93 thoughts on “The BroserWeights vs. Undisputed ERA – NXT Tag Team Championship Match: WWE NXT, March 11, 2020”

  1. Nxt is doing good things at the moment, wednesday nights are now so interesting 😆.
    I raise awareness for mental health if anybody is interested in checking out my channel. Stay positive x

  2. At first I really didn’t think Riddle and Dunne would be a good pairing. But now I’m digging it. Good match!

  3. Angel Garza : * kisses lady and says coronavirus doesn’t exist
    *gets coronavirus

    WWE: puts ricochet in match with Garza

  4. idk these are like the only NXT champions im still iffy about. ofc Era is probably getting called up soon since Cole is the only one with a title.

  5. A very good match, what a team Riddle and Dunne, their chemistry is Amazing, now at Takeover Tampa is going to be Broserweights vs Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT Tag Team Titles

  6. Well by the looks of things they aren't going to lose the titles to the UE but to the GYV which is sad because I'm really hoping for the prophecy to be fulfilled again.

  7. Heard Smackdown would be at the PC. Hope the crowd will be as good as this and not dead as usual Smackdown crowds.

  8. If Grizzled Young Veterans want a piece with BroserWeights while Undisputed ERA still hunts them, it will be a triple threat match but it will be fatal 4 way if Imperium involves too.

  9. Breaking news: Friday Night Smackdown is going to be at the performance center, because of the stupid coronavirus.

  10. I cannot wait for Pete Dunne to face his own mentor: Daniel Bryan.
    Considering both of their moveset is quite similar, it's gonna be interesting to say the least

  11. They have already beaten Undisputed Era twice now, so they're so amazing as a team!
    They deserve a long reign!

  12. May God bless you ~~ car🚕 ~~ garenger🚕 ~~ or home🏠 ~~ don't forget 👉 ~~ that ~~ God changes the condition of the pearl

  13. Broserweights vs Fish & O'Reilly vs GYV at NXT TakeOver: Tampa Bay. Has everyone seen the two vignettes during commercial breaks? I heard a woman's voice and saw a silhouette of someone.

  14. Undisputed Era had a great run when they held all the titles now they'll drop or already have dropped all the titles & go to the main roster to be jobber or be 24/7 title contenders. We all know it'll happen. WWE ruined one of their best modern groups.

  15. A little bit of news from what I heard…If it turns out false I’m deeply sorry for spreading this but…WrestleMania could be cancelled cause of the virus.

  16. For everyone in the comments, the move that Kyle O'Reilly used was used by Dean Ambrose. But, Nigel McGuiness used it before either of them. Pay the rightful user of the move his respect.

  17. I feel like NXT has done so many “back and forth” sequences like 0:15 it has started to wear out its welcome . It’s literally expected at this time . Also it just don’t even make sense some time. If a guy knees me in the head , I’m not about to bounce off some ropes and clothesline him . (I know it’s fake but still , come on)

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