The Undisputed ERA vs. The Street Profits – NXT Tag Team Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 2, 2019

We want the smoke.>>We want the smoke.>>That’s what the NXT Arena
is asking for, my. That’s one way to extinguish the fire
of The Street Profits with that knee by O’Reilly.>>Having a knee like that in the Profits,
hopes to go up in smoke.>>O’Reilly and Fish.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Two tag team experts. My, crash and burn.>>He’s sacrificing himself.>>Dawkins is hurt.>>But the awkward DDT to the left
knee of Dawkins struggling to make his way to his corner.>>Montez Ford is nowhere to be found. Dawkins needs a GPS to
find his tag team partner. Meanwhile,
>>Diving knee, right into the legwork. [INAUDIBLE] into the damaged leg. Is this gonna be it for the Profits?>>Undisputed, they were looking
to retain the tag team titles. O’Reilly screaming to his partner. [CROSSTALK] The communication
is incredible.>>What?
>>This is a five count, Fish did not touch Dawkins. Fish has a five-count to get in and
out of the ring.>>Banks breaking down and
this tag team match, [CROSSTALK] it’s O’Reilly,
he’s the legal man, am I right?>>Yes, yes.>>He’s the legal man.>>Now, now [INAUDIBLE]
>>How serendipitous.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All the way to the top, what the hell? It’s NXT North American
champion Roderick Strong. He gets [INAUDIBLE]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Kevin’s my.>>Fish kicking Ford off the top.>>And The Undisputed Era now
with the number two verdict.>>High low combination.>>High low and
O’Reilly with a cover [CROSSTALK] [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner and
still the NXT Tag Team champions, Fish, Ford, O’Reilly, The Undisputed ERA.>>Once again, the numbers come into play. Roderick Strong being the deciding
factor in this situation.>>And
the Undisputed ERA have indeed ensured that the NXT arena remains
a no-smoking zone. But smoke is going to be
coming off the Street Profits, when they watch this match back,
and realize how much of an impact Roderick Strong having
here comes the voiceless leader. The man who retained his title to kick
things off against Matt Riddle, Adam Cole. [MUSIC]

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