Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 114 – Full Episode – 31st January 2020

Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 114 – Full Episode – 31st January 2020

Alia, you are here!
Take a look.
I have got such cute
baby posters.
I think, we must stick them
on the wall of your room.
You can see these posters
and you will feel better.
I’ll do it right away.
It’s not too late.
You go to Alok
and tell him the truth.
Come on, go.
Hurry up.
Happy, Alia.
– A-Alok, listen to me.
Please listen to me.
I will hear
whatever you say.
But before that
I want to kiss you.. – Alok..
You are not understanding.
I want to..
– I know. You love me.
I love you.
And we love our kids, right?
Alok, please listen to me.
I want to talk
something important.
The baby just kicked.
Another kick!
Alia, my daughter will do
kick boxing when she grows up.
You are not paying heed.
I want to talk
something important.
Tell me.
– Alok!
– Tara is here.
Tara is here. Where is she?
Alia, how did Tara
get to know
that have come to your room
to talk to you?
Alia, if she finds me
with you
then what will I tell her?
Tara thinks
that we are divorced.
And then I married her.
If Tara finds me with you
then she may get attacks.
Alia, it may be dangerous
for Tara.
I-I will have to hide.
Where should I hide?
Where should I hide?
What are you doing here?
– Well.. I..
Tara, actually..
– Taru..
Yes. Actually, Taru..
What are you doing here?
Rohan was playing outside.
He told me
that you are here.
What are you doing
in Alia’s bed room?
And what’s with
the baby posters?
Well.. I was sticking it.
I was putting up
the posters. – I know.
But why?
One puts them up
when on is pregnant.
Alia is pregnant.
‘O Lord,
What is happening?’
‘The matter is not
getting worse’
‘it’s getting out of control.’
‘Even Tara has learnt
about it.’
Hold this.
Alia, seriously?
Oh, my God!
It’s a big news.
I am very happy
for Kunal and you.
But why were you
putting up these posters?
Kunal should be doing this.
I had said the same.
But, Kunal has gone abroad
for business. – Oh!
So, being a good neighbour,
I thought of helping her out.
But who told you
that Alia is pregnant?
Mom did.
Mother-in-law told mom.
Alia told her mom.
And the doctor had told Alia.
I am so happy
that my husband is taking
care and helping his ex-wife.
Shall we go, baby?
Let’s go.
Give this back.
‘Where are you going?’
‘I couldn’t tell Alok
that I am not pregnant.’
Rajesh, don’t over think.
Ring the doorbell
and enter her home
in the pretext of
helping them from the thief.
I have told Ms. Shalini
over the phone
that the police
has got the information
that a thief will come
to their house.
Rajesh, best of luck.
Meet me in the morning
with a good news.
– Yes.
– Yes.
They will be shocked.
The door is already open.
Looks like Ms. Shalini forgot
to lock the door in anxiety.
Ms. Shalini..
I will surely steal
but it will be your heart.
Mr. Rajesh, what happened?
Yes, Mr. Rajesh.
What happened to you?
What happened to you?
What happened, sir?
What happened, sir?
What happened to you?
I slipped in the bathroom.
I hurt myself, Ms. Shalini.
But one gets hurt
when one gets beaten up.
Did you beaten up?
She is understanding
It’s paining very much.
That’s obvious.
I think, Tara is going
to play a big move.
Otherwise she wouldn’t
have called to meet all of us.
Good morning, everyone.
– Good morning..
All of you must be thinking
that why did I call you here.
I want to share a good news.
W-What is it?
The good news is that Alia
is pregnant!
– “There’s havoc.”
“Your plot spoiled..”
– “Your plot spoiled..”
“Your plot spoiled..”
– Wow!
– Ms. Alia, congratulations.
– Congratulations.. – Thank you.
Hearty congratulations..
– “There’s havoc..”
Congratulations, Ms. Alia.
Sir, congratulations..
– Thank you, Nandan!
why did you congratulate Alok?
I deviate out of happiness
as well.
No problem.
Alok, why did you thank him?
Whenever anyone shares good news
or congratulates
then one has to say..
This is how it works in India.
‘What did Tara do?’
‘Now, the entire school
knows that I’m pregnant’
‘and this isn’t the truth!’
All right!
This is what I wanted to share.
All of you can disburse.
Thank you for your time.
Alia, hold on.
I need to talk to you.
So how was it?
– What do you mean?
Tara, I’m not pregnant..
– You aren’t.
Is this what you want to say?
Hold on..
That means you were aware
that I’m not pregnant
still in front of everyone..
– Yes, Alia.
I knew it since yesterday
that you aren’t pregnant
because I overheard you.
‘When Alok gets to know
that I’m not pregnant’
‘then what will happen
