100 thoughts on “The Matrix Reloaded (4/6) Movie CLIP – Freeway Fight (2003) HD”

  1. God damn. All hell broke loose once they grabbed the Keymaker. I wonder if the past heros fucked up that badly in the previous cycles…

  2. I remember when I was seeing this for the first time and just thought they were way better than the agents.

    I got the idea from them to create these elemental warriors who could break down into their element (water, fire, earth, or air) to slip through the tiniest cracks for this fan fiction story I was doing.

    When I told my oldest cousin this he really liked the idea.

  3. See that gold or white car that crushes the roof of a van at 1:31? That's the same car and van at 1:34. The clip was repeated.

  4. some random guy driving home: "Yeah, sorry honey, I'm going to be a bit late. There's…stuff happening. I'll explain later."

  5. I notice that 1:11 we see an rv passing by all the way, but in 1:18, it's passing again, then in 1:30 it's at the other side.

  6. George and Willie Muse!!! The real albino brothers stolen from their mother Roanoke Virginia in 1899 ages 9 and 6 by Ringling brothers and Barnum and bailey. Please read this remarkable yet sad story. Mrs. Harriet Muse is their mother. A mother's love is forever!!!

  7. I don’t get why this sequel gets so much hate. The first film is better but this still has some great moments and the best action sequences in the trilogy. Now the 3rd one deserves the hate bc it did a bad job wrapping things up.

  8. This all scene is best car and motorcycle chase scene all time!!! And Matrix Reloaded best action/martival art movie of alk time! Matrix series best sci/fi-action series of all time.

  9. ఈ వేమి మూవీ లా చిన్న పిల్లల మూవీ లు… ఎందుకు తీస్తారు రా బాబు… డబ్బులు బొక్క… వాళ్ల డబ్బులు ఎలా అయినా వస్తాయి అనుకోండి… కానీ జఫ్ఫా హాలీవుడ్ మూవీస్

  10. Soooo what ejerce the twins anyway? They were programs sure but not even the agents, smith or neo turn into freaking ghosts

  11. Если в новой части Нэо будет менять пол, то лично я смотреть не буду. Что с пацанами случилось то, зачем они так?

  12. I can’t believe how I dumb I was up until now. Remember when the Oracle said that the Matrix isn’t as perfect because the Machine are still working some glitches in the system. Oracle then explain that some people recognize that they’re in a system and all ended deciding if they want to continue living in a computerized world or know the truth. Some decided to against the system and ended up being told as urban legend. The listing being vampire, werewolves, zombie, and ghost. And would you look at that, the twin aren’t working with the Smith’s but rather went full on rouge. (I thought they were working with the smiths in first place)

  13. Trinity: "If you kids don't stop fighting, I'm gonna turn this car around and there'll be no Disneyland for anyone!"

  14. I just watched the clip and it felt like it was only lasted a minute… 🤔

    Till I reliesed I clicked on a timestamp in a comment

  15. I saw the Matrix Reloaded in the theater and when The Twins said that line "We are getting aggravated", "Yes we are" I burst out laughing …they don't even look like they broke a sweat, let alone could be bothered by anything…I love them!!!!

  16. This is such a great fight because so much happens. Every movement is nearly a life-ending attack. It's two masters of the Matrix making chess moves. No wasted movements. I love how after the Twin cuts the seatbelt, Morpheus starts whipping him with the buckle!

  17. Interesting fact: The recording of this part of the movie was expected to last for weeks and no highway could be granted that long. That's why they built this highway of their own.

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