[V-Spring RAW] Tập 37: Quái vật hành động – RAW 9/11/2017 Highlights | Đô vật Mỹ 2017

[Applause] [Music] to get this day kicked off I can’t blame gold blooded Jason Jordan you think Roman Monday Night Raw I know Jason doing extremely well him nothing motivated stars I tell you last week that may have thought you saw a couple of the plague he’s the real deal Jason Jordan said each and every way he’s got a silence the doubters and there’s the quickness up Jason ously the big dog did his homework monster matchup he’s gonna try putting money in the corner last late in the plane around like a 12-round fight second bill dozen is Roman reigns can put into the face of qu allottee and there’s reigns with a Superman and now the arm it forces the brain just like oh who reigns feels now that when you mention is no you mentioned John Cena match up but this is typical reigns here just where John Cena Roman reigns side leg hit a nearfall we should tax reigns into the corner this needs some experience with Jason Jordan this week as Jordan will give this kid India Placid home with him because which is the world arranged earlier on we slug doesn’t get a minimun rains up rains whipped across the ring Jason Turkey what a dropkick right on the button from that position again Oh driving rain and rains the snake right there with he may be closing in biggest win of his career here close it here we go Northern Lights [Applause] Jordan try to get raped it to Sarah and Jordan trying to pull range Jordan keeps a cold nose go their first hit a lot of town [Applause] and that is a ring [Applause] I’m really excited to hear what you’re gonna say rookie Jason Jordan almost beat the guy when here’s a tip just just keep it to like one sentence cuz it’s my yard believe that I’ve had more great matches in two years than you have in your whole career I absolutely love it dude you make this easy for me actually think that you run this place because nobody is ever cut you down to size that’s why I am here Roman you feel as if you’ve already made it at the second you think you made it is the beginning of the end you are gonna learn what real failure because week after we give you a shot taking your ass to school and you fail the guy steps up if you really are the guy Roman reigns then no mercy you’ll show me something you ain’t got it in your homes no Mercy’s gonna be a cakewalk bring your bitch ass back here maybe it’s because I’m selling these tickets that you haven’t sold in five years you say I’m not doing my job but revenue is sky-high WWE don’t need you John you need WWE because well hell he can’t break into Hollywood y’all so please spin it day whatever it is you want to say cuz it’s gonna mean nothing you know sometimes when people push you over the line i’ma put it in terms that even you can understand and no mercy consider me like a drug test Holmes you ain’t getting past me [Applause] as we head to Los Angeles in two weeks Sasha and you were cheap and I get him on the right size of Agnew widow’s champion thanking her for getting her into the fatal for this is the big bang BAM I right here close oh you could beat her oh I know let’s just get your goodness situation at no mercy person up in a fatal four-way in two weeks at no want mercy for elective oh I’m not too happy about you know having multiple people I hope that’s not fair to me okay we’re not good no Oh Sasha with a Chi – now what’s your mindset heading into this opportunity oh nice Putin coming into this match oh who knows what I’m going for yes it is is indeed the wrong so again if that huh here comes the face the unstoppable wrecking my name is [Applause] Sunday night September 24th Brock lesner will defend braun strowman Lesnar is facing an individual that is more powerful than Brock lesner but are you better than the baddest dude on the planet who can’t just win the title from Brock Lester left to rip this championship out tonight braun strowman’s and he’s gonna try to beat victimize john cena are you going to monster handle are you ready to cross the border fighter are you ready [Applause] [Applause] so we got red pepper and a strong man shouts like universal blue slam look at the confidence on the face of it go it’s been quite the night here on the beach it is big like gold I’ve been watching you for quite some time run here but I think it’s more about the body count whoop Bray Wyatt gets set to go against the man who stranger than gray and that beat Goldust Jeremy pray ye time to recuperate waistband on old us Bray continues with right hands looking to destroy Goldust no top of it he called us to an aggressive who doing just that man out Goldust about spine-first again oh look wiped out by will could be it sister Abigail come on [Applause] that’s it’s invalid letter Wyatt cruel will the same be the case at no mercy believe it or not see gallows and Anderson as more of a threat thing is it’s easy to be a team see the real test will come at no mercy history has proven Rollins and Dean Ambrose are selfish we don’t just set the bar we are Kurt we want to match with those guys tonight but if you find to tag partners you’ll find to tag-team partners don’t worry about it another one coming to raw trying to steal our thunder raw should be the Alexa and Naya nope Naya and Alexa show I think her angle doesn’t appreciate the fact that we’re best friends I’m sorry you know that one-on-one match she’s just been dying to have with me and that matched ends next week pack your bags but after being here for tended Sports Arena to you right at least a now goes to work I find lucha libre Uwe Corrie whether you like it or not flying cross for me and watching us before