The SHIELD tribute • Legendary

Welcome to the Shield of justice
The Hounds of justice run this yard
Ladies & Gentlemen, release the hounds
They don’t call us the hounds for nothing
Assemble any super team you want
Create an army
It still won’t be able to stop us from doing the job we came here to do
We run together always
Nobody in the history of this business divides and conquers like the SHIELD
The boys wanna fight
We don’t do what you tell us to do
We do what we wanna do
We are carved into stone, forged out of iron. The SHIELD is unyielding
An extra large triple powerbomb
Nobody fights longer or harder than the SHIELD
There is no force of nature on this earth as powerful as the SHIELD
All nonbelievers : all your heroes, one by one
they all go down by the swift arm of justice
We’re back

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