Triple H wyśmiewa Chrisa Mastersa RAW 2006 NAPISY PL

Triple H wyśmiewa Chrisa Mastersa RAW 2006 NAPISY PL

I mean, I read half of it, and I was a fan
during the point at which WCW and the old
WCW. And I was just wondering I mean, I’ve
so many questions
About the…
>>Hey, guys.
What are you all doing?
>>What are you doing?
[Indistinct] book club?
>>Hey, that’s the new Eric Bischoof book,
controversy creates cash, available october
>>At bookstores everywhere. It’s also available
>>Hey, are we in it? Does it say anything
about us?
>>Well, the truth is i did. Yeah, you’re
in the book.
>>We made it again.
>>I talked about the fact that, quite honestly
in my opinion, DX was nothing more than a
blatant rip-off of the NWO.
we just pub–we just gave you a plug for your
book, and that’s how you…
>>You know what though? I wanna thank both
of you for that. And you, too, chris. Thanks.
>>No problem. Yup.
>>Can you believe that guy? So, when are
you gonna write a book?
>>That’s funny. You know, as a matter of
fact, I was thinking about writing a book
on nutrition, you know.
>>What are you gonna–what are you gonna
call it? How to lose 50 pounds in four weeks?
>>What the–what’s the matter, Shawn?
>>Were we really a rip-off of the NWO?
>>Well, you know, Shawn, at the end of the
day, it doesn’t really matter, because like
the old saying says, “He who laughs last,
laughs best.”

10 thoughts on “Triple H wyśmiewa Chrisa Mastersa RAW 2006 NAPISY PL”

    Aby pojawiły się napisy trzeba je wybrać w ustawieniach 🙂
    Z góry też przepraszam ale napisy czasem są niedokładne dlatego że, YT tłumaczył mój film a wszystkiego sam niestety nie zdołałem poprawić.

  2. Czekam na kolejne wycinki tego typu. Parę dni temu właśnie oglądałem stare odcinki twoich wycinków z WWE/WWF/WCW. Komentarz dla zasięgów

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