to you, Alia?’
That is why it’s said
that you
shouldn’t think out loud
because the walls have ears.
You will face trouble
in the plot you played
of the fake pregnancy
and I will be causing
more trouble to you..
You were about to tell Alok
that you aren’t pregnant, right?
But due to me,
the entire school knows.
This is just the beginning.
Wait for the upcoming
surprise tonight.
So just wait and watch.
And by the way, congratulations.
Let it go..
You aren’t aware
how extremely,
in a helpless manner
I got beaten up
by Shalini’s father.
Why are you getting angry on me?
This was your idea.
I supported you!
Am I wrong?
You aren’t understanding.
It’s very important
for Nandan to get caught.
I sincerely request
that we should talk
to Nandan about the same.
Will you tell him that we are
aware that he’s the thief?
Or will you tell him
that we know the truth.
He needs money
that is why,
he steals in the colony.
Will you ask him the same?
Come on, Mr. Chaturvedi!
Why is Tara calling
me this late at night?
Tell me.
– Hello.. Tell me.
Check your mail immediately.
Why? What did you do?
I had a word with the principal
and granted you six months
of maternity leave.
I have sent you
the mail of the same.
I love this silence.
I did well, right?
At least, thank me.
Anyway, it’s late night
and I need to sleep peacefully.
Good night. Take care.
‘What will happen
with you, Alia..’
It’s a thief!
A thief!
– A thief!
He is over there.
– There he is! A thief..
Half of you go that side..
Half of you will
come with me.
He should not escape from here.
Let’s go.
– GK, the thief!
Mr. Satsangi, I am not
the thief. He is the thief.
– Dear, we got you.
don’t let him escape.
Don’t let him run away.
– Hey!
You have troubled us
a lot.
Alok, be careful.
He has a knife.
Don’t go.
Go away. – Stay away.
Mr. Alok, he has a knife.
– Go away.
Alok, be careful.
– Mr. Alok..
– Save Mr. Alok.
– He is..
He is attacking
Mr. Alok.
Leave him.
Alok, careful.
Be careful.
Nandan, leave Mr. Alok.
Alok! – Alok! – Alok!
– Alok!
It’s a fake knife!
This belongs to me.
They keep fake knives.
Alok, catch him.
– Hey!
To heck with you.
Run as much as you want.
I kept wandering
in the streets
in order to catch you.
But, I couldn’t
catch you
and they thought
that I am the thief.
Yes, I was in a need
of money.
That’s why, I wanted
to catch him.
Because the reward money
to catch him is Rs. 2 lakhs.
And I wanted to get
Rs. 2 lakhs
so that I can give it
for the visa.
It’s okay, Nandan.
He has not escaped yet.
You can catch him.
You can still get
the reward money.
– Catch him.
Who are you?
It’s him!
– He is the one!
I see.
Arrest him, sir.
Everybody is terrified.
I have fennel seeds!
He is the Inspector
who is fond of fennel seeds.
Inspector, good that you
came here.
We have been looking for you.
We used to deploy
policemen for you.
You have come
into my clutches, today.
Take him away.
Nandan, you have
done a great job.
You will surely get
the reward money.
And I would like to then
him on behalf of my team.
Thank you, sir.
You people take care
of yourselves.
Thank you, sir.
Great job, Nandan.
Well done.
Very good.
– Thank you, sir.
Please forgive us.
We misunderstood you.
I am very sorry.
Mr. Satsangi mislead us.
Mr. Nandan,
I agree with Gopal.
Well.. Actually..
It’s okay, sir..
What I want to say is..
I have made a mistake.
I suspected you.
Sir, hear me out.
How can I..
– Hear me out!
Sorry, sir.
I didn’t mean to shout.
Mr. Satsangi, I want to say
that if I was in your place..
Yes.. – I would have
done the same.
You have forgiven me,
haven’t you? – Of course..
You have forgiven me, right?
– Yes, sir.
All’s well that ends well.
But it is important
to lean the truth.
‘It is important
to learn the truth.’
‘No matter what,
I will tell the truth to Alok.’
‘Right now.’
What happened!
You seem to be quite angry.
Sign this.
What’s this?
– Divorce papers!
For whose divorce?
– For our divorce!
Alia, I can never forgive you
for what you did to me.
As I have anyway broken
my ties with you
why not, legally?
N-No, Alok!
Don’t say so.
I’ve already apologised to you.
I-I can’t live without you!
Please don’t leave me..
I’ve already made
my decision, Alia!
I will just be Tara’s, anymore!
Because irrespective
of how Tara is
she never told such a big lie
to me as you did.
No, Alok!
You said you won’t meet me.
You’ll live with Tara.
Fine, live with her.
But please don’t divorce me.
Don’t do this.
No one can save my
and your relationship, anymore!
Our togetherness
was only till here.
Our relationship
will surely end.

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