Porter a United States chapter wants this kid is over booth oh he’s very very oven personally I like to solve I destroyed prior up next he’s got one on what my assistant strong butts too strong they stove area to stand on the move no DD for a win and a kick-out it ripped away and another win on Monday Night Raw [Music] I was here all [Applause] what braun strowman joyce braun strowman picked up Big Show watch what a victory open to a universal championship match and John Cena lunatic of the rank the power of cuisine is approaching this Cena is no small man like about strowman is his freakish nearly seven feet tall the guy look fast going got a gun I don’t like the odds but everyone that’s passed through WWE rivalry throughout this year and see them with a chocolate stun Xena gets spuma just imposing his will Cena still fightin living through a straw bit off his feet than a clubbing to the limit by Jason joke Lesnar much like he’s doing to Cena here and rose and Rollins are looking for a match and there’s straw man what a follow a break force the steel steps fine oh this right here you have a John Cena Cena again gonna look for the a a trying to go out to God John Cena can’t do it in the face Cena gets them to do it to his feet now seen it with the side shoot likes to scrum and he then look at John Cena kicks out back to get back to that position but bloody felony weight fans try to back Cena here Cena back from that carefully [Applause] hey Cory a closes question every which conceives of a now mocking stayed on to those your mercy just doing anything tonight welcome the most must CW talk show in history Miz TV my wife and I he keen long and hard about how we wanted to announce this special news go ahead baby I pledge to you unlike Kurt Angle I will be their child from day one and to honor this little miracle I’ve prepared a speech fatherhood is a privilege that belongs to it was about to have a speech about fatherhood is Enzo amore but abou realest guy in a room how you do interrupted a personal moment I’m ready hey listen but I wanted to come out and celebrate with you and your wife Maurice ain’t don’t time progresses and you don’t know when to shut your mouth is why you are kicked out of the WWE locker room see I can help you you coming out here instead of asking for my advice I see so much freaking talent in you and I’m sick of watching it do you think you’re hanging with someone like Neville you that’s why you have to cheat so you want to get real will allow me to remind you I am the realest guy in the room but you and I have got nothing common but I’ll tell you one thing about this we are original you’re a carbon copy of other people I am going on to no mercy I got no problem cuz you ain’t nothing if you were championship material your best friend wouldn’t abandon you but only two things don’t fight you right now I’ll show you how to talk and look all apologize to that baby when it’s born but Daniel Bryan was right there’s always out at ringside and so a Maury officially a part of to script is here and so with a match against Neville for the cruiserweight sequence effective subject but he’s fine to win it’s going over to you you might be Hollywood dude but your wrestling is going straight to DVD and Enzo baseball slide with a closed lock how are you doing oh you want to steal my catchphrase so you need to be asking that little baby who’s your daddy not sure how smart that was business and this is upset underneath and this is gonna make them do personal guys now the breeze gonna disqualify the middle and open Curtis system control about oh my goodness picking the bones now a smoke machine fat beautiful couple and got Cesaro teaming up with Anderson and gallows and they later on it was supposed to be inter sitting out Hardy boy hey the guy’s been absolutely delirious does it California for Monday Night Raw exactly this Manolis singer way Jeff Hardy gonna start things off caliber eight-man tag team matchup I’m Jeff Hardy gonna stroll thank you for definitely the most popular tag team category what an uppercut box at no mercy against Ambrose it off and that Hardy sending Sheamus over left and Cesaro through the second rope pollen count is all four superstars with Dean Ambrose including broad struktur invented a man John Cena more punishment oh not a stars wraps the arm books the way getting two guys gonna go to the bay wonder tonight Zarah double-team by the former what an event that’s gonna be Oh Lesnar puh-pow and a knee right to the mid by Cesaro Oh amber isn’t enough and a kick-out putting the ring in half and they’ve under stick to his corner so I’ll make it tick just grateful to you sure Wow been in trouble and and we’re looking for a backslide simple wait a minute wide shoulders well cheap shot my shit tag again my goodness is our almost losses ballots that cover man hurry now oh no what big effort Ambrose whoa beautiful shoulders down and a nice swinging that bat knows first Oh been there there’s a magic killer bro still able and Dean Ambrose with a close eight-man tag team match on Sheamus kick-out at two city gallows teaming up again only on champs damn rose to get to his partner Centro Cesaro watched over that’s a but the big attack there we go legal and his set firing on all cylinders blockbuster Cooley apron forearm great able to fight him off cheese Rowan’s playing suicide kick great day off the top rope clothesline superstar boom kick Bret to the hook of the leg Gallatin mo jeff hardy kun do here just staving off you wanted wrong see the look out Henderson boo [Applause] [Music] champion hi I’m head of the Sin City

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