This single shot in Daredevil is the best fight scene in years

This single shot in Daredevil is the best fight scene in years

There’s this moment in this incredible
single-take hallway fight scene in
Netflix’s daredevil that’s the best
thing that happened on my television in
a long time.
It’s this moment where Matt
Murdock, the blind lawyer who puts on a
mask and becomes daredevil,
slumps into the wall on the floor and he’s so
exhausted he can’t even stand.
You hardly ever see this in fight scenes.
The traditional way fight scenes work
is usually a flurry of kinetic punches
in shots between two
tireless fighters.
But Daredevil’s doing something different
here. The concept for the scene isn’t
novel at all
It’s a gauntlet; Murdock needs to get to the
end. This is reminiscent
of The Raid where a police team gets stuck
in a tenement building and the hallways
become a death trap. Or John Woo’s classic
in Hard Boiled. Daredevil captures the
same idea of
surprise, but it takes it a step further. The
camera turns in a door frame obscures
the scene, making up the match in the action
to Murdock’s blindness
while they switch out stunt doubles. This
one-shot aspect and Daredevil is the main reason
it’s been compared to Old Boy, a Korean film
released in 2003.
It’s another film where this man wants revenge, and in one scene
fights a hallway of men to do it. But the
most similar thing between the two is
How exhaustion plays into both. Dae-su, the hero of Old Boy, and Murdock, the hero of
Daredevil look like they’re out of it.
The punches get sloppy,
it’s a battle to get to the door. This
battered exhaustion,
which the single take approach
guaranteed, drives home what makes
Daredevil powerfully different from other Marvel
efforts. Violence takes a toll
on everyone involved.
Even when you win.

100 thoughts on “This single shot in Daredevil is the best fight scene in years”

  1. and then on the other end of the spectrum there's the kingsman one-take which should be considered Iconic at this point.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. This scene is absolutely epic. I love how the director captures the struggle and desperation that Daredevil is going thru.

  3. Realistic action scenes like these is what makes a show/movie. I connect more w the characters because it feels like im in the fight and their reactions and exhaustion is relatable to how one would imagine it would feel inthat situation.

  4. The best thing to happen in my TV was the raid scene from True Detective season 1. It's a 7 minute continuous shot of how a raid goes downhill.

  5. violence takes a toll on anyone? did you just try to make the fact that he was exhausted a deep matter? He was tired from fighting jeez thats it.

  6. I imagine what I felt after Finding this video is what you would feel seeing a ray of sunshine in a world where the sun dont shine 😩

  7. I liked the Revenant fight scene. Similar in that it’s basically one take with no choppy editing. Easy to follow and exhilarating

  8. I literally dont know what your point is here and I'm so very late to this video, I dont care. So, you are a fan of Daredevil I see, and you wanna show it. There are better single shot fight scenes than this. First of all, daredevil truly copies old boy here, almost to the point of insulting film fans, there should be a video quotation reference from the director but anyway. Here are also, other single shot fighting scenes…well there are NONE….the Oldboy scene is the originator and there has never been an ELEVATION of that scene and there should not be because it's played more like theater….it's breaking mediums…and that's the point of that fight scene…If I ate the best orange in 2003…and I ate the same orange in 2015 (or whenever the daredevil scene was show) or the Raid scene, then what does that me it? I'm gonna think of the first orange right? Right.. Stop analyzing Hollywood copycats, and analyse something new…how old are you 19? Study film history and impress us with something new…educate people if you are a public a lecturer ffs…

  9. There's this one shot scene in Narcos (S2E6 at 43:20). Escobar's mother enters the house and they hear a shot and you can see everything changing without any cuts. It's amazing.

  10. the first five seconds was already a let down. dude fires one shots and waits for a ass beating. and even after his beating he needs to get his body up and turn his whole body up for another beating. just point your dam gun at him.

  11. Can we all just agree, that Marvel's Netflix characters deserve to be in the big leagues. Along with Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman etc?

    They've proven themselves on the small screen. I would love to see a Spiderman and Daredevil team up taking on the Kingpin, on the big screen (D'Onforio is a masterful villain and among MCUs best).

    Make it happen Marvel.

  12. There is no one who saw this episode and didn't get this scene permanently fixed in their memory.

  13. That violence taking a toll and getting exhausted was in Atomic Blonde also. Too bad everyone couldn't appreciate how good the fighting in that was because blah blah feminist propaganda or w.e the rightards were whining about. They have to get offended by virtually everything, and they're so insecure about their masculinity that they found a woman winning against men too triggering. Her fighting style fit perfectly too, given that she was a female fighting against people naturally bigger than her – using their own weight and power against them. Very underrated fight scenes in that movie, very brutal and you could really feel just how painfully tired they were, barely able to lift their arms from exhaustion.

  14. I feel like Daredevil's Netflix Show portrays him as the most realistic vigilante. The powers not so much, but in s1 it shows him using just martial arts and 2 escrisma sticks.

  15. Great scene, but this came out only a year after the raid 2 so best fight scene in years is an exaggeration. Also his wall jump punches are super lame.

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