whats up in pro wrestling host mr cool

hey what’s up everybody what’s up
this is mr. cool yes I’m about my shades
today hour and a half today yes no
shakes Oh Nicholas you playing today
they not even like Lego pulleys or
something okay Blanche everybody’s doing
hey Darla don’t you do everybody
well you doing that’s cool I’ll leave
you alone let you do your thing do
you’ll ever
I’ll tell you the holy thank you you’re
live on YouTube say hello just that how
you doing today hello
I guess she’s in her quiet zone what
effects well yeah we have a camera here
somewhere he wants to and she is that’s
the one that was to kill me her name is
princess hi Francis Francis
okay that was a little short who’s
starting through the hallway a little
bit so get some lights on
sorry folks okay I’m back oh okay I’m
I just want to show you a little life
day goes on everything yes folks I don’t
have my glasses on today is a vlog
without my glasses then normal second
baby folks know around here too but I
want to appreciate y’all and and with
this elos short story was going
my surveys doing their own thing but I
appreciate everyone yo and don’t forget
to share subscribe
oh forget all about them on the show
okay don’t forget to share
don’t forget the lot comment and don’t
forget subscribe now appreciate it in
one of y’all and folks wait one moment
ya back
okay you know I thought novel but I
wanted to just show well sorry about
that well we need to show you yes I
wouldn’t just show you this DVD Chuck
it’s got the rock and it’s the roll
Rumble that’s a giveaway this is to give
away and we give them away
there’s the Royal Rumble DVD and I will
be giving away and then may be called
alien Armageddon alien I’m Makenna I’ll
be given out a way to second time the
world robell it’s the Royal Rumble of
the 2013 I’ll be giving it away that’s
the one to get away now you guys
subscribe and like and comment and share
and that’s after this drawing your list
know where this all will be gone for the
alien Armageddon I’ll be the movies of
that I’ll be giving so one appreciate
you all the drawings and stuff but I
wanted to help you to show you I
appreciate you

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