The New Day vs. The B-Team: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 24, 2019

I’ve seen it first hand. There’s a lot of nervousness floating
throughout that locker room cuz every WWE superstar doesn’t know what
their future is going to entail.>>To be perfectly honest,
we could never have to deal with it, that is just not appropriate at all.>>Nice floss though.>>Listen, the fact of the matter is
New Day Could not exist anymore after the draft. We could see Woods go to-
>>No, don’t say that,>>It’s a very real possibility Byron, if nothing else is a possibility
there may not be any more B team. I mean, we’ve seen it happen in the past, the draft drastically
changes the landscape of WWE.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>And now with Xavier Woods
backed into the corner. Bo Dallas makes the tag
back into the match-up.>>And takes Big E off of the apron,
very smart move by the B Team.>>We’re seeing a more aggressive
B Team than we usually see. You’re absolutely right, Zach. And cover here by Dallas
>>And Bo Dallas can’t put away
power The New Day just yet.>>A win here tonight over, The New Day
will do wonders for the draft stock of both members of the B team
>>Let’s do it.>>Bee train.>>The Bee train.>>That’s a great time
to put the bee train.>>We love you.>>Interesting.>>Big E’s went in there, all right,
that just got a little bit better.>>Was it the bee train?>>Hey, hey.>>[LAUGH]
>>So the caboose is gone.>>That was clever, Philips.>>There’s a lay up.>>Bo Dallas back inside the ring. Woods trying to catch him, kicked out. [SOUND]
>>Tag made. Big E is legal, Bo Dallas in trouble.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Midnight hour!>>See you.>>One, two, three! [SOUND]
>>Here are your winners, The New Day! What a great outing for The New Day.>>It was fun. Look at this.>>[LAUGH] Look at this,
hugging George Kittle, so is Xavier Woods. That’s awesome.

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