The Viking Raiders vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson: Raw, Sept. 30, 2019

>>And now the former Raw Tag Team champion,
swing and a miss. Tag, and in comes Eric. And Eric now, just caught Karl Anderson.>>That’s not gonna do it. Nice block, nice kick, and
look at the combination offense. What a right hand.>>There’s a little bit
of that who’s Carl.>>Yeah.
>>I’ll just be over here.>>Can you feel the intensity building
between both these teams as Erik took his eye off the ball for a moment. And still able to connect with
a stunning knee under the jaw.>>Aah!>>The Viking Raiders in control,
the tag was made. And look at Ivar, he is moving big splash.>>Now, King,
have you ever seen a 330-pound high flyer? Because Ivar is the high
flyer of the Viking Raiders.>>Watch out.>>Karl Anderson just able
to get out of the way. But talk about high flying,
look at the cart wheel. Boom, what a clothesline.>>Cartwheel?>>Ivar makes the tag back. In comes Eric. The Viking Raiders have been on a mission.>>Whoa.>>No.>>I talked about
combination offense earlier. Eric into the cover,
Gallows breaks up the count. Look at-
>>Man. Trying to pull himself back on his feet,
but look at Erik. Look at the determination,
look at the fire. Uppercut, tag was made. Gallows, now the legal superstar. Erik, I don’t believe realizes it.>>I’m telling you, these four guys
are a hell bent on destroying each other. Yeah, just, watch it.>>Well, they’re out to prove dominance! Center of the ring.>>That did it.>>Cover by Gallows.>>And Erik kicks out. Not over yet, King. Still some fight in the Viking Raiders.>>Look at the frustration
on Gallows’ face. He thought he had it there. But you see the look of,
in the eyes of Eric, the determination. His heart is filled with determination.>>See Gallows’ face.>>What an uppercut.>>Last week,
he tried to enter an ugly contest. They told him, sorry, no professionals. Look at that face.>>Right now, Gallows’ the one going to work trying
to take out the Viking Raiders. Ivar takes out Karl Anderson. And Gallows now realizing. Talk about a numbers advantage.>>Uh-oh, not the leg.
>>Look at the strength of Eric.>>Tag was made, Ivar is legal.>>No.
>>Dio, you said Ivar was->>No, no, no!>>Big splash off the top.>>It’s 305 live.>>Cover, count. Viking Raiders, victorious.>>Squashed like a bug.>>Here are your winners,
the Viking Raiders. [MUSIC]

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