100 thoughts on “The Best Business to Start in 2020 Can Be Anything | Interview with Sam Parr”

    0:30 – Introduction
    5:00 – Are books/reviews helpful?
    14:30 – Breakdown between legacy and money
    17:30 – The leverage of starting with nothing
    20:00 – Do I like running a big business?
    21:40 – Who is #2 at Vayner?
    26:00 – How Vayner scaled to its current size
    31:00 – Impatience slows down the process
    36:00 – I don’t talk about my wins
    40:00 – Hot take on real estate
    43:00 – Why I believe in sports cards
    49:40 – Brands/products that excite me right now
    57:30 – The secret to make any business successful

  2. Thanks Gentlemen.. Because of Gary Vee Ali-Molina Scent Studio was born.. The best Damn Body butters and Sugar Scrubs were born..

  3. I gotta love all these stories about people that have tons of money and say it won't make you happy, etc. If anyone here has tons of money I would like to put you up to a challenge. Give me $5k and I will document for you how that little amount makes me happy and could help me out in a rough spot (as I've fallen far behind from having to take care of my Mom with Alzheimer's and kids at the same time). Anyone want to accept the challenge? 😉

  4. I absolutely love you Gary and appreciate EVERYTHING you do for us. However, if you lost everything, you would have such an advantage to rise up again. No? You have the “following”, the “know- how” and the “trust”. So, in all fairness, respectfully, you take-off like a rocket! As opposed to the “average Joe”. Again, Thank you for all the great content! 👍🏻

  5. Gary thanks for the launch- 321 doing this weekend- old fart doing social media and even tik tok on a prom idea to reality. Thank you so much

  6. anyone else feel like they are listening to Elon Musk getting interviewed while watching this? the mannerisms and speech style of Sam are so similar…

  7. Parr is fearless – he asked Gary some deep in the weeds questions that, I would think are pretty personal, and he interrupted and injected himself as he pleased in a very authoritative way, but not demeaning to Gary. Other than the Seth Godin interview, this is my second FAV.

  8. Awesome content as usual, Hey I was recently inspired to start my own channel around entrepreneurship and the experiences I've been having with it, I'd appreciate anyone who's willing to give it there support

  9. Hey GaryVee, thanks for the upload. I was thinking about starting my own business one day and your insight has helped me believe that it is possible.

  10. Gary watch this it will educated you on the Coronavirus! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKJGKxsDhvo&t=13s

  11. Loved the way Gary Hosted this one. So much calm and informative.

    P.S: I don't usually comment on YouTube, this one is like in 4 years <3

  12. People that are younger have less shame so they can openly talk about their sexual endeavors and experiences. When I was a kid, it was like don't you dare be gay! If you kiss someone from the same sex you would've been labeled as gay, a slut, and a sinner. I think my generation raising kids was the best thing to ever happen because they're the most thoughtful sweet useful and productive people so far. Fuck shame and judgement!

  13. "Hood rich"?? Gary you should have checked him.

    You also should have checked him when he said he wasn't motivated by money. That's all he spoke about. Valuation this, exit that. Not very self aware.

  14. Gary, what are the chances we'll see you make a guest appearance on Shark Tank? #getGaryVeeonSharkTank #like

  15. I've been going all in and trying hard core for over 20 years and failing. I mean really failing. Something Gary admits he has never experienced. I can't get off the bottom. I'm in my 40s and have been working more than anyone I have ever met. At this point I feel all these failures are far more soul crushing than a job would have been. These guys talk about how easy it is, but I have never had that experience. It has been one humiliation after another for 20 fucking years.

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  17. Did @Garyvee put together a full-fledged podcast studio. Looks like some acoustic material on the wall behind the guest.

  18. plz subscribe my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdxJcFjcxlwGdoBWvkasUIQ?view_as=subscriber

  19. I don’t know why but I absolutely lost it when the guy said “This dude had served 25 years in prison and … we’d talk about that..” Hahahaha I’m so dead! It must be the flu that’s got me laughing at dumb stuff for no reason 😂😂😂

  20. Sam asked questions I would ask my millionaire uncle and Gary responses were unexpectedly amazing. Good job!

  21. Predicting 2020 layoffs at Vayner.

    I'd have more respect if you were anticipating an innovative way to pump up your top line revenue &/or profits, while ALSO anticipating a bunch of recession scared clients dumping you.

