
which is also the lowest rating
in the show’s history.
It’s unclear just why exactly the
vast majority of regular viewers
decided not to
tune in this week, but one thing
that’s clear is WWE will need to
something for next week’s show,
or risk another woeful rating.
From Backstage to RAW now,
as though this week’s show
had some bright spots,
especially the segment between
Randy Orton and Beth Phoenix
as well as the
opening segment with McIntyre
and Lesnar, it still featured
some questionable
decisions, such as alleged
Paul Heyman Guy Ricochet
losing to Riddick Moss.
On Wrestling Observer Live,
Bryan Alvarez explained why
this may have
happened, as he said that Vince
McMahon ripped up the script
for the show, and
decided to rewrite things.
This isn’t the first time that the
Boss has done this, and
probably won’t be the last,
as it’s clear that despite having
his hands full with the XFL,
McMahon still refuses
to let anyone else have too much
influence over his original
company, the WWE.
We’ve got some great news to
report now, as former WWE
Superstar Jillian Hall
has announced the birth of
her daughter.
In a post of Instagram, the former
Divas Champion shared a
picture of her baby
girl, who she has called Violet
Elise Farrow, describing the
child as one of the
biggest blessings in her life.
From everyone here at Slat
Rock Wrestling, we’d like to
congratulate Hall and her
family on the arrival of baby Violet,
and wish both mother and child
all the best for the future.
Speaking of former Divas
Champions, Michelle McCool
recently made headlines
after she wasn’t included in the
WWE’s gallery of their most
influential women,
and after backlash from both
fans and her husband The
Undertaker, the inaugural
Divas Champion was added
to the group.
With that said, McCool didn’t
enjoy the idea of being a late
addition, as she feels
she worked hard to earn a spot,
Wow! So honored! I speak truth…
NEVER asked him for anything-
worked my
butt off! But this, definitely got
this because of who my
husband is!
It’s a rare thing for The
Undertaker to publicly have an
issue with the company
he’s been a part of for nearly
three decades, as it’s clear
that the Demon of Death
Valley certainly believes his
wife did more than enough to
get a spot in the gallery,
without him having to get involved.
Back in the ring now, and after
an explosive episode of NXT
this week, next week’s
show is looking to be even
bigger, as the show will be a
special ‘fan appreciation’
episode from the WWE’s
Performance Center.
As part of this fan appreciation,
the WWE has announced two
title matches for
next week’s show, as the NXT
Tag Team Champions the
Broserweights will be
defending their gold against
the former champions, Bobby
Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.
In addition to this, Keith Lee will
be putting his NXT North
American Championship
on the line when he defends
against Cameron Grimes, as
next week’s show is
certainly shaping up to be
another must-see episode
of the gold brand.
Speaking of NXT, one Superstar
who made headlines recently is
Taynara Conti, as
it wasn’t too long ago that she
reportedly walked out of the
company over pay,
and her locker was cleared out.
It didn’t take long for Conti to
return though, as she showed
up to an NXT Live
event with a t-shirt saying
released, and took to Instagram
to brag about her status.
In a post, the former Mae Young
Classic competitor shared the
likes of several
posts from NXT, and claimed that
there are always more likes when
her name is mentioned.
In a follow-up video though,
Conti said that the only
numbers that don’t go up for
her, are the ones in her contract,
as it looks like the Brazilian has
still got an issue
with just how much she’s making
as part of the gold brand.
Its hard to tell whether Conti is
genuinely annoyed or just
playing up to what the
fans have been claiming about
her, but whatever the case,
this all makes for some
very interesting news.
We’re sticking in NXT now, and
one notable absence from this
week’s show was
Beth Phoenix, who didn’t appear
at the commentary desk.
During the opening of this
week’s show, Mauro Ranallo
said that the Hall of Fame
was “convalescing at home”
after being RKO’d by Randy
Orton on RAW.
This certainly makes sense as
it would undercut Monday’s
angle if Beth appeared
and called NXT as if nothing
had happened, and it’s likely
that the Glamazon will
be back next week, as her
husband Edge is also scheduled
to return to RAW on
next week’s show.
From NXT to SmackDown next,
as at WrestleMania 36, Bill
Goldberg will defend
his newly-won Universal title
against Roman Reigns.
