The Viking Raiders vs. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode: Raw, Oct. 7, 2019

>>They might get drafted
to opposite brands.>>Well, and you can’t blame Fox,
you can’t blame the USA Network. They want the best on Friday night
SmackDown, the best on Monday night Raw. And you’re right, King,
tag teams could be split up. You never know what’s gonna happen. And The WWE draft it begins This Friday,
on Friday night SmackDown. It’s a two night event, it carries
over to next Monday right here on Raw, when we’re in Denver Colorado. But right now the draft the least
of the worries for Dolph Ziggler.>>You’re right about that. You know, we all know. Are you kidding me? Look at the strength!>>Dolph!>>The burlier wrecking ball known as
Ivar crashing down on Dolph Ziggler. Two on one, Robert Rhoode and
Dolph Ziggler!>>What? Eric just planting both of members
of the Raw tag team champions down. And now can Eric make the tag?>>Well, that certainly didn’t work for
the tag team champions. Ivar certainly has been
patient on the outside. Again, both these teams-
>>Look at Ivar.>>Wanting to showcase their skills.>>He’s like a caged-
>>Four nights before the WWE draft, day one on Friday night SmackDown on Fox. Like a caged tiger waiting to,
there’s a tag.>>And here comes Ivar
>>Look out!>>And Ziggler gets tossed!>>Good grief!>>Roode gets planted.>>What hangtime on that [CROSSTALK]!>>Man!>>Look at Ivar, hitting anything and
eveyrthing that moves. And again plants Ziggler.>>[LAUGH] Cartwheel?>>Surprisingly athletic for Ivar.>>Into the clothesline.>>Well, guys, we said he was apparently
wrecking ball earlier tonight. Ivar showcasing the strength,
tossing Ziggler. Ziggler now going up. And he just planted Ivar.>>Don’t ever count out Dolph Ziggler.>>Ziggler into the cover. Inside leg is hooked. And Ivar again kicks out. Looking to plant Eric with a glorious DDT. Center of the ring, it’s countered.>>Wait a minute.>>Eric.>>A tag was made, I believe Dolph Ziggler
made the tag and Eric doesn’t realize it. And now a tag was made. Erik now legal for the Viking Raiders. Ziggler doesn’t realize it.>>Watch out!>>But he certainly does now.>>Planting Ziggler. Viking experience, the cover. And the Viking Raiders knocked
off the Raw tag team champions.>>Here are your winners,
the Viking Raiders.>>This is the biggest victory in
the career of the Viking Raiders.>>Without a doubt.

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