UT Informal Classes:  Impact Kickboxing MMA

UT Informal Classes: Impact Kickboxing MMA

hook and cross. Paddle rowers have to move, too. It’s a very live
combo. It’s the harder one of the two that we do. That make sense?
Well, my name is Larry St.Clair and I teach Impact Kickboxing for
fitness and self defense. I love this course because we get take people with no
experience or with already some kind of martial arts experience and take them from
a certain level based on the the level whereever they’re at individually in the class and then
build them beyond that. Our course basically works off a five week progression.
So the students are coming and attending class, perferably twice a week. Week
one and week two for us, is always coming back to a foundation, always back to our basics. During week
three, week four and week five, we build up into a completely different combination
every five weeks. We come back to the basics those first two weeks
but everytime literally for probably over nine years that we’ve been with the Informal
program, we’ve never duplicated a combination, never duplicated a progression.
So you get that sense of feeling like you’re growing, progressing, moving forward.
That’s my main goal is just to see people get off the couch. Put the mouse down,
put the clicker down, you know what I mean? Turn off the tv and just get active.
Students can expect to gain overall strength. Flexibility is really
a big one, I think. In my opinion, as we get older we kind of lose it. But the coordination
is phenomenal. The speed, the repetition, the aerobic
strength that comes from it, the anaerobic strength that comes from it. It’s really large
So if they are already active doing something, this is just going to really cut time
off their run time, build up – you know – more weight on their presses and everything else that they’re
doing. If they are not active, then that’s okay because it’s just going to enhance where they’re at already.
Giving them more flexibility, giving them more strength, giving them more speed.
You know, you get everybody together, you get them excited about where they’re going
with it and you build their confidence with not just the exercises that they’re
doing but things that they are going to walk away from the gym with
and progress in life with which is going to be awesome. How we doing 7 o’clock?
Everybody feelin’ good?

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