Velveteen Dream vs. Roderick Strong – NXT North American Title Match: WWE NXT, Sept. 18, 2019

Velveteen Dream, a bona-fide prodigy, still in his early 20s and
having already reached the summit as he drops down with that axe handle
to the back of Strong’s head.>>Velveteen Dream is being touted by many
WW hall of famers a future, can’t miss! Superstar, he didn’t miss that!>>This is what it sounds like
when Velveteen Dream flies!>>Roderick Strong here is gonna
have to dig down deep, but Roderick Strong has been
doing that his entire life, ever since growing up in
a trailer park in Florida. A lot of people-
>>A lot of people doubted Roderick Strong
from the very beginning.>>He might be able to shut up all
those doubters now if he takes advantage of this.>>And Strong taking
advantage of the real estate. Velveteen Dream lighting up
Strong with these punches. Velveteen Dream trying to find a way. Towering back body drop by
the North American champion, who realizes he’s surrounded. And that momentary loss of concentration!>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Strong is looking for a toe hold, desperately grabbing at Velveteen Dream
[INAUDIBLE] into the official.>>And you know what that means. It opens the door wide for
the rest of the piranhas to try to->>Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.>>Come on, Dream!>>Dream valley driver by
the Velveteen Dream, and a super kick!>>[NOISE] Dream has to go for
the cover, Strong is up!>>Another jump and knee strike. Roderick Strong [INAUDIBLE]
>>No way!>>End of heartache by Roderick Strong.>>No way!>>One, two.>>No!>>My God!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Come on!>>NXT, NXT, NXT!>>Come on!>>NXT, NXT!>>What the hell, Adam Cole?>>O’Reilly has the official just
>>And Adam Cole’s super kicked Velveteen Dream from the top turn buckle,
and lands hard like a bum! Not this ring, not this ring.>>Come on!>>Three!>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>He’s done it!>>Here is your winner, and new NXT North American champion,
Roderick Strong!>>With the end of heartache, the
heartache has ended for Roderick Strong. Prophecy fulfilled,
the undisputed hold all the gold in NXT.

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