  22. talk fast…. be convincing… say you can do better…. demand money for advice…. no guarantee…….I'm still poor….
    ……. I'm

  23. This guy gets props he kept digging and actually asking Gary why this, how this. Getting all the real details!!! Thanks for this one!!!

  24. Awesome 👌 There's opportunities everywhere. Sell what you love and do what makes you happy 💕 It's not easy but worth it once you built yourself around it.

  25. Gary this is by far the most interesting and insightful interview you gave in recent years in regards to your brand and how you operate!

  26. Oh crap… Just realized I need to do something in my business that I was putting off. Thanks for the clarity.

  27. This episode is proof that Gary listens to our opinions, considers them, and applies it in his way. Last video compared to this one is a complete 180. More filler room for the guest to express their views, less interruption, slower and more thoughtful comments and questions back to the guest. Yes Gary! This is what we like to see.

  28. So much amazing information in this pod. Gary Vee is listening very well and talks about sports cards also! These videos make me feel so much better.

  29. That’s what Gary got backlash over?

    He’s completely right. I cringe when I see people who just graduated from college(with debt) buying new cars and houses.

  30. If I’m not in love with NBA or a certain sport is it dumb to buy cards in that sport just for potential financial gain? I love esports specifically CSGO and that’s it so I’m trying to learn from Gary’s processes rather than just copy cat his exact moves if that makes sense

  31. love this eternally. I also enjoyed the perspective of Gary being the interviewer as I think a large subset of other videos I’ve watched he was the one being interviewed.

  32. So glad and grateful that I found this channel! Love this interview. Ready to take our small family business to the next level!

  33. Real estate has changed my life, but I’m really having fun with baseball cards again. Thanks Gary Vee… for bringing it back to me on a macro scale.

  34. God this was so informative and straight forward…Gary tells it like it is yet people keep saying he’s a scammer ? How 🤔

  35. FFFUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK @38:30 Resy [Gary's app] raised a total of $45 million, at a valuation of more than $53 million, from investors including Airbnb and Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group. Gerry Made mad money yo! Who wants to partner and make some P????

  36. 1. Keep crushing it Sam.
    2. "I think the NY media scene is horrible" – AMEN.
    3. Great questions Sam.
    4. Great questions Gary.
    5. "Pay the bills. Invest. Pay the bills. Invest." – Gary
    6. "We're having too much fun."- Gary (audience: so are we!)

    Best content you've put out in a while GaryVee. Thanks for the give!

  37. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR THOUGHTS MAN! You're as great as ever in this industry! Inpired me to work hard on what I want and what I want to be, YOUR TIPS will be stamped forever! Good Job as always sir! I'm here for a start and would love to support each other and give everyone their needs! Visit also my channel for relaxing videos and have a good vibe everyday and learn more! THANK YOU!

  38. Amazing teaching sir. GaryVee is amazing…. You are the best and the word knows it.

    Please do follow and check out our stuffs

  39. Love says "I am everything." Wisdom says "I am nothing." Between the two, my life flows. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj #ProjectBonXai #barefootwalkforhumanity

  40. Just checked my analytics and it looks like my videos are being recommended on this video! Never thought I’d see the day Gary 🙂

  41. "Accountable AF…Creative Intuition all the time" Thanks for the reminder, Gary.

    That summarizes perfectly what rarely occurs in the culture we live in, seems hard-wired into only a few people. When you crash and burn after any level of success, it's a great reminder that everything begins and ends with my belief in myself. All we have in life is our word, no matter how many times we rise, crash and burn then rise again, all we'll ever have is who we are. Living from that place it all becomes a game, it all becomes fun, happiness becomes a choice not a destination, no matter what amount of money or level you're at with a project.

  42. I love this video, Gary and Sam both pointed out very interesting topics, on a personal, business and spiritual level that delivered Lot of value!

  43. Gary, what? Connoisseur? Concierge? Confidant?
    Where are we? Which was it? That had me dying!
    Great video! Thank you 🙏🏽

  44. Hi gary, so you asked Sam was he entrepreneurial as a child? Well what if I wasn't one. What would you say to people who weren't having that mindset and now wanna be one. Appreciate your efforts. RESPECT

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