89 thoughts on “There’s a Monster Among Madrid”

  1. WWE ruined all the Momentum they had with Braun Strowman. He needs a little break and should return at the Royal Rumble PPV. After the WWE Universal Championship Match he need to attack the winner.

    He then needs a new Attire, Finisher, Theme Music and than he should win the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania

  2. Wait how many hours is estaba ahead of us cause alot of things that are happening on raw were posted by a Spanish person yesterday

  3. Only reason why brock is champion is because vince wants the publicity of the universal title at ufc.
    Vince is all about the money.

  4. You had a chance to give this man the title and start a big push for him as champion yet you decided to give the title to a guy who shows up once every 3 months

  5. Whu the frick is AOP raw tag team champions raw is screwed they dont have roman reigns one of there top stars they dont have their main championship and now they have tag teams champions where wwe fans dont know about tyem they should have just givin him a new tag team like have jason jordan return. That Simple WWE , to stupid

  6. Tonight on Monday night Raw, there will be the RAW survior series teams and it will be dolph ziggler and drew McIntyre and kurt angle and bobby lashley and brawn strowman. Drew McIntyre beats kurt angle with the ankle Lock.

  7. Everyone gets dominated by Strowman, and Strowman gets dominated by Lesnar constantly. Raw is a world where everyone actually on TV is trash, and the only guy who is good is never around.

  8. Hes not a monster anymore. He lost his credibility in that case all thanks to Vinces shameful booking. How can anyone take him seriously? ( Braun). Just go back to squashing local jobbers every week. SMH

  9. I Said It Madrid Maybe Will Win Tomorrow But it Will Never Get The Champions League again twice 👌 It Will Be Barcelona 🤜🏻

  10. Please. Please. Just stop already. Stop with the whole, "The Unstoppable Strowman" act. When you continually squash him, and make him look like a jobber to Brock Lesnar, you are disgusting WWE

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