What Happens if You Leave During the Cabin Fight in Resident Evil 4?

What Happens if You Leave During the Cabin Fight in Resident Evil 4?

It’s not a horror survivor shooter game
unless there’s a hold your ground event
where wave after wave of enemies come at you,
trying to send you to an early grave.
The cabin scene in Resident Evil 4 is that
exact moment for us, where Leon and Luis are
pinned down in a small house whose windows
are conveniently pre-barricaded with some
articles of furniture on standby screaming
to be pushed in front of them as they long
to be returned to the earth instead of continuing
their existence as the decorated corpses of
their brethren they’ve been whittled into.
Now what we’re doing here instead of just
playing out the event is exploiting the game
a little bit.
you can’t leave the building if the fight
is going on.
Normal windows prompt you to jump through
them when approached, yet that is not the
case with our current situation.
But we don’t play by the rules here.
Let’s see what happens when we clip out
of the house during this fight sequence, and
let’s see what kind of shenanigans we can
get into.
Now normal game advancement dictates that
we walk across this dark, scary bridge to
collect whatever fate awaits us on the other
But what if we take a route that isn’t normally
an option?
Like Neo bending the matrix we clip through
the bridge and walk off the side of it.
By not stepping on the bridge we skip not
only the radio call, but also the trigger
sequence that cases the cabin cutscene to
Now when we walk up to the cabin it’s accessible
like any other building in the village, that
being you can go into the front door and walk
around even to the upstairs.
All the items that are normally in the cabin
when the fight occurs are here and can be
interacted with just fine.
The front door however has the wood beam Luis
throws to us to secure it when the cabin fight
starts protruding out from the side of it.
It doesn’t affect movement at all and can
be walked right through like it’s not even
A funny little glitch I found when messing
around with this cabin is that if I go straight
out the front door Ashley follows just fine
no problem, but when I clip through the side
of the house Ashley gets stuck in the house
and stops following us and a giant question
mark appears on her name as soon as I get
to the outside of the house.
No matter where I walk around the house she
just stands in place waiting for Leon to come
back into the house before she starts following
The first thing I wanted to see was if we
could skip the cabin all together.
When approaching the paths to continue, the
right to the el gigante or the left to the
chainsaw twins I noticed that both doors are
Now with my no clipping on I walked right
up to the door just fine, but when I turned
around I noticed Ashley was getting caught
up on an invisible wall preventing her from
moving forward.
With the help of a little black magic we get
Ashley through the wall and can move forward
in the game.
Nothing is bugged, and the next location loads
just fine along with the enemies on both sides
and further into the game.
Next, I started the cabin fight because I
wanted to see what happens when we’re outside
of it while the fight sequence is in effect.
With the enemies beating on the windows I
proceed to the outside and to my surprise
the enemies pay no attention to me.
Unless I’m in their path of travel to the
windows of the cabin or standing right next
to them, they don’t come after me.
I think this is because they are programmed
to first enter the cabin before then pursuing
either Leon or Luis.
This allows for a shooting fish in a barrel
scenario while standing outside cutting down
the waves of enemies mindlessly rushing towards
the cabin, who are paying no attention to
the fact that their target is not where he
should be.
This third test was the one thing I was the
most curious about when I started messing
around with the cabin scene.
Outside of the cabin is a typewriter which
we all know is used for saving the game.
Well, what would happen if the cabin fight
is initiated and we go to the typewriter,
save the game, and reload?
As you can see, when the game is reloaded
the fight is over and no enemies can be found
anywhere, but something else is missing.
Luis and Ashley are both gone as well.
The indicator for their character on the HUD
is also missing, as if they were never with
us in the first place.
If you continue now into the game Ashley remains
MIA for the next two areas, even past the
ski lift.
But as soon as I got to the barn where we
fight the big cheese Ashley magically reappeared
at my side acting like nothing happened while
she was away spending time in the shadow realm.
The cabin scene is one of those moments in
Resident Evil 4 that really pushes the player
on their skill of engagement.
It’s a boss fight, but instead of one strong
enemy you’re being overrun by normal enemies
who by themselves pose no serious threat to
you, but in a mob, they can easily overwhelm
you if you’re not cool and level headed
about how you handle the fight.
Luckily, we’re not completely alone in this
endeavor as we have our dear friend Luis fighting
right alongside us covering our back with
deadly precision.
Armed with unlimited ammo and pockets full
of bullets and explosive ordinance Luis is
the true MVP of the cabin scene and should
be remembered as such.
His presence also pulls away the veil of fear,
at least for me, because the game in that
moment isn’t about dark scary corners and
what’s going to be around the next turn.
It’s about killing everything that comes
into the cabin with no hesitation.
To me this is just another reason why Resident
Evil 4 is one of the best horror shooter games
ever made, as few games can pull you out of
the core focus, the fear and isolation, then
put you right back into it a few minutes later
like you weren’t just fighting of 30 enemies
in a shootout in the cabin behind you.
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100 thoughts on “What Happens if You Leave During the Cabin Fight in Resident Evil 4?”

  1. You should do that thing where you are outside the cabin, and time how long it takes Luis to kill all the enemies on his own, or do his kills count towards the kill count. Or is it timer based?

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    which attacks are exactly one-hit kills in this game? what attacks one-shot you if you have unupgraded health? what attacks one-shot you even at maximum upgraded health? do one-hit kill attacks just deal a massive amount of damage, or they actually, like, set your "isAlive" status to "False" or something like that? can you hack the game so you still remain "alive" despite being hit by one of these attacks?

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    Fast forward to the castle and lets say he doesn't die. I could see him escaping but once again losing the drug that could've helped Leon and Ashley, he ends up meeting up with Ada again and they work together to make their way through out the castle and to the island. They split and he goes to find more viable samples as Ada goes about her way to save Leon.

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