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caused another backstage incident. You can
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It’s a small price to pay for some of the
finest wrestling journalism in all the land.
Not a small price to pay though is how much
WWE are saying they are “fining” Becky
Lynch for tapping a referee with a steel chair
during her match with Sasha Banks at Clash
of Champions.
The company said Becky would have to pay $10,000
for the accidental bump, which looked like
it landed with all the force of a lint roller
and actually probably left your man’s shirt
cleaner than it started.
But hey ho, it’s a kayfabe world and this
added bit of drama does mean that we’re
not done with the Sasha/Becky feud, which
is a good thing in my book.
Not so though in the books of Kevin Owens
who is pointing out some flagrant hypocrisy
in WWE’s treatment of official based incidents:
He tweeted: I guess Becky’s fired.
Look Kev, what happens at COC stays at COC.
Someone who isn’t fired or leaving even
though most people seemed to think he was
is Luke Harper, who spoilers, made his return
to WWE at Clash of Champions last night helping
Erick Rowan defeat Roman Reigns in a NO DQ
Which I totally said was going to happen on
the predictions show on Friday:
in your face Luke. You don’t know COC like
I know COC, wait a minute…
Harper’s return though was a surprise to
many, especially those without my prophetic
powers, and even shocked people within WWE.
The company reportedly kept the whole thing
hush hush from most backstage according to
PW Insider, who said his name was not listed
on the format sheet and he was kept hidden
backstage until it was time to come out and
help Rowan.
Meaning no pesky leakers could let the story
out before the right time. And it was worth
it because it was the only decent thing to
come out of that match.
Now if your name happens to be Matt Riddle
you might want to cover your ears bro.
Because it sounds like Goldberg has his sights
set on a different ex-MMA fighter turned pro
wrestler for a match: Cain Velasquez.
Cain made his debut for AAA at TripleMania
in August and already has some awesome moves
in his arsenal, which was enough for Bill
to sit up and take notice.
Goldberg told Helen Yee:
“Cain’s doing great. I saw a little bit of
the coverage of his match. Put it this way,
anyone in professional sports who was in that
sport, [wrestling’s] a great alternative…
It’s a perfect transition for Cain Velasquez.
I’m not going to say it was easy [for Velasquez],
but it was easier than someone who’s never
done anything like that before. It’s nice
to see a guy like that face adversity in one’s
business and pleasure in another,”
So in short he’s chuffed for Cain, but made
sure to follow up with:
“I’d still smash him in the ring. I’d wrestle
Cain in the ring in two seconds. I’ll wrestle
anybody, you know who I am.”
He’d wrestle anybody? Matt uncover your
ears, you’re in bro, you’re on your way
bro, you can bro the distance.
It might be easier than ever too if NXT gets
included in the long rumoured and recently
confirmed WWE Draft.
The company announced on Sunday that Smackdown
and Raw will be taking part in the talent
draft come October.
Smackdown on Fox will get first pick on October
11th and Raw will follow up on the 14th on
USA network.
WWE’s press release said that superstars
from RAW and Smackdown will appear alongside
personalities from Fox and NBCUniversal programming
to announced the picks for each brand.
So expect Terry Crews to co-host and make
everyone else look small.
The big draft episode of Smackdown comes just
one week after the show makes the move to
Fox, so basically ignore everything that happens
on that first show I guess.
But it’s an exciting time to see what the
company’s big plan is for both rosters going
forward, so long as it doesn’t include either
the word wild or the word card or permanent
move to Saudi Arabia.
Following up on news of the draft Bryan Alvarez
on Wrestling Observer Live said that he had
heard that Vince McMahon was shown an NFL
draft broadcast recently and that because
of it WWE will have more “pomp and circumstance”
as a result.
So expect graphics, stats, video packages,
wrestlers awkwardly wearing suits, Seth Rollins
on a horse, a 21 gun salute, and Smackdown’s
latest signing Hingle McCringleberry from
Penn State University.
Prepare yourself because the news is about
to be sucked: into the midcard vortex.
Because the soon to be King Baron Lord Prime
Minister Corbin, Bazza Corbs, was on the Not
Sam Wrestling Podcasts over the weekend and
being brutally hones
One thing he touched on was NXT call ups to
the main roster and the dissatisfaction of
some stars and some fans with the way in which
certain people have been used on Raw and Smackdown.
And I guess 205 Live, if it’s one of the
days where you remember it exists.
He said:
“What’s crazy is when people say, ‘I don’t
want these guys to get called up so that they
can be misused.’ Nobody is being misused.
They’re going to be given opportunities; they’re
either going to make them successful or not,
that is just the way it is. There is a reason
why NXT and Triple H has built an amazing
thing down there because it gets guys ready
to come down here [to the main roster],”
“It’s on you, it’s not on anyone else. If
guys are being misused it’s not anybody’s
fault but their own. They have to find an
avenue to get successful, to get creative,
to pitch ideas, and it’s hard because you
do get lost in the shuffle here. There are
a lot of guys that I think do great things
when given the opportunity but it’s all about
fighting and finding that opportunity.”
Just look at Corbin he managed to turn an
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale winning
Wrestlemania 32 debut into a role as a leading
authority figure on RAW for months, a bunch
of main events and now looks set to take the
King of the Ring title. Such hardship because
he had to wear a waistcoat.
I’m not saying Corbin isn’t deserving
of the spot either, I actually think he’s
ace, but what I’m trying to say is some
people get pushed and others don’t.
However Corbin doesn’t have time for crybabies:
If something doesn’t work it’s always someone
else’s fault or nobody wanted them to do it.
It’s just one of those things, it’s like if
you really wanted to get something and really
go, people are going to appreciate it even
if it takes longer than expected. I had hoped
to be world champion by now; it’s taken me
three-and-a-half years. It’ll come, it’s just
going to take that grind”
“Some guys have been doing it for six months
and are like well, it’s not going to work
out for me because I’m not champion. It’s
a grind. Anything worth doing is a grind so
it’s that kind of thing where you can’t feel
sorry for yourself and you have to keep pushing.”
One such star for who it didn’t work out
is Big Cass, who was reportedly involved in
a backstage incident at a WrestlePro show
over the weekend.
PWInside that Cass was acting erratically
and threatening Joey Janela, who recently
had run ins with Cass’s WWE and sometimes
indie scene tag partner Enzo Amore.
Cass reportedly then started accusing other
talent of stealing a sweater he had before
getting in the face of Pat Buck, who is leaving
the indie scene to work at WWE as a producer.
Reportedly, Cass asked Buck, “What are you
going to do, tough guy?” Before spitting
in his face.
Buck then punched Cass knocking him out and
reportedly the second he hit the floor was
confused as to why he was hit.
Cass then sat outside with police and made
statements concerning himself that were alarming
enough that he had to leave the venue in an
At one point Janela is reported to have been
asked if he wanted to press charges, but declined
saying that Cass needed help.
He then tweeted saying:
“Not gonna elaborate at all on this whole
deal besides that it was probably the bizzare
situation I’ve ever seen let alone been
a part of in a wrestling locker room in 15
years, everything was cordial and friendly
Friday and I hope the dude gets back on the
right track…”
I hope so too.
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