whats up on pro wrestling host mr cool

little folks this is what’s up and pro
wrestling with mr. cool we’re gonna get
you update on the Nature Boy Ric Flair
well we know these they have removed a
part of his bowels he’s been on a
dialysis machine so they could take up
about a month well I see how proud
without – Nature Boy Ric Flair
and we also wanted to say a prayer
announced in Charlotte in David and for
nature boy to have a speedy recovery and
folks just don’t forget you know he
needs the prayers and the Nature Boy but
this is you know this is very important
just remember that flower is a big part
of professional wrestling and I learned
a lot from Flair myself and you know I
just wanna thank you for being the best
season six tiny time world champion and
he respected the two times in the Hall
of Fame and just remember him in Prior
he really needs it still a little bit
serious condition and just remembering a
prayer folks so don’t forget it folks
just a sport
we’re on Facebook we’re also on YouTube
we’re on Twitter Instagram person we’re
gonna be on much more coming up snapchat
and everything just don’t forget Nature
Boy Ric Flair in prayer and folks don’t
forget to share just subscribe and pass
it on and share to your friends and well
we’ll keep you updated the breaking news
there anything comes up and that both
nature boy won’t keep it right here with
you and it’s mr. Poole says we’ll see
you next time
thumbs up what’s up Emperor wrestling
was the next time folks

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