Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, September 24, 2019

[MUSIC] Hold on a second,
now Ali looking pretty dangerous,>>My God.>>In this match and
he does bounced off the announce desk and that didn’t stop him.>>Right to the jaw.>>To not to go from bad to worse,
Kairi Sane up to the top. The insane elbow.>>One, two, three.>>Our Kabuki Warriors
are beaten by Fire and Desire.>>Here are your winners,
the Kabuki Warriors. [MUSIC]>>What, is this just the new trend, everyone make fun of
the stature of Chad Gable?>>[LAUGH] It’s not a trend,
its a fact, Saxton. It doesn’t take away from Gable’s
incredible ability and look at this, the ankle lock, ankle lock by Chad Gable
and a tap out immediately by Kanellis.>>That didnt take long.>>You gotta respect the effort we’ve
seen from Carmela and Charlotte.>>Here we go.>>Beautiful pinning
combination by Carmela.>>By Carmella, no!>>No.
>>And a turn around by Sasha Banks, into the Bank Statement.>>Carmella would stand. [SOUND]
>>Carmella no choice, [SOUND] Tapped out to Banks. Banks laughing as she does it.>>Here are your winners by submission, the SmackDown Women’s Champion,
Bayley and Sasha Banks.>>You can see that Carmella and
Charlotte putting a heck of a fight.>>Wait a minute.>>The chase is on.>>The women’s locker room
coming out to Carmella, the 24/7 titles are in effect again.>>[SOUND]
>>Bayley is legal, Bo Dallas is in trouble.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Midnight hour.>>See ya.>>One, two, three.>>[SOUND]
>>Here are your winners, The New Day!>>What a great outing for The New Day! It was funny, and it was fun. Look at this.>>[LAUGH]
>>Kofi is hugging George Kittle, so is Xavier Woods, that’s awesome.>>[SOUND]
>>And Sami Zayn, all he can do is watch, he’s gotta be careful.>>[NOISE]
>>Ali’s had enough of Sami Zayne, rightfully so.>>Kinshasa!>>One, two, three.>>Goodnight, Ali.>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>A familiar scene for Charlotte, she knows she’s got to fight for her life.>>Right now, again, it’s two on one. [NOISE] Backstabber by Banks.>>Hold on a second.>>We got company. The Man is here, another Hell in a Cell
opponent just ducked out of the ring, and now tying up with Bayley.>>Here comes Banks.>>Eats a couple of strikes from The Man.>>And now it’s Becky Lynch
fending off the Connection.>>Backsploder! And look at The Man go,
tearing apart Bayley and Banks!>>Just when the Women’s Division
can’t get any more bizarre!>>A pull, and disarm her!>>And
it’s Bayley who pulls Banks to safety! [SOUND]
>>Look at Harper, inside the ring.>>Bryan, out of the way! Daniel with the knee!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And now, Roman! Roman going after his former ally. Looking for a third Iron Claw!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Man Spear!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Just at the right time.>>Do you want to see me and Roman kick that disrespecting [BLEEP]?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You and I, one final match. You win, you get what you want,
I drop the law suit, I stay fired and you never see me again. But I win, you’re gone from WWE, and let’s have ourselves a Ladder Match.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wow!>>You’re on, Kevin! You’re on! [SOUND]
>>What is she without her steel chair, honey? The way that I look->>[SOUND]>>You’re a nobody, Becky. That’s it, nobody! [NOISE]
[SOUND]>>This is my? I’m the star around here! [SOUND]
[CROSSTALK]>>Enough! That’s enough, Sasha!>>Come on, Sasha, that’s enough!>>That’s enough!>>Let’s go. [MUSIC]

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