what is the best nutrition to fight the Corona virus

what is the best nutrition to fight the Corona virus

what is the best nutrition to fight the
What is Coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a large family of respiratory viruses that cause illness that ranging from the common cold
to more severe diseases.
How can be cure from virus?
Viral disease can be treated very rarely with medications. Antibiotic treatment is ineffective.
Therefore, vaccines developed for most of the disease. But unfortunately the Coronarvirus doesn’t have one yet.
In many cases the body fight by itself against the virus and the disease pass away by itself.
That’s why it’s very important to maintain a healthy body and a strong immune system.
What can you do to strengthen
the immune system?
To eat protein
The immune system is mainly built from proteins. In a protein deficiency the immune system will be weak
and the body will infected easily. Protein rich sources can be: meat, eggs, diary, tofu, tahini and legumes.
To eat complex crabs
With a preference to whole grains. The complex crabs provide available energy to the body cells
to fight the pathogens. Also, in condition of energy deficiency the body will use the proteins to produce
energy and it can harm the immune system efficiency. In addition, the carbohydrate increase the levels of
serotonin, which raise the mood that strength the immune system.
To drink a lot of water
at least 10 glasses a day. It’s very important. Proper water intake, allows all the body system in general
and the immune system in particular to function properly. You can also drink green tea which contains
polyphenols that are well known as immune system contributors.
To eat red pepper
Red pepper is the richest source of vitamin C. Also citrus fruits are very good source for the vitamin. Vitamin C
is an antioxidant that protect the immune cells from oxidative damage that occurs while they attack
the pathogens. Vitamin C also help to absorb iron from plant foods. And the iron is essential for the function
of the immune system.
To eat nuts
All kind of nuts. Nuts are rich in zinc and cobalt minerals. Zinc is essential to protein building
which create the immune system. Zinc deficiency increase the susceptibility to pathogens infection.
Cobalt is essential for bone marrow function, the primary site of immune system cells production.
In addition, cobalt is a core element in vitamin B12 which is also important for the immune system.
To eat legumes
They are rich in protein, zinc, magnesium and iron. The role of iron in the body is to provide oxygen to the cells.
Iron deficiency cause to anemia which weaken the body. It can damage the immune system and make the body
more vulnerable to disease and infections. Magnesium is an important mineral which is necessary
for the proper function of the immune system.
To eat northern fish
Such as: salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines twice a week. These fish are rich in. omega-3. Omega-3 is an
essential anti-inflammatory fatty acids that regulate the immune system. Omega 3 deficiency impairs the
fatty acid balance in the body, which can increase the inflammatory level in the body.
To eat onion and garlic
Both are considered in folk medicine to have medicinal properties. Garlic is considered as the natural antibiotic
of the body. It’s rich in strong antioxidant that protecting the body against pollutants. the onion is rich in immune
boosting nutrients like: selenium, vitamin C and sulfur compounds. Which help to annex toxins,
clean the liver and strenghten the body.
To do exercise
Lack of physical activity contribute to the reduction of the immune system. People who doesn’t do exercise
at all are more vulnerable to pathogenic infection. The preferred activity to improve the immune system
is physical activity that improve the endurance.
To sleep
lack of sleep can reduce the immune system. people who don’t get enough and quality sleep are more likely
to get sick after being exposed to a virus. It can also effect how fast you will recover if you get sick.
The recommendation is to sleep at least seven to eight hours at night in order to keep the immune system
in fighting shape.
To eat less added sugar
Excess sugar in the body weakens the immune system and increase the risk to infections. Excess sugar impairs
the function of the body proteins in general and the immune system proteins in particular. In addition,
the sugar is a food substance for pathogens and raise their ability to penetrate from the digestive system
to our body.
In conclusion: eat protein, complex crabs, red pepper, nuts, legumes northern sea fish, onion and garlic.
Drink 10 glasses of water a day, reduce the added sugar intake, do exercise and sleep well.
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