While speaking to The Bump,
Goldberg admitted that he’s
a big fan of Roman, but
in the end, he’s there to retain
his title, and prove that his
spear is greater. He added:
“There’s no animosity there. I
have a job to do. Babyface,
heel, I don’t
give a damn what it is. I’m
gonna go out there and I’m
gonna rip his face
off like I try to do with everyone
Though fans may still be
processing the fact that the
Fiend won’t be defending the
title at WrestleMania, Goldberg
and Reigns will still be a big
money match, that
fans will see on April 5th, in
Tampa, Florida.
Of course, WrestleMania 36
will be just one show of an
entire week of WWE
programming in the area, as
before the showcase of the
immortals, the WWE Hall
of Fame ceremony will take place.
This week, it was revealed that
JBL will be entering as a singles
star, and this led
former WWE Superstar Hurricane
Helms to demand a shoutout by
the soon-to-be
On Twitter, The Hurricane said
that the amount of fierce
Clotheslines From Hell
that Bradshaw gave him meant
he deserved an
acknowledgement during his
speech, and fans will have to
wait and see whether the
Texan loudmouth does
thank the WWE’s resident
Superhero, during his induction.
Speaking of JBL, the future
Hall-Of-Famer has had plenty
of roles in wrestling, and
in addition to being a Superstar,
also served as a WWE
On Twitter, current WWE
announcer Corey Graves sent
his congrats to the Texan,
prompting Layfield to respond
by saying the smartest thing
the company ever did,
was replace him on the
commentary desk with the
former NXT Superstar.
It’s no secret that Graves and
JBL have a lot in common, as
they have both served
as the heel colour commentator
on their respective shows, and
it’s obvious that
there’s a lot of brotherly love
between the two former
We’ve got some AEW news for
you now, as WWE Hall of
Famer Jake ‘The Snake’
Roberts recently appeared
on the show.
On the latest edition of Dynamite,
Roberts cut a fantastic promo
where the Hall of
Famer teased a feud with Cody
Rhodes, which could lead to
Roberts managing
Brodie Lee, aka former WWE
Superstar Luke Harper, as the
March 18th show will
be in Brodie’s home town of
Rochester, New York.
One person who clearly caught
Roberts’ promo was WWE
Superstar Randy Orton,
as shortly after the segment,
Orton posted a video of himself
on RAW in 2005, RKO’ing Jake.
It’s highly unlikely that this will
lead to anything between the
Snake and the Viper,
but as WrestleMania 36 and his
rumoured match against Edge
draws near, Orton
is reminding him that he can
strike anyone, at any time.
One Superstar who knows about
being on the receiving end of
the RKO is CM
Punk, and though the Best in
the World has yet to return to
the ring, he has
continued his career in film.
After the success of his
performance in ‘Girl On The
Third Floor’, Deadline is
reporting that Punk is set to
co-star in ‘Jakob’s wife’, a
supernatural thriller from
Re-Animator star Barbara
The report also said that the
filming has already wrapped
on the film, as it went
under the radar, and the
Director of the film is Travis
Stevens, the same man who
directed ‘Girl on the Third Floor’.
With his success and that film,
as well as several fans
petitioning for Punk to
replace the retiring Bruce
Campbell as Ash Williams
in the Evil Dead franchise, it
looks like the horror movie
genre is keeping the former
World Champion busy,
without having to take a
single bump.
We’re returning to NXT now,
as the PW Insider reported
that this week’ show had
the IIconics backstage at Full
Sail University.
Though neither woman appeared
on this week’s two-hour show, it’s
interesting that the former
Women’s Tag Team
Champions were there at all, as
fans have speculated whether
they’ll be returning to the
gold brand.
It’s been quite a while since
either Billie Kay or Peyton
Royce made waves on TV,
and give that the last thing we
heard was that WWE were
considering repacking
the duo, having them return to
NXT may not be the worst
option for the
Australian tag team.
And finally today we’re ending
with more news from NXT, as
for the second
straight week, the gold brand
returned from commenrcial
to videos with rapid
cuts and apocalyptic clock
Though neither Mauro Ranallo
nor Nigel McGuiness
acknowledged the cryptic
images, the WWE’s social media
team did after the February
26th show, and this
week showed the numbers
4 and 7.
Fans online were quick to
speculate that this is a
reference to April 7th, which is a
Tuesday, though this will be the
day that NXT tape their first
edition of the gold brand.
The current theory is that these
videos are hyping up the NXT
debut of Killer Kross,
and hopefully we’ll get more
answers when April 7th, finally
rolls around.

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