100 thoughts on “UFC 231: Post-fight Press Conference”

  1. Max is great but everyone just acts like Aldos title reign is unimportant or didnt happen champion for 6 years, 10 title fight wins in a row he's earned his place as the FW GOAT.

  2. Max Holloway shouldn't listen to Dana White. White doesn't care if he wins or not. Even though I agree with White, there are some great fights at 155, the reason why Holloway is so dominant is because he is bigger than most at 145 and the 145 pound division is not as deep as the 155 pound division. I don't think Holloway could beat many of the top 155ers, especially Khabib

  3. The bugger woman is still delusional and totally obsessed with Thug Rose. What a petty excuse of a woman, fighter, human being. BowDown BowDown J Chump!!!

  4. JChump, how does it feel to be locked out of both the Flyweight and Straw weight divisions. As long as Thug Rose is Champion, you're not going anywhere. And with Valentina as queen of the Flyweights, you're not going anywhere there either, so, the only way left for you is down and out. I think other fighters, and fans are realizing how much of a Fake Fighter you really are!!!

  5. Ortega should have got to fight in the 5th Rd he rocked Hollaway a few times an Hollaway couldn't Knock him down he may have turned the tides if the Dr didn't Bullshit

  6. Max beats tony and kalib he's really in goat status and what a real comeback from just a good career. He's improved so much but can he stop kalib from the takedown. I also would like to see him vs conor2 he deserves a shot at revenge.

  7. joanna did much better than i thought she would.
    ortega just simply wasnt ready for max's standup level its as simple as that.

  8. how is max gonna do against khabib? thats the bottom line. he showed he could mess anyone up on his feet several times now but how does he or anyone at LW fend off the endless takedown attempts and retarded pace?

  9. JJ said Rose isn't defending her belt..she's obviously still punch drunk😵 from the April beat down she received when Rose defended her belt which she'd only jus won by knocking JJ the fook oot a few mths prior.
    So JJ's implication that Rose hasn't fought enough lately is a bold face lie based on jealousy, arrogance but more than likely Rose's two 🤜 🤜 😵

  10. Why did Holloway – Ortega get fight of the night?. That was a one sided beat down from Max. Santos vs Manuwa was back and forth.

  11. MAX HAS a lot of brain damage you can tell from his interview; he slurs his words and cannot formulate a single sentence of thought, but a great warrior

  12. I would love nothing better than Woodley Vs White, and to wash that bald headed cunt squeal in pain for 24 minutes, and then in the last minute woodley stands him up and KNOCKS THAT CUNT OUT

  13. Lol. Conor nuthuggers(the ones that are left) are stepping out from the asshole they hid in after khabib embarrased their god. Funny.

  14. Joanna focusing on being best female fighter of all time is a joke and the fact that she's thinking about that is a sign about her terrible mindset.

  15. Hahaha. The woman walking in after joanna leaves to remove the cap from the monster can.

    Anybody know what Joanna's beef with monster is?

  16. im a fan of max and brain, but I was picking brain by murder…wtf..i will never ever bet against max again. that kid is all hi tech…. the lomachenko of mma…. what a fucking tremendous performance!!! much love and support from Munich/germany

  17. Well-deserved congratulations to Mr. Holloway. He has made a believer out of me. I had predicted Ortega easily winning the fight either via KO or submission. Not that it would have definitely changed the outcome, but I believe Ortega simply adopted the wrong game-plan throughout the fight. His strength is in his jiu-jitsu and ground game. He was easily beaten to the punch in every round and foolishly absorbed unnecessary punishment. Instead of changing his strategy, he opted to become Max's punching-bag. Simply put, Ortega fought a stupid fight and deserved to lose.

  18. Well I'm an even bigger Max fan now he's a deserving successor to my other favorite fighter, Aldo! Welcome to the blessed era motherfuckers!

  19. Someone tell Joanna she isnt the champion anymore. She lost to Rose twice, she doesnt deserve to call the shots anymore.. I'm tired of her bitching and complaining about Rose not defending and her calling herself the Queen of the division.

  20. McGregor is the greatest Featherweight, period. He defeated Holloway with a torn ACL, and Jose wasn't conscious for more than a few seconds after the bell rang. There is nothing to discuss. The guy can make FW, but dusted the long-time top 5 LW, Alvarez.

  21. First Till now Ortega, next hype train to get derailed will be StyleBender. Mark my words he will go when he fights a legit 185er like Romero etc.

  22. Forget best 2 out of 3, or best 3 out of 5, Joanna wants to try and win best 6 out of 10 fights with Valentina. Lol…If there's one thing you can never take away from Joanna it's her self belief. Hell, she'd probably fight Valentina or Rose 100 more times to try and get a win if the UFC let her.

  23. So Ortega isn’t in the video as click baited in the thumbnail???? Why did they switch the format if the post fights??? It sucks now

  24. "Would you consider giving the first flyweight champ a shot?" "Who iz dat" "that answers my question." emphatically nods

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