What has the Raw Tag Team Champions agitated?: Raw Exclusive, Oct. 7, 2019

Robert, Dolph, earlier tonight you
were defeated by the Viking Raiders. I’m sure this is not the outcome
you were hoping for. And it’s been made official
that next Monday Night RAW, the Viking Raiders will get the
opportunity for the RAW Tag Team titles. What’s your response?>>My response? To what? To losing tonight or to the fact that next
Monday night we have to put the RAW tag team titles up against these guys? I mean my response for what? Can you be more clear? What’s your name?>>Sarah, how are you feeling going
into the match after this defeat?>>Sarah why?
Can we not just leave? Can we not just go? I mean, we’ve been here all day. I mean, we just put in a hard day’s work. Can you not see we’re tired? Can you see that we’ve just had enough and to top it all off now we got to put the
tag team titles on the line next week and on top of that, I mean it’s draft time. I mean what’s gonna happen on Friday? I mean what’s gonna happen on Monday, I mean there’s a lot of stuff
going on right now Sarah. I mean, there’s the last thing I wanna do
is stand here with you when I can get out of town, I mean, Dolph, Tell her. I mean please.>>We’re two of the best
to have ever done this. We’ve been told that repeatedly. We know that repeatedly. We beat the hell out of each
other with the Vikings tonight. They hit back harder than anyone
I’ve seen but we’re too good. The titles were not on the line and
we were smart enough to know that tonight. Monday, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But I do know this, I do know no one
has the experience that we have. I know that no one has the ring
awareness that we have. I know that no one does the ring work,
the cardio, the weight lifting, the studying tape like we do. No one can and no one ever will so this
Monday when the titles are on the line and everything is on the line your Raw Tag
Team champions do what they do best. We deliver. Let’s get the hell out of here.>>We’re out.

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