What’s inside a Punching Bag?

What’s inside a Punching Bag?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside.
I’m Dan and this is Lincoln,
and today we have a fun one.
This one is a 70 pound
Everlast punching bag.
So, you know, this does
have a zipper on it.
We could probably unzip it,
and make it look really pretty
and take it out piece by piece, but that’s
not really the way that we do things.
So instead, we’re just gonna take a saw
and just cut this thing in
half and see what comes out.
It’s probably gonna make a big mess.
70 pounds of who knows what,
it’s in here really tight.
So we’re obviously not
gonna do it in the house.
Where do you think we should do this?
– I think maybe outside,
probably on the swing set?
– Swing set, that’s a good idea!
Let’s do it!
(laughing) I can’t even lift it.
All right, let’s go, open it up.
Clearly this punching bag was
meant to be on a swing set.
That was it’s purpose.
We’re just warming up, getting ready
to punch this thing open.
(punching bag)
Oh yeah, there you go!
(punching bag)
– Oh, man!
(Lincoln laughing)
– Ok, we’ve got this saw.
We’re gonna take it and
cut right down both sides.
And hopefully it just gets really ugly
and just falls all over the grass.
– It says “Greatness Is Within,”
so there should be
something awesome inside.
– So let’s cut this bad boy open.
You ready, buddy?
– Yes, let’s do this.
(saw buzzing)
– It’s angry at us!
– Smells like a lint, the lint
thing in a washer machine!
(saw buzzing)
Ok, we’ve got it split all the way
down to the base on both sides.
And what I’d like to do
now is just take this off,
and see if we can get
part of it to come off.
(laughs) All right, I feel a
little it’s wanting to release.
(both laughing)
– Oh, whoa!
– What in the world,
what is this? (laughing)
(laughing) What is this?
Look at all this stuff!
(both laughing)
– Yay! (mumbles)
– Well, here’s what’s inside kinda.
Look at the bottom, the base of it.
Ok, so here’s something funny.
You’d think a boxing bag is full of sand?
Not really, well, maybe a little bit.
Just a little big of sand.
Here’s one, two, three, four.
This material just looks
like it’s some type
of recycled fabrics, maybe scrap pieces.
Like this one right here looks
like it’s an 80’s football warm up jacket.
I have one very similar in my closet,
so (laughing) maybe it’s just
old clothes from the 80’s
that they just, nobody wanted
cause they’re out of style,
so let’s put it in a punching bag.
– There’s this basketball
material for one,
and I even found one that
says Columbia Car Company.
– Car company?
– Yeah, car.
– I think it’s like outdoor
wear company or something.
It’s like Columbia sports
clothes, but maybe it is car.
We’ve got this
bandana-looking material here.
This one I think is most
likely a child’s sock.
Like a little girl that
lost her sock, you know?
You ever wonder like where your socks go
when they’re in the
dryer and you lose one?
There’s one.
Some spandex material,
again from the 80’s.
Jane Fonda workout gear.
And then the leopard
skin, I like that one.
Some stretchy pants,
leopard skin material.
We got all kinds of stuff in here.
Greatness is within, or
old fabric is within.
So what’d you think of that one, Lincoln?
– That was awesome.
– Is that what you expected
to be inside of there?
– Nope, I thought it would
just be like some type of sand.
I thought it would be sand inside.
But it was not even close.
– I was gonna just take the lawn mower,
and just drive the lawn
mower across all this
just to pick it up, thought
that’d be really easy,
but I don’t think that’s
gonna work anymore.
It’s gonna take awhile, we’re
gonna be here awhile tonight.
– I’m gonna stuff it down my shirt
and see what it feels like.
(children laughing)
– [Dan] Here, it’s a sand bag!
– Ooh!
– Ooh, thanks!
– Mystery solved!
– As we lie in a bed of
beautiful fabric from the 80’s,
leopard skin, jackets, beautiful
socks from the 2-year-olds,
a pocket from a girl’s
doll that she’s missing
from all these years,
we’d like to thank you
for watching our channel,
for watching What’s Inside,
for suggesting videos like this one
that somebody did suggest to us.
We’re going to continue
cutting things open,
so subscribe to our
channel, keep watching,
and hopefully you’ll have
as much fun as we’re havin.
Goodnight now.
– What’s Inside! (laughing)

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  1. i'm very happy with everlast clothes but i was skeptikal about purchuasing or not their bag, because it's not for real leather, and thanks to your video i can see it's filled with crap so i better build my own made of for real good materials.

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  3. I wonder whats in the punching bag haha. Little did he know those are the clothes of many missing children!

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  5. Maaannnn…. they make a fortune off of selling old fabric lol

    In all seriousness I’ve eagled several of this Gus videos, and in this one especially, you can tell he’s a hell of a dad! I love it!

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    And I do not have money even for a small kicking pad

    I want to be a muay thai warrior just want a chance to prove my self I am ready to die for my muay thai!

    Love you all!

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